How to Keep Yourself Safe from Formjacking

How to Keep Yourself Safe from Formjacking

Formjacking is a well-known technique used by cyber criminals to gather financial information about their targets, like banking credentials, credit card information, and much more. Surfaced in 2019, the technique seriously impacted how people use online banking and e-commerce portals. Everyone carrying out online transactions was affected and is still a target, from groups to organizations to individuals. But most people think that Formjacking is no longer a threat. So is it the case?

In this post, let us discuss what Formjacking is, what you should worry about, and how to keep yourself safe. Let’s begin by diving deeper into the concept. 

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What is Formjacking? How do Attackers Benefit From It?

Formjacking uses a series of JavaScript codes that help cyber criminals intercept every form the user fills online with their information. It is never based on the website. Instead, it targets the credentials you fill in the form as it makes it easy for the attacker to gain access. Users do not even realize that they have been subjected to Formjacking as when the details inserted are submitted, they reach both the server and the attacker simultaneously.

Formjacking seems interesting, but it is as lethal as any other cyber attack, if not more. Think about it! Every transaction you make, every word of your private information you fill in is directed to someone else who might be a potential threat. The attackers can utilize the information as they see fit. 

Some of the common ways attackers benefit from the information collected are – 

  1. Selling credentials on the dark web for illegal purposes like carding, identity theft, etc.
  2. Accessing banking details for financial gain. 
  3. Used for blackmailing depending on the type of information intercepted. 

These 3 aren’t the only benefits of Formjacking. There are many others; hence, learning to stay safe is necessary.

Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fromjacking

Detecting Formjacking is difficult; however, there are still a few ways to prevent it. Some practices that might keep you safe from Fromjacking are – 

1. Enable 2-factor Authentication for Banking Transactions

Two-factor authentication is a step almost every platform adds to ensure that only you access the account. It also helps recover lost passwords; hence, you should implement it in your banking transactions. But how does 2-factor authentication help in securing you from Formjacking?

Well, a Fromjacking attack targets a low-security platform. It takes quite an effort to bypass a platform with two-factor authentication; not every attacker can do it. Always engage the security mechanism, as it can help you out!

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2. Always use reliable bank applications and portals to fill in your information.

Most cyber attackers make a fool of their targets by sending them Formjacked links. These links are pre-intercepted, and when you fill in any information, it is redirected to the attacker, making you a victim of Formjacking. While using banking transactions, always ensure that a reliable application is involved. Do not give away your details and credit card information on any random transaction platform. 

Use a banking application as it often does not require credentials and is safe. When anything fishy happens, you have an application to report and ask for a response. The application managers can even reverse the transaction for you and block your compromised assets anytime.

3. Use an Antivirus that offers Exploit Protection

Last but not least, if you use a PC for your online transactions, ensure you have a solid antivirus program installed. Why? Because a program that offers online security and exploit protection can help you detect malicious activity on any website. Formjacking takes advantage of many vulnerabilities left loose while using the internet regularly. 

With the help of a robust antivirus program, you can cover all the vulnerabilities that an attacker might target on your computer, making it impossible for an intruder to implement Formjacking on your PC. If you are wondering where to find such an antivirus, T9 can be a good choice.T9 Antivirus to Safe from FormjackingT9 Antivirus is a trusted name for implementing a 360 protection program for your PC that keeps it on track both online and offline. It has multiple shields, Exploit Protection, and background processing that helps you focus on your work while it protects your PC. Real time protection to Safe from FormjackingSome of T9 Antivirus’s advanced features that can help you beat Formjacking and other cyber attacks are – 

  1. Always On Online Protection Shield.
  2. Dedicated Exploit Protection Module.
  3. Firewall Protection for Malicious intruders
  4. Inbound & Outbound Traffic Protection
  5. Real-Time Malware Protection 

It is proven that using an antivirus as robust as T9 can help easily overcome the threat of Formjacking. 

Beat Formjacking & Other Cyber Threats Easily

Implement the three practices mentioned above, and you will surely be safe. The browsers, servers, and internet have already advanced their security to assist you with a secure browsing experience, and with these added steps, you become more confident! 

Make sure you download the latest version of T9 Antivirus, as it is a worthy program that can save you from almost every type of online or offline threat. That is all for this post. I hope you find the shared information helpful. All the very best!

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