5 Things Even Chat GPT Can Not Do for You

5 Things Even Chat GPT Can Not Do for You

In recent times, AI has made heads turn. It is fascinating to see how technology can mimic human behavior and be better than it in fetching information and answering questions. ChatGPT by openAI, followed by Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot, and many more are the perfect example of how AI is changing things.

If you are wondering what ChatGPT is, you must be living under a rock, as this AI-enabled chatbot has revolutionized how humans interact with a bot, let alone how they look for information online. 

Over just a few months, ChatGPT has become an almighty AI power that can resolve the most complex queries in seconds. But did you know that there are a few things even ChatGPT can not do for you?

Yes, the ChatGPT has a few limitations. This post might help you hold your horses if you wonder what they can be. The post talk about 5 things even ChatGPT can not do for you!

Please note – The 5 things selected here are based on already available technology that can help with a process where ChatGPT often fails. Different applications, search engines, and bots are already doing these things quickly. And that is precisely the basis of comparison. 

Limitations of Chat GPT – 5 Things it Can Not Help You With!

If you have been following the news and tech community for the past few months, you would not believe there is a limitation to ChatGPT. The bot has created havoc so quickly that leaders like Bing have decided to integrate an AI bot with their search engine.

While people have enjoyed playing around with the possibilities that the ChatGPT brings on board, they have failed to realize that, at the end of the day, it is a man-made bot and can make mistakes. Many people have started using ChatGPT as their go-to application for getting things done. If you also do so, you should realize that a few things are already being done by different applications that the ChatGPT can not do. 

Following are just the 5 of them –  

1. Can Not Compare the Latest Tech

ChatGPT only fetches the results and information based on the information available to it. If you have used the chatGPT closely, you might have realized it was still stuck in 2021. The current database that the AI chatbot uses has been equipped with a database last updated in 2021. 

It directly means that it is not possible if you want to compare the latest technology! Let’s take the easiest example of a query that asks the bot about the best smartphone to buy.

query that asks the bot about the best smartphone to buy

As you can observe, the results are still limited to the tech launched in 2021, considering Apple is about to launch the latest iPhone 15 and Samsung has already launched its new flagship, the Galaxy S23 lineup. 

So what is the use of an advanced AI that can not even suggest you the latest device to buy? Think about it!

2. Can not Recover Deleted Files

Real assistance is required when you have made a mistake. If there’s something that can help you undo a mistake, that might cost you a lot. The best example of this problematic scenario can be unintentionally deleted files.

Sure, some tools in the market, like Advanced Disk Recovery, can help recover deleted files. However, chatGPT is here to take over all the tools. So let’s check if it can help recover files on your PC.

check if it can help recover files on your PC

As the conversation suggests, it can give you a suggestion or two, but at the end of the day, it can not help you recover files you accidentally deleted. 

If you need help with data recovery, you can rely on Advanced Disk Recovery. It is a relatively smart tool that understands the ergonomics of your storage capacity and fetches the deleted file right from its shreds. Download from the link below; it can do a better job than the ChatGPT! 

Restore all deleted files, photos, videos, audio files, and more with Advanced Disk Recovery.

3. Fails to answer multiple rapid queries

The much more capable AI chatbot often fails to meet user requirements. It is another tool and can have downtime depending on the query generated. However, it is disheartening to see it struggling with multiple questions simultaneously. 

Don’t take this wrong; the bot is an absolute work of art when carrying a conversation and fetching data. However, it sometimes faces issues regarding rapid answers and searches. 

Fails to answer multiple rapid queries

It has been observed that it needs to work on onboarding more users simultaneously and give error codes when multiple queries are run by a user one after the other. Though it has the benefit of the doubt as it is new, you might not face the issue with a normal search engine that is not AI-powered. 

The ChatGPT cannot answer multiple rapid queries that a regular search engine can process. 

4. Can Not Help You Sort Duplicates

Sorting duplicate files in itself is an issue that requires proper attention, and ChatGPT should ideally be a helpful tool in finishing such a task as it is an AI-based tool. AI is the core of any technology that works on automation and algorithms.

Finding duplicate files from a stack, fetching them, and removing them should be an easy task for a powerful AI tool like Chat GPT, right? Here’s what it does when you ask it to do so!

Step 1 – As I asked the tool to sort duplicate files on my PC, it first showed a perfect example of what we discussed in the above problem related to handling multiple queries.  Can Not Help You Sort DuplicatesStep 2 – After a hard refresh, the answer I got was – result of any query starts with an AI language model

As soon as the result of any query starts with an AI language model, it can be inferred that the tool cannot do the job for you. But is it fair? A tool that works on core AI algorithms cannot do what a product from Systweak, known as Duplicate Files Fixer, has already been doing for years.

If you need assistance with duplicate files, you can download a concrete solution that the Duplicate Files Fixer offers. Use the download button below to solve your problem. 

If you are already questioning your judgment about the ChatGPT being the most advanced tool, wait, as there is one more thing left on our list. 

Read Review here – Duplicate Files Fixer For Windows: Review, Features & Pricing

5. Can Not Help With Real-Time Queries

As your AI assistant bot, it should fetch all information that you require. And that can include your queries about stock prices and other marketplace information. 

However, when fetching information from various sources, the ChatGPT once again fails. The chatbot claims that it does not use the internet and has an internal database for collection. It may not be able to fetch any information in real-time.

The ideal chatbot should have all the answers to it; the most critical aspect is the productivity of the tool. If you remove real-time information from the mix, the point of having an intelligent AI-enabled assistant is almost defeated. 

Dedicated Tools Can be a Better Solution!

All in all, there are multiple issues that the ChatGPT fails to resolve. Currently, these issues can be solved very quickly, and as far as the growth of ChatGPT is concerned, they’ll make sure these things work well in the future. 

That said, things you can get done with dedicated tools like Advanced Disk Recovery & Duplicate Files Fixer, in the long run, can never be replaced. If you have related issues, feel free to download the applications. 

With that, we have reached the end of this post. I hope you liked the curation. Thanks for reading!

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