Fix – Nvidia Code 43 Windows Error (Windows has Stopped Device Because it has Reported Problems)

How to Fix NVIDIA Error Code 43:

NVIDIA is a leading name in high-level GPU and graphics cards. This is why, when looking for a new PC, many people prefer NVIDIA as their go-to graphics. While they have an untouchable reputation in delivering accelerating graphic solutions, the “NVIDIA error code 43: Windows has stopped the device because it has reported problems” has been an annoying issue for hundreds of users.

The error occurs on a working GPU and stops immediately, causing your graphics card to crash, and it keeps repeating unless fixed. Just like any other error, this too can be rectified, provided you know two things –

  • The possible reason behind the error
  • Ways to fix the NVIDIA error code 43

In this blog, we will discuss both of these factors individually. Ensure you read the post until the end, as I also have a fantastic recommendation. With that, let’s begin right away!

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Reasons for NVIDIA Error Code 43

The error is not dedicated to a single hardware or software issue and can take place due to any of the following problems –

  1. A sudden increase in temperature while using the NVIDIA GPU.
  2. You are using third-party software to accelerate the performance of GPUs.
  3. Faulty PCI-E 6-pin cable connection of the GPU.
  4. Outdated or Unmatched drivers for the NVIDIA graphics.
  5. Error in System Files of your operating system.

As you can see, the reason behind the NVIDIA: Windows has stopped the device because it has reported problems, ranging from an array of issues. Thus, it can neither be classified as a hardware nor a software issue.

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How can we fix the error? If you know the reason behind the error, you can directly target it and use solutions. However, in most cases, the reason still needs to be discovered. Therefore, try the fixing techniques explained below until the issue is fixed.

How to Fix NVIDIA Error Code 43?

There are 5 different ways in which we can troubleshoot the problem. Walk your way down through each technique until you find a proper fix.

Method 1 – Start Using Your GPU in a Controlled Environment

If you are an avid user who works on a PC for long hours, your GPU can be overloaded with work, which might cause it to heat up quickly. Due to this, when the GPU temperature goes higher than expected, it results in uninvited crashes. Therefore, to avoid facing such issues and to fix the code 43 errors, using the PC in a controlled manner is suggested.

Here are a few things to consider in creating a usage pattern for your PC –

  • Learn more about your GPU configuration and its limitations. Look for various reviews to understand the limits you can push your GPU without crashing or overheating it.
  • If you are an editor or a gamer, ensure your PC is set up in a cooled environment. The hotter your room gets more heated your GPU gets leading to a crash.
  • Plan your heavy working sessions. If you have an external GPU added to your configuration, do not cover it.

Ensure you take care of these three things. However, if the issue persists, move on to the following technique. Since we now know that the error was not due to overheating the GPU.

Note : Note - If this does not fix the error, keep this as a prevention mechanism for other problems. Remember, GPU overheating is never suitable for your PC's performance.

Method 2 – Uninstall Third-Party Applications for Accelerated Performance

Applications like VIRTU MVP and other GPU acceleration software may cause the NVIDIA error code 43 on your PC. The reason behind it is somewhat similar to the one discussed above. Pushing the hardware limits of your GPU using a third-party application is never the solution.

To uninstall the application, follow the given instruction –

  • Open Run search using Windows + R keys on your keyboard.
  • Type appwiz.cpl to open application management in the Control Panel.

Type appwiz.cpl in control panel

  • Search for the application from the list. As soon as you find it, Right click on it and uninstall it.

Right click and uninstall application

  • Once you have initiated the process, follow the instructions and restart your PC once the uninstallation is completed.

These steps can help eliminate any configuration error causing problems with your NVIDIA graphics. If you find the error existing after restarting, move on to the next technique.

Method 3 – Use SFC to Fix Errors in the System Files of Your PC

The corrupt system files are also an eminent cause of the NVIDIA error code 43: Windows has stopped the device because it has reported errors. To fix and restore faulty system files on your PC, Windows offers you the SFC command.

What is the SFC command?

It is a Windows command that holds the .dll files package. These allow you to restore system files that may be faulty on your PC. To use the command, follow the given steps.

  • Open the elevated Command Prompt.  Open Command Prompt
  • In the Command Prompt, type the following command and hit the Enter key.sfc /scannow
  • Once you hit the Enter key, the above command initiates a scan for all the damaged system files. This will take time, so make sure you give it enough time to work.  type sfc /scannow hit enter
  • Wait for it to complete the process, and you should be good to go once it is done!

The SFC is completed in multiple phases. Thus, it takes a bit longer to complete. You need ample time and patience to complete the SFC scan on your PC.

Method 4 – Update NVIDIA Graphic Drivers on your PC

One of the most prominent issues that trigger the error code 43 is the NVIDIA outdated drivers issue. When your PC is not using the latest drivers to support the GPU, getting the best results is impossible. Therefore, if you have outdated drivers, you must update them immediately.

However, how can we know whether our drivers need updates or not? The error is not a clear indicator that your PC driver needs updates. You need to manually go to the Device Manager and check whether the devices are working fine.

Honestly speaking, no one wants to go and keep checking. Is there a more direct and interactive way to handle the driver’s situation? Of course, there is!

Advanced Driver Updater is a tool that makes finding and installing driver updates super easy on your PC. all you have to do is

Read Advanced Driver Updater Review 

  • Install and run the application on your PC. Find the download button below!

advanced driver updater

advanced driver updater scan process

  • Click on Update All to download and install the driver updates right away!

update all outdated driver

That’s it! Just three steps and you have fixed the NVIDIA error code 43 instantly! Restart the PC for the best results.

Other than these, checking your hardware connections is always a good practice if you are looking for a solution. Checking the PCI-E 6-pin connector is what can help you out!


The important thing to remember is that it is a common error and can occur anytime. You can fix it on your own by using the above techniques. If you know what may be the issue, opt for the corresponding fix. If you need more clarification, I suggest fixing the common issues that may be causing the issue, i.e., keeping the environment controlled and looking for driver updates.

Downloading the Advanced Driver Updater can fix many other future issues related to device drivers. With that, we come to an end for this blog. I hope you find it helpful in fixing the NVIDIA error code 43: Windows has stopped the device because it has reported problems.


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