How to Remove Cookies in Chrome – Windows 10 (2023)


Remove Cookies on Chrome and take charge of your online privacy.

Cookies – what can be wrong with these tasty treats? Well, there’s nothing wrong with it except the fact that cookies also represent small text files with pieces of data stored in them like username and password. This data not only weakens privacy but also makes us susceptible to being attacked. Moreover, attackers, third parties, and threat actors use them to identify your PC on a computer network.


Hence, if you want to secure your digital identity, cleaning cookies is recommended. We understand, remembering to clear cookies each time after you are done browsing the web is not easy. Therefore, to make things easy, here we will explain how to clear cache in Chrome in an easy way.

In this post, we will explain both manual and automatic ways to delete cookies in Google Chrome. To learn how to delete cookies on Chrome the automatic way, we will use Advanced System Optimizer – a free PC cleanup tool.

So, without any further delay, let’s learn how to clear cookies on Chrome.

Best Ways to Clear cookies in Chrome – Windows 2023

Manually deleting cookies in Chrome

1. Launch Google Chrome
2. Click the three dots present in the upper-right corner.
3. Choose History from the context menu. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + H.

Choose History
4. Pick Clear browsing Data from the left pane.

5. Select the Time Rangeby clicking the down arrow. Choose All Time.

clear browsing data
6. Select the box next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files > hit Clear Data.

clear data
Once done, restart your Chrome browser to apply changes.

Now try and use the browser you will experience a noticeable change in page load speed. Also, no longer there will be any conflicts while accessing the site.

In addition to this, if you want to learn how to delete specific site cookies, read further.

How to delete Site-Specific Cookies in Chrome

1. Launch Chrome
2. In the address bar copy and paste: chrome://settings/content
3. Scroll down and look for the Content section
4. Look for All cookies and site data

all cookies
5. Scroll through all the cookies or use the search bar to find the specific site cookie and delete it.
6. Probably, Incognito mode is an easy way out, but not all remember to open it each time. Therefore, to stay secure if they use the above steps to clear cache in Chrome, there’s no harm.

However, if this seems too much work and you don’t want to go through these many steps, we have an easy way out.

How To Clear Cache In Chrome – Automatically

If you don’t like spending time on work that can be done automatically, you are on the right path. Here we will discuss how to clear cookies on Chrome automatically. For this, we will use the best free PC optimization tool – Advanced System Optimizer.

This amazing and excellent PC cleanup tool not only helps protect privacy. But it also helps perform various activities like –

  • Cleaning junk files, temp files
  • Securely deleting files
  • Encrypting files
  • Optimizing disk
  • Freeing up unused memory
  • Boosting game performance
  • Cleaning and optimizing Windows registry
  • Taking backup of important data
  • Finding and removing duplicate data
  • Uninstalling unwanted apps
  • Setting up scheduled maintenance and a lot more.

This is why Advanced System Optimizer is called an all-in-one PC cleaning tool. To use this professional software and clear cache, cookies on Chrome follow the steps below:

1. Download and install Advanced System Optimizer
2. Launch the tool
3. Click Security & Privacy > Privacy Protector

ASO PC Cleaner Tool
4. To scan the system along with the browser and clean privacy-exposing traces, click Start Privacy Scan.

ASO start privacy
5. Wait for the action to complete.
6. Once done, you will get a scan result window divided into 5 tabs –

  • Show All
  • Windows
  • Browsers
  • Messengers
  • MS Office

7. You can either click the Show All and click Clean or can click the Browsers tab > select Chrome > Clean

ASO Traces

This will help clear cache and cookies from Chrome.

What’s more, using the top PC optimizer, in a click,  you can clean the system and improve speed. Also, you can make room for important files.

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How to Improve System Speed Using Advanced System Optimizer?

To use one-click optimization, follow the steps below:

1. Launch Advanced System Optimizer
2. To perform a thorough cleaning select Deep Scan. However, if you first want to give Advanced System Optimizer a try either go with Quick or Custom Scan

aso optimizer scan mode
3. After selecting the scan type > click Smart PC Care and wait for the scanning to complete
4. You’ll now get scan results nicely divided into each category
5. Double click the error to get the details
6. Clean the detected errors, restart the PC to apply changes

Enjoy an optimized and clean system performance.

How To Clear Cookies On Google Chrome

Using these steps, you can easily delete cookies in Google Chrome. We hope through this post we were able to answer how to clear cookies in Google Chrome. In case you have any further questions, do let us know. Also, if you have any product-related queries send an email at

The technical team will answer all your queries and will help understand how to use the product to the maximum.

If you find the post helpful, share it with others. However, if you find something missing or that can be improved leave us your suggestion in the comments box. We love hearing from you.

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