Google Chrome Not Opening – Ways to fix It?

Google chrome Not Opening--Ways to fix It

Google Chrome is a popular web browser used by many people globally. However, its high CPU usage and Chrome stopping to work or denying opening are some common issues that people often encounter. Considering the number of Chrome users, the problem is quite frustrating.

Luckily, there are several ways to fix the Google Chrome not opening error, and some of the workable methods are listed in this post. 

Reasons for “Chrome Won’t Open When I Click on Icon”

Knowing the reason behind any error solves it halfway!

Here is the list of the common reasons associated with Google Chrome not opening error – 

  1. You are not using the latest version of Google Chrome. 
  2. The Firewall you are using is interfering with Chrome.
  3. The Chrome process is already running in the background.
  4. You might have installed a faulty plug-in. 
  5. The Chrome cache & cookie are causing it to go unresponsive.

A few of these issues might seem un-fixable because you cannot open Chrome. But there’s nothing to worry about because we have the proper fixes for you! 

Ways to Fix Google Chrome Not Opening on Windows

Fix 1 – Update Your Browser

The update option is available in Chrome itself. It is one of the most interesting features of the browser, making it easy to use. However, updating the browser might seem tricky when you need help. The best way to update Google Chrome when you can not access it is here – – 

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run search. 
  2. In Run, use the command control to open the Control Panel.      open Run search
  3. In the Control panel, click on Programs.          click on Programs
  4. Then click on Programs & Features to open the list of installed applications.      click on Programs & Features
  5. From the list of applications, spot Google Chrome and check its installed version.      select Google Chrome
  6. After that, Open your secondary browser and search for the latest chrome version.    Open secondary browser
  7. Match the version information to the current version you are using. 

If the current version is not what you have installed, download the setup file from your secondary browser and run the installer. This will update Chrome, and you will be able to access chrome. 

In case the version you are using is the latest one, there might be something else bothering your experience. Hop on to the next fix. 

Fix 2 – Disable Your Third-Party Protection (if you have any)

This fix is for users with a dedicated antivirus program installed on their PC other than the Windows Defender. Simply go to your respective antivirus software and temporarily disable the firewall. (You can refer to your antivirus user manual for the steps to disable)

After disabling the antivirus, try rerunning Chrome. If it runs, the issue lies in your Antivirus, not the browser. You should connect with your protection provider to resolve the issue. Adding Chrome to the exceptions list might also work.

Fix 3 – End Background Chrome Processes

In many cases, it has been observed that the user kept double-clicking on the icon to open Google Chrome. Though the cursor shows that it has processed your request, nothing opens up.

If you face this situation, it is probably because a Chrome process is already opened on your PC.  You need to kill that process and then relaunch it. Here’s what to do – 

  1.  Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager
  2. In the task manager, look for chrome.exe in the running processes.    open Task Manager
  3. You can see that the background process only takes a little memory with no CPU usage. Click on such a process and end the task.
  4. Once you have ended the task, close the task manager and relaunch the application.

This should do the trick, as most users know this issue. In case it doesn’t work, don’t worry. There are still fixes left!

Fix 4 – Remove Extensions from Chrome

If the Google Chrome not opening issue has recently appeared on your PC, you may have installed a faulty plug-in or extension. You need to remove such extensions from Chrome to revive it.

But how? Since you cannot run the process, it seems impossible to remove the extensions. Well, there’s certainly a way you can do it!

Here’s how – 

  1. Head to your desktop and look for the Chrome application. 
  2. Right-click on the app icon and open properties.  open Chrome application
  3. In properties, you will find the field named target with the current state of the browser. 
  4. Add “ –disable-extension” in that field and click on apply.    google chrome properties
  5. Once you are done, launch Google Chrome. 

If you are experiencing the Google Chrome won’t open issue after installing an extension, this will do the trick!

Fix 5 – Clear Cookies & Cache before Launching

Again something that seems impossible but can be quickly done! Cookies and caches are responsible for your online user experience on any browser. However, they might become an issue when they have not been cleared for a long time.

But how to remove cookies and caches from Chrome without opening it? Well, you will need a third-party tool for it. With the help of Advanced System Optimizer, you can scan for cookies and caches and remove them instantly without opening the browser. 

Here’s how it works-

  • Download the application here from the link provided.
  • Run the application. 
  • Click Security & Privacy option from the left pane.  Click Security & Privacy
  • Click on Privacy Protector.    select Privacy Protector
  • Go to the Privacy Protector module settings and select Google Chrome under Browsers before initiating the scan. This will reduce your scan time as the module will search for Chrome.  select Google Chrome under Browsers
  • Click Apply to save changes. 
  • To run the scan, click Start Privacy Scan.  click Start Privacy Scan
  • Let the scan finish.            scanning in progress
  • Once the scan is over, simply delete them by clicking the Clean button.      select Clean button

That’s it! Once the process is over, relaunch the browser. It does a refurbishing job for Google Chrome and will fix the Google Chrome not opening issue.

Never Get Stuck Due to Google Chrome Won’t Open Error Again!

All the potential issues and their fixes have been covered in the blog. This means no matter what comes your way, you will be able to use Chrome again. Make sure all the steps are followed for fixes to work.

If this doesn’t help, try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. We hope you find the information helpful. Good luck!

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to comment below!

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