How to Record Your Recent Gameplay On PC? [Last 30 Sec or 5 Minute]

How to Record Your Recent Gameplay On PC

Online content has opened up opportunities for young creators. All platforms support both long-form and short-form content. Thanks to social media, anyone can go viral using a 30-second clip as content. Yet, a lot of gamers still run their stream for hours. If you want to be popular online and on platforms like YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok, etc., start using tools that help clip the last 30 seconds on a PC. 

Here we explain how to capture the last 30 seconds on a PC or record a 30-second video snippet of your desktop screen. 

Best Ways to Record Recent Gameplay on PC

Recording the screen is a traditional way of capturing screen content. Streamers and tutorial creators use it. However, you need a clipping tool to record the gameplay on PC for the last 30 sec or 5 minutes. 

A clipping tool helps you clip the video. Using it, you should be able to trim recorded screen video into parts that turn into a highlight. There are several ways you can record your gameplay on PC.

1. Advanced Screen Recorder – All-in-One Screen Recording Solution

It is a tool that helps you record your screen with audio. But that is just the basic utility of it. You can set it as your default screen recorder by simply installing it. Once you have installed it, there are screen recording shortcuts that can help you trigger the recording at default settings. You can use them to record events and stop recording instantly. 

Another way is to clip highlights from the recorded events. There is a dedicated option to trim your recordings as you see fit. You can instantly select and trim the recorded content to create a 30-second clip from your recent gameplay. 

Isn’t it easy? Here’s how the tool works – 

  • Download the Advanced Screen Recorder from the link below.
  • Install it and allow all the permissions to screen overlay.  shortcuts mapped on your screen
  • You can see the shortcuts mapped on your screen as soon as you run the app. 
  • Use them to record the part you want to clip, and you are goodDownload the Advanced Screen Recorder
  • However, if you have recorded something and want to clip the last 30 seconds from it, click the Recoding option > select the recorded video and click the edit the recorded video
  • This will open the editor. Use the red sliding bar to trim the video. Use red sliding bar to trim video
  • When done, click Save to apply changes. 

Alongside this, using Advanced Screen Recorder, you can take screenshots while recording, auto-stop, auto-split recording, schedule it, and record using the webcam. The application gives you enough control over creating and capturing the content as you find it interesting. This is also why most users have Advanced Screen Recorder as their go-to screen clipping tool.  

Download today to create your short-formatted content instantly!

2. Xbox Game Bar – The Inbuilt Screen Recorder With Limited Application

If installing an application is not possible, you can record your recent gameplay on a PC using the Xbox Game Bar. It is a built-in application available on Windows 11 that allows you to access various metrics while running a game on your PC. It also allows accessing a record bar to record your screen while using any other application. 

To use this application, all you have to do is – 

  •  If you have never used it, go to your start menu, search for the Xbox Game Bar, and click on it.  search for Xbox Game Bar
  • It will open the Xbox Game Bar for you.
  • Alternatively, using the keyboard shortcut Windows + G, you can bring up the Xbox Game Bar. Now use the tool to start recording.  use tool to start recording
  • You can toggle the recording on and off using the button. 

The only downside of using this tool is that you need to be alert about what part you want to capture and end the recording accordingly. If you fail to do so, you will have to use a separate tool to trim the recording, as Game Bar does not have editing options. 

Using these methods, you can easily record your gameplay. Besides these methods, you can also depend on the Nvidia screen recorder. But remember, it also does not offer clipping techniques. 

Final Takeaway

When recording your recent gameplay last 30 sec or 5 minutes, you can always rely on a screen recording tool to start and stop the recording for the desired action. However, you can trim it while creating a highlight or using an exact clip of 30 seconds or more. 

Only the Advanced Screen Recorder tool mentioned above can help you record and clip the recorded content. Download it instantly and become the Instagram Reel, YouTube short creator.

That brings us to the end of this post. All the best in becoming a renowned name in the content creation industry.

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