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Screenshot, screen capture, call it whatever, it is a unique way of taking snapshots of the activity performed on a laptop or desktop. Screenshots come in handy when you want to add a snapshot of your work in a presentation or share a conversation with coworkers. Capturing the screen and saving it as an image file is one of the best ways to share important things.

If you are using an HP laptop and looking for ways to screenshot an HP laptop running Windows 10, you are reading the right post as it discusses how to take screenshots on an HP laptop.

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How To Screenshot on HP laptop – Windows 11,10

As HP laptops come with Windows operating systems, capturing screenshots is easy. You can easily take screenshots on an HP laptop with a few keyboard clicks.

To capture Full Screen when using an HP laptop, click the Print Screen key (PrtScn or Prt SC) button at the top of the keyboard.

Note : The captured screen grab will not be immediately saved; it will be copied to the clipboard. To save it as a picture file, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Open MS Paint or any program you use to edit images.
2. Press CTRL + V to paste the captured image.
3. Save the file as a JPG or PNG.
4. Now, you can use the screenshot as an image wherever you want.

Capture Partial Screen

If capturing full screen is not on your list, you can grab a specific region using the Windows Key + Shift + S (on Windows 10 and 11) or can use TweakShot, the screen capture tool.

1. When you press the Windows key + Shift + S, the screen will fade, and the cursor will change to a crosshair cursor.cursor
2. Select the area of the screen you want to capture. Ir will be copied on the clipboard.
3. To paste it, open MS Paint or any other image editing software.
4. Press CTRL + V to paste the screenshot >save it, and that’s it.

Using these keyboard shortcuts, you can easily capture the screen. However, if you want to capture the active window, rectangular region, or edit the captured screen, then? This is when TweakShot, one of the best screen capturing tools, comes in handy.

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How to Take a Screenshot on HP Laptop Using TweakShot Screen Capture Tool

hp screen

1. Download and install Tweakshot

2. Run TweakShot, the screen capturing tool that allows taking screenshots of full screen, scrolling window, a selected region, and even recording the screen.
3. Select the screen capture option as per your choice from the Big Eye toolbar.

Tweak shot

Alternatively, go to the system tray > click the TweakShot icon to choose the options to capture screen.

capture screenshot

This will help take screenshots on the HP laptop as per your choice.

How to Edit Captured Screenshots Using TweakShot?

TweakShot Screen Capture tool not only allows you to take a screenshot but also allows editing captured screens. To learn how to use TweakShot, read the instructions below:

1. After the screenshots are captured using TweakShot, it will automatically open in the TweakShot image editor.
2. You can use the editing options on the left, as shown in the screenshot below to make changes:

3. Now, you can crop, rotate, flip and make other changes.

5. Select the area you want to edit.
6. Alongside this, you can add annotation and text and highlight important parts.
7. This is how you can edit the screen capture on an HP laptop.

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Moreover, if you want, you can Upload the screenshot on Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. This helps access the image from anywhere you want. Unlike the other screen capture tool, TweakShot Screen Capture even allows recording video and capturing scrolling windows. This is an excellent feature, and it helps when you want to capture a complete web page.

Wrap Up

This is all; using the steps explained above, you can easily take a screenshot on an HP laptop. You can use the keyboard shortcuts if you don’t want to use TweakShot. However, if you want to capture and edit the screenshot simultaneously, using TweakShot is the best idea. The tool will help save time and let you record gameplay and other activities. We hope you will give TweakShot – Screen capture and image editor tool a try.

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