How To Download and Update Epson XP-440 Driver in Windows 11,10


Read the article below to find out the best ways to initiate Epson XP-440 driver download and update Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7.

Epson is known worldwide for its printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, robots, and various other electronic devices. With the help of these devices, performing office work and home tasks becomes simple.

Under Epson, you can find various printer series like the Epson XP-440, a printer for daily home and small office requirements. The printer is quite viable and offers good performance. One of the best features of the printer is wireless printing compatibility.

Suppose you own the Epson XP-440 printer and want to use it. You need an Epson XP-440 driver. This will ensure that your printer works perfectly, in harmony, with your computer. Additionally, if you face any problem with the printer, an updated printer driver will help fix it.

We explain different methods for Epson XP-440 download and update. Walk through each process and select the one that suits your needs. If you are short on time, we suggest Advanced Driver Updater. The tool will detect obsolete drivers and show the latest updates. Click the button below:

How To Download and Update Epson XP-440 Driver  for Windows

Method 1: Downloading and Updating Epson XP-440 Driver From Manufacturer Website
Method 2: Updating Epson 440 drivers through Device Manager
Method 3: Epson Printers XP 440 Update Via Advanced Driver Updater (Recommended)

Below, we explain the three simplest and best ways to update the Epson XP-440 driver for any Windows operating system version. Update the XP 440 drivers using any of them.

Method 1: Downloading and Updating Epson XP-440 Driver From Manufacturer Website

Downloading the Epson XP-440 driver from the official support website is one of the best free ways to update the driver. Like other electronic brands HP & Lenovo, Epson offers a support page that helps download drivers and do a lot more.

Follow the steps below to know how to download the driver using the website:

1. Visit Epson’s official website.
2. In the search bar, type XP-440 > click Search. Select the correct model number and click on it.

3. Now, check if the selected operating system is correct or not. If not, click the down arrow to select the correct version of the operating system you are running.

search xp-440
4. Click on the Drivers subtab and hit the Download button across the kind of driver you are looking for & download Epson XP-440.

download driver
5. Double click the setup file when the driver is downloaded.

epson xp-440
6. Restart your PC to apply changes.

Method 2: Updating Epson 440 Drivers Through Device Manager

Besides downloading the driver from the manufacturer’s website, you can use the Device Manager to update any driver, including the Epson XP-440. The built-in utility allows updating to the latest version of the drivers easily.

To update the driver through Device Manager follow these steps:

1. Press Windows + X > select Device Manager.

device manager
2. Open Device Manager.
3. Double click the print categories to expand them.

device manager
4. Look for Epson XP-440 > right-click on the device > Update Driver option.
5. Select Search automatically for drivers.

search automatically
6. Wait for Windows to look for updates, if available it will be updated in the background.
7. Restart PC to apply changes.

Now try to use the printer you should not face any problem.

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Method 3: Epson Printers XP 440 Update Via Advanced Driver Updater (Recommended)

If the above methods do not appeal to you, try the best and risk-free way to update, download and update the Epson XP-440 driver. Advanced Driver Updater is the best tool to identify outdated drivers and update the PC with the latest drivers.

With the help of the software, you can update the drivers in a few clicks. Also, you can schedule driver scanning using the tool and use advanced features like driver backup and restore Exclusion list, and more. To update the driver, you can use either the FREE or registered version of the product.

To use Advanced Driver Updater and update the Epson XP-440 driver follow these steps:

1. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater.

2. Run the tool and click Start Scan Now to scan the PC for outdated printer XP-440 driver.

Advanced Driver Updater
3. Wait for the scanning to finish. Advanced Driver Updater will show the latest and compatible driver updates.

Advanced Driver Updater scan
4. Now update the driver if you are using the Trial version click Update driver next to Epson printer driver. However, if you are using the registered version, you can update all out dated drivers by clicking Update All.

update all outdated driver
5. Restart PC to apply changes.

Now use the printer you should not face any problem.

FixEpson XP-440 Driver Download and Update for Windows

In this post, you’ve learned how to download and install the Epson XP-440 driver for Windows. The methods explained above will l allow you to update the driver and use the printer without any problem. You can use any of the approaches to update Epson XP 440 driver however if you are looking for the easiest way, we suggest using Advanced Driver Updater.

We hope you like the post. However, please leave them in the comments section if you have any questions.

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