How to Make A Tutorial Video in Windows 11 & 10


These days on YouTube, a fair amount of tutorial videos are being shared. Not all of them have excellent quality, so they don’t get enough views. If you don’t want to fall in the same category, try creating tutorial videos without compromising the quality with the help of Advanced Screen Recorder.

As the name suggests, Advanced Screen Recorder helps create tutorial videos and record live streams, movies, Zoom calls, gameplay, and video with a webcam overlay. This post will explain how to use the tool and make how-to tutorial videos.

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What is Advanced Screen Recorder

Developed by Tweaking Technologies, Advanced Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorder tools for creating video and capturing screenshots. It allows for making good tutorial videos and recording gameplay. Moreover, using it, you can record separate audio, video to up to 120 fps, movies, and more. Also, it gives the option of recording mouse clicks and cursor.

How to Make a Tutorial Video using Advanced Screen Recorder

To create a good tutorial video, using the right tool is crucial; this is when Advanced Screen Recorder comes to play. The tool allows recording and capturing screens at the same time. Also, you can record voice-over, gameplay, streaming video, and more.

Here’s How to Use Advanced Screen Recorder

1. Download and install Advanced Screen Recorder.

2. Launch Advanced Screen Recorder to create a tutorial video.
3. Select from the given option to select the screen area and start the recording process.

  • Full Screen
  • Select Region
  • Select Window

ASR screen recorder

Note: Advanced Screen Recorder allows recording using a webcam. To do so, click the Webcam icon. To overlay, click the three horizontal lines in the top right corner > Webcam > checkmark the box next to Record Webcam overlay while recording.

Webcam Overlay

4. You can change the Frame Rate, Format, and Size in addition to this. For this click, click the Settings icon and customize the settings per the requirements.

5. Once all set, select the area to record > click the Record button.

Screen Recorder - select area to record
6. To record voice using a microphone, click the Mic icon and select the connected device from the drop-down.

Moreover, you can enable hardware acceleration from the settings > under Record. (Refer to the screenshot below)

Hardware Acceleration

7. To stop recording, click the Red square button from the small toolbar you see.

Click on red button to stop recording
8. The recorder tutorial video will be saved at the default location, that is, Documents > Advanced Screen Recorder. To preview the recorded tutorial video, click the play icon.


This is how using Advanced Screen Recorder, you can make instructional videos with screen recording.

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Tutorial Video Is On Its Way

Whether you are a beginner or a professional using this excellent tool, you can easily create a tutorial video, record screen, and capture screen while recording. Also, you can record gameplay, webcam overlay, live streaming, movies, and more.

Before using the tool to record anything, read the recording terms and conditions of the said platform. We hope you will try it.

Also, not Advanced Screen Recorder offers a premium trial version that gives complete access to all the features. Using this premium trial version, you can record 2 videos without a time limit and Watermark. Once the two trials are over, you can record videos with a time limit of 10 minutes, and each video will have a watermark.

We hope you liked the information we have shared and will use Advanced Screen Recorder to create good tutorial videos and capture screenshots to make presentations. Please share your feedback in the section below.


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