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Windows+Shift+S is a handy shortcut that allows capturing screens on a Windows PC. Every user who takes screenshots knows about it and uses it. While things are usually smooth when taking a screenshot on Windows, there have been incidents where the shortcut was not working properly.

The Win+Shift+S shortcut not working on Windows is a common issue that several users have come across. Some believe that it is an issue related to the Snipping tool used by Windows, while some have concerns about the keyboard not working properly. Either way, a user struggles to get the job done. 

If you, too, have come across a situation and don’t know how to resolve the error, do not worry, as we have got you covered! In this post, you may find some regular and advanced troubleshooting methods to solve the Windows+Shift+S shortcut not working error. 

Let’s begin!

5 Ways to Fix Windows+Shift+S Not Working on PC

Fix 1 – End the Snipping Tool Process in Task Manager

Sometimes, a simple glitch causes a hindrance in the functioning of your shortcut. The best way to handle the situation is to restart the task. The Windows+Shift+S is a shortcut key to initiate the Snipping tool. So, it is advised that you open the Task Manager, find the process for the Snipping tool, and end the task. 

Here’s what you can do – 

Step 1 – Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager on your PC.

task manager

Step 2 – After you have opened it, scroll down to find the Snipping tool in the running processes.
Step 3 – Select the process and click on End task.

After finishing the task, go to the Start menu and search for the Snipping tool. Relaunch the app and try using the shortcut. It should work.

Fix 2 – Enable Clipboard History

The screenshot you take, or the region you select on the screen to capture, is directly pasted to the clipboard on your PC. If due any reason the clipboard history is off on your PC, the screenshots are not saved, and the purpose of Win+Shift+S is lost. Make sure you enable it using the steps below – 

Step 1 – Press Win+I to open System Settings.
Step 2 – In System settings, scroll down to find Clipboard.

System Setting - Clipboard Option

Step 3 – Open Clipboard and toggle ON the Clipboard History option.

Clipboard History option

Now, when you want to paste your screenshots, simply press ctrl+V to access your clipboard and easily paste the one you want. 

Fix 3 – Reset the Snipping Tool

As mentioned before, glitches can make it difficult for the tool to function properly. In case relaunching the app did not work, you might have to reset it. To do so, simply – 

Step 1 – Go to the Start Menu, search for Installed Apps, and hit enter.

search for Installed Apps

Step 2 – The above step will take you to the list of apps you have on your PC.
Step 3 – Spot the Snipping tool in the list and right-click on it to find more options.
Step 4 – Click on Advanced Options.

Advanced Option

Step 5 – From the Advanced Options, click on Reset, and you are done.

click on Reset option - installed apps

Keep in mind that resetting the application will change every setting to default, making it a completely new application. So, if you have made any changes, you may have to make them again. 

Fix 4 – Update Your PC

Sometimes, the glitch in shortcuts is also a result of pending system updates. Simply go to the settings of your PC and look for Windows Updates. Check for any pending updates or the latest ones available to download. Updating your PC to the latest security patches will help you clear the bugs so that your shortcuts work fine. 

Fix 5 – Make Sure There’s No Conflict in the Shortcuts

If you like customizing your experience in various apps and have added custom shortcuts for them, make sure none of them coincide with your snipping shortcut. You can check other apps, such as screen recording software, Xbox game recorder, etc., to ensure that none of these apps use the same screenshot. 

The conflict in shortcuts can be a typical reason your screenshot shortcut is not working properly. Hence, we recommend you avoid any similar application that may use the same shortcut. 

Other than these fixes, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. If, by chance, you have disabled the notifications for the app, turn them on via notification settings.

Can’t Get Win+Shift+S to Work? Try Using Tweakshot Screen Capture!

If the app is not working properly after these fixes and even after a reset, we recommend using a different screenshot application to get the job done. The Tweakshot Screen Capture is the perfect solution as it is practical, functional, and easier to use. The best part is that you can set your shortcuts to the app, so you do not have to worry about facing a similar situation.

Download the Tweakshot Screen Capture today and do more with your screenshots.

Usually, the fixes shared will help you, but these can only fix the error and do not guarantee that it will not come back. Which is why switching your application makes more sense. Try these fixes, and you will get the Win+Shift+S to work again. 

Hope the fixes help you out with the problem. Thanks for reading, good luck!

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