How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation with Audio and Video

Record a PowerPoint Presentation with audio and video

Presentations have become the ultimate way to share ideas and propagate knowledge. Through them, sharing thoughts becomes much easier and more effective. Moreover, when these presentations can be recorded with audio and video and made readily available, things go one notch higher.  Due to this and other reasons like understanding the points in a presentation clearly, creating a knowledgebase, etc., most users often search for ways to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio and video.

If you, too, are in the race, you are a step closer to learning a few ways to record a PowerPoint presentation.

Benefits of Recording Your PowerPoint Presentations

While PowerPoint is a standard tool for students, teachers, and working professionals, many still need to learn how to record their presentations. It can be a great way to enhance your presentation skills and create an interactive and insightful video that can be shared easily.

When you present a topic, you add much information to the pointers. Some of the listeners often focus on noting those points down and are unable to focus on your skills in real-time. Recording your presentation allows video sharing so that the concentration stays on the presentation and what is being explained.

Not to mention, your recorded presentation can save you time. How? It can assist you with a ready-to-share video file that anyone, even those who were unable to attend the meeting, can go through. You do not have to repeat your presentation points and can easily make the most out of it.

Recording a PowerPoint Presentation with Audio & Video: 2 Effective Ways!

People often need clarification about how they can utilize their PC and record every aspect, the slides, their narration, and themselves all at once. Well, there are two effective ways to do it! Check them out below –

Method #1 – Record a PowerPoint Presentation Using PowerPoint

Yes, the PowerPoint application has an inbuilt option for you to record the presentation. You can follow the instructions to start!

1. Open the Presentation You Want to Record.

2. Find the recording Option on the top menu bar.

 recording Option

3. Click on the record button, and you will have the extended options asking you whether you want to start the recording from a particular slide or start from the beginning.

 start the recording from a particular slide

4. You also have the option to record a narration for your Presentation. Use the Audio option from the available recording menu.

Audio option

5. Choose the option accordingly. Once you have chosen, click on record and see the recording bar on your screen.

 recording bar

6. You can use the recording option and save the recorded file in the destination folder.

Method #2 – Record a PowerPoint Presentation Using Advanced Screen Recorder.

While the PowerPoint recording option does the job for you, it leaves many things behind. For instance, there are no editing options, the formats used to save the file are limited, and you can not enhance the audio quality once recorded.

To overcome these issues, you can turn your attention to the Advanced Screen Recorder, a tool that does the job in just a few clicks!

Here’s how to use it –

1. Download and install the Advanced Screen Recorder on your PC. (Link Below)

2. Now, open the PowerPoint Presentation you want to record.

3. Before starting the presentation, simply start the application by using the shortcut keys (F9) on your keyboard or directly click on the application bar to record.

Advanced Screen Recorder

4. The application has all the options that allow you to record everything, your screen, inputs, your webcam for video, and audio from your computer or any attached source.

5. Once you are done recording, simply find the video in the folder.

The tool allows you to customize the format, the region of recording, and editing options like trimming the recorded video. It can create the video even in 4K; hence quality is never an issue!

Make the Most Out of Your Presentations by Recording Them!

Every presentation you give can be a stepping stone to your success. It is ok if you make mistakes as long as you learn from them. And if you are doing everything well, there’s no harm in keeping yourself polished. Recording your presentations and re-watching them can give you the confidence to work on yourself. It shows your strengths and weaknesses to work on!

With Advanced Screen Recorder, you can easily make the most of your presentations! Download the application today!

That is all for this blog. I hope it helps you record presentations with audio and video. Drop your thoughts about the post in the comments section below. Good Luck!

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