How to Solve Internet Explorers Cannot Display The Webpage

How to solve the problem internet explorer cannot display the webpage

While Microsoft has launched its latest and greatest Edge browser, millions of users still use the original Internet Explorer. It is because of the browser’s ability to work as per the user’s requirements. However, the problem Internet Explorer can not display the webpage has recently emerged with the browser.

Internet Explorers Cannot Display The Webpage

The issue revolves around the internet connection as it says that the webpage is unavailable to be displayed, but the reality is that multiple factors cause the problem. If you are familiar with the error or have experienced the same and are looking for a solution, you have reached just the right place!

In this post, let’s discuss some of the best solutions to the problem and understand how you can fix Internet Explorer can not display the webpage issue. Let’s get started!

Ways to Resolve the Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage?

While dealing with the issue, multiple factors should be considered. If you are open to exploring the problem more, it will be easier to fix it. The factors causing the issue range from simple issues like an outdated version of Internet Explorer to more complex problems such as errors in cookies and caches for a particular website. 

We have curated some of the finest fixes while ensuring that all these factors are covered. Let’s take a look!

Solution #1 – Reset Your Internet Connection

Let’s start with the basics! There are times when the internet is the ultimate cause of the error. So to fix the problem, start by resetting your internet connection. Keep in mind that resetting your connection does not mean disconnecting and reconnecting. 

Restart your router to reset the connection completely. To do so, unplug your router and re-plug it to reset the connection. If you are using a mobile device as your source of connection (USB Tethering), turn off your mobile data and turn it ON again. 

Solution #2 – Stop Using Unnecessary Add-ons

Internet Explorer might be an excellent browser for using the internet in its purest form. However, it has had hiccups while using add-ons and plugins. It is because Microsoft no longer supports it. 

When facing the problem, Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. Check the add-ons, as they might be causing the issue. To disable your add-ons – 

  1. Go to Internet Explorer Settings and click on manage add-ons.
    click on manage add-ons
  2. On the Add-ons page, click on Show, and select All add-ons.
  3. Find the add-ons which are creating the issue. 
  4. Right-click on the add-on and click on Disable.  click on Disable

Disabling these add-ons may be your job if you have recently experienced the error. If this fix does not work, move to the next solution!

Solution #3 – Reset the Browser Settings to Default

Making changes to Internet Explorer can also result in hindrances while accessing a few websites. The easiest way to handle can not display webpage error on your browser is to reset the settings to default. 

To rest your browser settings – 

  1. Open Settings by clicking on the settings icon in the top right corner of your browser.
  2. Click on Internet options in the opened menu > switch to the Advanced tab.  switch to Advanced tab
  3. Click Reset, and when prompted again, click Reset on the Pop-up.

The configuration of Internet Explorer is crucial; thus, playing around with it might have caused the error. Use the above steps to reset the settings, and the issue might get resolved. 

Solution #4 – Wipe Cookies & Caches

If the webpage is not loading on Internet Explorer error appears on a particular website more often; cookies and caches can be behind it. These are fundamental elements of data that are collected by the browser. It supports your browsing experience in loading the pages faster as it saves the last used state of any website. 

To clear cookies and caches on your browser – 

  1. Open the browser and simply press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard.
  2. This will bring a pop-up to delete all the browser data, including the download files, browsing history, cookies, caches, etc. 
  3. Uncheck the download files if you want to keep the files, and then click on Delete.

This will delete the cookies and caches for your browser. However, it has been observed that the method could be more effective in completely wiping this data. There still can be found a few traces of these components causing the error. 

You need a way to wipe all the cookies and caches from the browser completely. There’s no need to get confused, as there is an easy way. Advanced System Optimizer is a tool that allows you to delete cookies and caches completely without having to open the browser. 

Here’s how it works – 

  • Download the application here from the link provided.
  • Run the application and Click the Security & Privacy option in the left side panel.
    Click the Security & Privacy option
  • Open Privacy Protector from the available options.
    Open Privacy Protector
  • In the Privacy Protector module, select the browser to remove the data related only to Internet explorer.
    select browser to remove data
  • After you have applied the changes, go back to the scan screen and initiate it.
    scanning is in progress
  • Let the software do its job in the background while you continue everyday tasks. 

Once the process is finished, start your browser or relaunch it. You can observe that the error is no longer visible!

Error: Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage –  FIXED!

Use the above-listed fixes, and you will overcome the error independently. Always keep your browser updated to its latest version and ensure you are not using unnecessary add-ons. 

Keep track of the websites you visit, too, as sometimes the error can be from the web page’s end, and you can not do anything about it. That is all for this post. We hope you found your answer and a proper fix to the problem internet explorer cannot display on the webpage. 

Good Luck!

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