How to Download & Update AMD Catalyst Control Center for Windows


This article will explain the easiest and quickest ways to update the AMD Catalyst Control Center for Windows PC.

What is AMD Catalyst Control Center?

It is a component in the AMD Catalyst software engine that enables users to handle display settings, graphical settings, and numerous hardware functions. Moreover, AMD Radeon Software is added to evaluate game performance in real-time.

Therefore, an AMD graphics driver or AMD Catalyst driver is required to have the Catalyst Control Center. Hence, to help update the AMD Catalyst driver, we explain the 2 best ways.

Quickest Way to Update AMD Catalyst Install Manager

If you can’t find the latest driver update or don’t like the manual methods of updating missing drivers, try Advanced Driver Updater. The driver update software detects the operating system and device information, thus displaying the compatible drivers. Before replacing an outdated driver, the tool creates a backup of the old drivers. Furthermore, the FREE version lets you update individual drivers and schedule scans.

Best Ways to Update AMD Catalyst Drivers For Windows

Below we mention different ways to update AMD Catalyst Install Manager.

Method 1: Downloading AMD Drivers via AMD Auto-detect Utility

You can acquire the most recent updates for AMD devices using the AMD Driver Autodetect application. We’ll show you how to update AMD Catalyst drivers.

1. Visit AMD’s official website.
2. Go to the Drivers & Support section.
3. Afterward, click the Download Now button & wait for the Auto-Detect tool to download the compatible driver update for your operating system automatically.

amd radeon software download

4. After downloading the driver, double-click the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.
5. When you see the AMD Catalyst Software, click on Browse > select the folder where you would want to download the file > click the Install button.

click on Browse
7. Select the language you want Install Manager to run > Next button.

click Next button
8. You will now get two options provided by the AMD Install Manager:
Express or Custom installation. Choose the Express option as it assures all the required files are installed.

AMD Install Manager

9. Accept EULA if you are ok with the terms and conditions.

accept terms and condition
10. Wait for AMD Catalyst Install Manager to examine the system and install the AMD product-specific files.

amd radeon software analyzing system
11. Once the update is installed > click on Finish and restart the PC to apply changes.

amd catalyst software

This is how you can get the AMD Catalyst Control Center on Windows 10.

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Method 2: Update AMD Graphics Drivers Through Official AMD Website

If the Auto-detect application fails to recognize the graphics card, go to the AMD catalyst driver support website and download your AMD catalyst driver. Here’s how you can get it:

1. Visit AMD Drivers and Support page.
2. Select the same from the product list or search the AMD product name.

Select from the product list
3. Click the “+” icon & choose the operating system you are running.
4. Click the Download button next to the Recommended (WHQL) update for catalyst control center download to start.

Click Download button
5. Double click the downloaded file and launch the AMD installer wizard.
6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the AMD driver’s install procedure.
7. When done, restart the system, and the AMD driver catalyst will be updated.

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Method 3: (Recommended) Automatically Update AMD Graphics Drivers

If you cannot locate AMD Catalyst drivers manually, try Advanced Driver Updater, a driver update utility for Windows that detects obsolete drivers and helps update them.

Follow these steps to learn how to use Advanced Driver
Updater and update AMD Catalyst Control Center Windows 11.

1. Click the button below to download Advanced Driver Updater

2. Install and launch the driver updating tool.

Advanced Driver Updater
3. Click Start Scan Now and wait for the driver updater to scan your PC and locate any missing, faulty, or obsolete drivers.

4. Evaluate the scan findings and install the latest AMD graphic driver. If you are using the trial version, choose Update driver. However, registered users can update all outdated drivers at once by clicking Update All.

update all outdated drivers
5. Restart the system to apply changes.

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FAQ-AMD Catalyst Control Cente

What is AMD Catalyst Control Center, and do I need it?

AMD Catalyst Control Center is a part of the AMD Catalyst software engine that provides customization options to manage display settings. If you have an AMD graphics card, you need an AMD Catalyst Control Center.

Should I use AMD Catalyst Control Center?

If you have an AMD graphics card, you should use AMD Catalyst Control Center as it will help tweak game performance.

Do I need AMD Catalyst on my laptop?

If the operating system provides basic drivers that address AMD video cards, you can skip AMD Catalyst. However, if you want to fine-tune the settings, you can install AMD Catalyst.

Can I delete AMD Catalyst Control Center?

If you don't use AMD Catalyst Control Center to overlock your card or tweak performance, you can uninstall Catalyst Control Center from your PC.


Hopefully, this article will assist in updating the AMD Catalyst Control Center. You can use any of the described methods. However, if you want to update AMD display drivers or AMD graphics drivers without any hassle, use Advanced Driver Updater.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave feedback in the comments below.

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