5 Types of Applications to Make your PC Experience Better

5 Types of Applications to Make your PC Experience Better

Applications are the backbones of any personal computer, defining the user’s productivity. While there were times when users had to limit themself to the essential default software, today, better versions are available. There are many good alternatives for every application, but they often need clarification, making understanding the necessity complex.

Hence, in this post, let us look at 5 types of applications that are must-haves on any PC to enhance the overall experience and productivity. These applications are commonly available, but only some use them as users are limited to using the defaults provided by the operating system.

It’s time to change that! Without further ado, let’s begin with the type of applications!

5 Game-Changing Applications to Enhance PC Productivity

#1 Password Manager

A password saver and manager is the first application that can help smoothen your PC usage. You might have seen it on Google Chrome; however, what if you could save all your passwords with extra security? The idea behind such applications is to provide a user with a dedicated tool that helps you create strong passwords and manage the existing ones, all in one place. 

Password Manager

So instead of remembering passwords for multiple platforms, you have to remember a single password that can help you gain access to all your saved passwords. It is convenient because-

  1. It helps you stay stress-free about other people accessing your saved passwords which is a piece of cake to do on Google Chrome. However, here there is no security risk.
  2. It creates a seamless user experience, as every field that requires a password is automatically filled when you are logged in. 
  3. You no longer have to worry about creating passwords to save; these tools have in-built capabilities to make the passwords and remember them for you.

All in all, if the hassle of remembering passwords is something you want to avoid, having a password manager can help. 

Check out TweakPass Password manager for an unparalleled experience.

#2 Screen Recorder & Screenshot

Another excellent tool to have is an ideal screenshot and screen recording software. You might be aware of what these tools are used for. Still, if you are not using one, you miss out on something with great potential. The tool comes in handy when you share an issue with someone but can not explain or save something you are watching, but there’s no link to download or create a tutorial using your PC for personal or professional use. 

Screen Recorder & Screenshot

The screen-grabbing tools can make taking notes and saving information super easy, as a single press of buttons can help you save anything and everything you have on your screens. Some of the classic features of a perfect screen recorder software include the following – 

  1. Ability to record videos without watermark and time limit. It allows you to create a file of any size and use it anywhere.
  2. Regional cropping mechanism that can help you grab a particular area or region of your screen that you want. It can help you keep your privacy intact.
  3. Last but not least, the screen recording tool can help you save your essential lectures and meetings so you can refer to them for pointers later. 

Advanced Screen Recorder can be an excellent way to start your journey if you have never used a screen recorder and screenshot application on your computer. Check it out here!

#3 Duplicate Photos Finder

A duplicate photo finder is a tool you need, but you don’t know yet. Almost every other individual uses their PC as a digital hub for pictures. PCs have made it convenient to save photos for a long time due to their extra storage, much larger than a typical smartphone. While the use case for PCs is a great one, the issue is the existence of duplicate photos. These duplicate photos work like a plague on your PC. they eat up free space, contaminate your sorted pictures collection, and might cause damage when you need the images the most. 

The biggest example can be seen in a graphics designer’s scenario. When two duplicate images have different qualities, the user might take a lower-quality image in the field, causing the entire project to degrade.

Duplicate photos finder

Such issues can be easily resolved with a duplicate photos finder. It is a tool that scans your PC for similar/copy images and groups them together for you to sort. If you use advanced tools like Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, you can skip the sorting part, as it has an auto-mark feature that does the task for you. Here’s our thorough review of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro in case you plan to use it. 

#4 Shortcut Key Mapping Software

It is different from what it looks like. Keyword mapping software can be a better name for this. However, most users refer to these as shortcut software, so why not? Your keyboard has a lot of keys that you might never use, especially if you do not type a lot. And understandably, when you use your PC, you run a certain number of processes regularly, correct? It can be as simple as opening the browser or as complicated as fetching a file from a folder and then opening it. Well, the shortcut software applications can help you reduce your time establishing a work environment when you start your PC.

How? It can enable you to map your keyboard keys, a single one, or a combination of your choice to open certain applications. You might be aware of internal shortcuts such as ctrl+shift+esc for task manager; such apps allow you to create shortcuts for your processes. 

There are many ways such applications can simplify your everyday experience, some of which are – 

  1. Shortcuts are easy to trigger, remember, and execute.
  2. They make any process open faster. The best part is there are no added steps in opening a process; just a tap, and it appears. 
  3. Saving time makes you more and more productive as now you can multitask easily. Every important app is a few keys away.

Several shortcut key mapping applications are available for you to download and use as they are free to use. Start using them, and you will realize there’s no going back!

#5 Resource Monitor Apps

If you are using an older PC and have limited resources available, you don’t want to overuse any of those as they might cause your PC to slow down. Eventually, overusing your PC can damage the resources and, more importantly, hamper your open, current processes. If only you could take care of the usage of your resources. Well, some applications enable you to handle your resources properly. These are called resource monitoring applications. 

These applications show you the usage percentage for your CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage, Disk health, etc., which can help you identify what applications are causing your PC to hang, which ones can be used more, and which ones require all the other applications to stop. The best part about having a resource monitor application is that – 

  1. You can observe the exact CPU usage while using a heavy application so that the next time you open that application, you make it your priority to close all the others for a smoother experience. 
  2. Keeping track of your disk drive health and storage availability becomes much easier. 
  3. It also keeps you ahead of mishaps, as if the resources are overused, they might crash your PC. When you know how much of your resources are indulged, you know when to pull the plug.Resource Monitor Apps

Your task manager is an in-built example of a resource management application. However, it is a bit complicated for rookie users. You can find simplified resource monitor applications online.

Advanced System Optimizer can be a good option if you want a complete package to monitor your PC resources and optimize them. Read its review here!

Remove the Clutter For Something Better!

You do not realize that there are so many applications on your PC that you do not even use. It is better to remove them and make way for these 5 types of applications, as when these are on your PC, they make your experience much smoother, and the best part is all of them are available for free.

With that, we have reached the end of this blog. Using software to enhance your productivity is what serves the purpose of having a PC. Let us know what type of applications you use to make the most of your PC capabilities in the comments section. 

Thanks for reading this post. Good Luck!

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