Fixed- Lenovo Integrated Camera Not Working With Windows


When you upgrade your operating system to the latest version, some of your internal and external devices may experience an issue. Lenovo integrated camera is one of the most prominent examples of the situation.

It is reported that several integrated camera systems on Lenovo laptops have stopped working with Windows 11,10. There are several reasons behind the camera not working properly on your Lenovo laptop.

In this blog, let’s look at potential errors that may be causing the error and how you can rectify them.

How To Resolve Lenovo Integrated Camera Not Working Problem

There can be many things causing your Lenovo integrated camera to malfunction. Some of the most prominent ones have been listed below.

1. Tampered Privacy Settings

Windows 10 & 11 have surely brought a lot of customization options. The Admin can change every setting related to your internal and external devices. If your laptop camera has stopped working due any reason, chances are that the privacy settings of your PC are not tuned as they should be.

To rectify this issue, follow the below instructions –

  • Search for the Camera app in the start menu of your PC.

camera app

  • Click on Camera privacy settings. Here you’ll find all the information about your computer’s integrated camera. Which applications are using it and whether your camera access is on or not.

camera setting

  • Make sure all the important toggles are turned on. Also, check if the camera issue you are facing is with a specific application only. If yes, you can search for the app and toggle access to the same.

2. Unavailable/Outdated Camera Drivers

For every hardware interacting with your PC, some dedicated drivers should be installed. If your PC came with Windows 7 or 8 and you have upgraded your laptop to Windows 10 or 11, you might be facing the error due to unavailable or outdated drivers for your device.

There are two ways you can address the issue and resolve it. One is the basic manual way, where you update the drivers independently, and the other involves using Advanced Driver Updater. Let’s go through both methods one by one and compare them.

3. Driver Updates Using Windows Device Manager

  • Press Ctrl+X on your keyboard. Select Device Manager from the available options.

device manager

  • Expand the menu for the camera and select your device. Then right-click to access the available options.
  • You will find an option to Update Drivers; click on it.

device manager update driver

  • The update begins as soon as you select a source of driver files. You can let the updater search for fresh drivers online or browse your hard disk if you have the driver files downloaded.

search driver automatically

  • Finish the process, restart your computer, and check whether the problem was resolved or not.

4. Driver Updates Using Advanced Driver Updater

As you might have observed, you need proper driver files and knowledge to update your drivers manually on your PC. If you don’t want to step into the confusing process of using a device manager to find updates, you can rely on Advanced Driver Updater. Here’s how the tool works –

  • Download the software from the given link and install it on your PC.
  • Click “Start Scan Now” to find the number of missing drivers on your PC.

advanced driver updater

  • The software scans all the drivers and finds which require updates. It will list all the required drivers in a single list for you to update.

advanced driver updater scan process

  • From the list of drivers, find the required camera driver and update it instantly. You can also update all the outdated drivers with a single click. If you have time, I recommend you update all the drivers, as it will save you from any future problems you may face.

update all outdated driver

Not to mention it will enhance the performance of your PC too. So simply click on Update All and let the software take care of the rest. The app will automatically prompt you to restart once the process is completed. Follow the instructions, and you will be good to go.

download latest driver

5. Reset Your PC Settings & Uninstall New Applications

Resetting the core settings of your laptop might resolve the issue. Some functionalities take a hit when you have made so many changes or installed multiple applications. The integrated camera might be affected by malware introduced to your PC after you install a particular app.

If the issue has appeared recently, try to figure out which application caused it and uninstall it immediately. To do that, all you have to do is –

  • Go to the Control Panel on your PC via the start menu.
  • Select Uninstall a Program from the menu.

windows program

  • Sort the applications listed based on their date/time of installation.

unistall programs

  • Uninstall the application that may have caused the error right away.

If you haven’t installed any third-party applications and the camera has stopped working, try resetting your PC. Here’s how you can do that –

  • Go to Start Menu and type Reset this PC in the search bar.
  • Open the best-recommended results in the search results.

reset computer

  • Click on Reset PC to initiate your device reset.

windows recovery

  • Once you have clicked, you will have the option to keep your files safe or remove them. Since we are doing it for an integrated camera to work, we can keep the files and continue with the process.

choose recovery option

  • Follow the instructions as they appear on the screen, and soon your PC will be back to its stable state. Try running the camera again; this time, it should work!


Lenovo-integrated cameras not working with Windows 10,11 is a common problem and can be easily resolved. In case the above suggestions do not work, you should consider getting the hardware checked, as it is also possible to be a hardware issue.

The most effective of all these techniques is updating the drivers as it does the job every time. If you are running low on time and can not try each of these techniques, you should go for Advanced Driver Updater first, as it is a faster and better way.

Good luck with fixing your Lenovo integrated camera. Let me know in the comments which technique worked for you. Thanks for reading!


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