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Are you trying to copy/paste a few values in your Excel sheets, but the error “Retrieving Data. Wait a Few Seconds and try to cut or copy again” keeps bothering you? Well, you are not alone. The biggest issue with the error is that it appears on both online and offline Excel platforms.

Several users have shared that the error appears when you want to transfer data from one sheet to another or switch from offline Excel to online sheets. In all situations, the error can be frustrating.

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What is The Problem?

The “Retrieving Data. Wait a Few Seconds and try to cut or copy again” is a data synchronization error in MS Excel. If you use an offline MS Excel service, the chances of this error are extremely low. However, the error might take over your system when you shift to the online version. 

That is because when a sheet is opened online, the data must sync with the cloud to maintain the entries evenly. Sadly, Microsoft has not yet mastered this technique; hence, the error keeps appearing on your PC.

The error can be troublesome when you have accidentally cut the data from the source and are trying to paste it. As your data is lost in the validation process, you cannot see it, and the error appears. 

How to Fix Retrieving Data – Wait a Few Seconds Error on Excel

Now that you know the ultimate cause of the error, here are some ways you can get rid of the error. Since the issue revolves more on the online platform, it is clear that your browser and the internet play a crucial role. 

Here are some fixes that may help you eliminate the error in retrieving data. 

Fix 1 – Try Using a Different Browser

If you are struggling with the Excel sheet on your browser, try using a different browser. For instance, if you are working on Microsoft Edge, you can try Google Chrome, Opera Mini, or any other you trust. 

Several complaints have explicitly mentioned that Internet Explorer and Edge browsers show the most retrieving data errors. If you are using either of them, you must switch. 

Fix 2 – Clear Your Browser Data

If you already use a different browser and still receive the error message, the browser data is likely corrupt. We recommend clearing all your browser data, such as cookies, cache, history, etc., to eliminate the error. 

You have two options to remove the data – 

Option 1 – You can go to settings manually for every browser and delete cookies and cache.

Option 2 – You can use Advanced System Optimizer to remove your data via the Privacy Protector module.

If you plan to do it all manually, check your browser’s privacy and security settings. However, you can rely on Advanced System Optimizer to get things done faster. 

Here’s how things work – 

Step 1 – Download and install the application on your computer.

Step 2 – Open the tool and go to the Security and Privacy section.

Privacy Protector_ASO

Step 3 – Find the Privacy protector module
Step 4 – Run the scan for all the browser data. The tool can fetch data from multiple browsers, becoming a one-stop destination to clear all your browser cookies.
Step 5 – After the scan, click Clean, and you are ready.

After clearing the browser data, you practically have a brand-new browser. Simply open the Excel file and try moving data again. This time, you might not encounter any error message.

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Fix 3 – Download an Offline Copy to Edit

Another thing you can try is saving the file before making the edits so that the entire data sync process is done offline without worrying about the error. 

All you have to do is – 

Step 1 – Go to the File options in the online Excel.
Step 2 – Then navigate to the Save as section.Save as section in online excel

Step 3 – From the Save options, click on Download a copy.

This way, you can eliminate the online hassle and open your file easily the way you do. All the copy/paste operations are on your computer’s RAM, so they should not be a problem. 

Other than these fixes, you can also try to reverse your actions. Deselect the content you want to copy, select something else, and then try to copy and paste it. Repeating the set of steps can help you reset the data sync. This way, you can make it work. 

Hope you find all these steps helpful. If you are stuck, please drop us a line using the comments section. Good luck!

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