How to Stay Safe of Malicious Activity in Discord Chats


How are hackers misusing discord chats to spread malware? We will explain how to stay safe from malicious activities.

Designed mainly for gamers, Discord is becoming a popular cross-platform voice and chat app. Users can build communities, share data and perform other activities. It is vulnerable to attacks, and the recent security report reveals several cyberattack scenarios linked to this chat service. Therefore, staying safe from malicious activity performed in Discord chats is essential.

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This post will discuss Advanced System Protector, a great security tool for Windows that helps you stay safe from malware and other malicious threats. Using Advanced System Protector, one of the best security tools for Windows, you can remain protected from offline and online threats. It even offers a Web Protection shield to scan malicious links and block potentially malicious ads. Also, it scans startup items for threats and allows scheduling scanning at your preferred time.

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What is Discord Malware?

The malware programs found in the Discord app are collectively known as Discord Virus. To trick users into installing Discord malware, virus, threats, actors use different techniques; the most common is using malicious links. When hackers inject Remote Access Trojan (RAT) into the device, they gain administrative rights and are can track your actions, steal data and control the device. Additionally, they can make the infected machined a part of the botnet or install different malware.

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How Is Malware Spread Through Discord?

Distributing malicious files through Discord is very easy, and a recent study confirms the same. Since Discord doesn’t restrict anyone from sharing files, most files are available for free, anyone with the link can download them, and every file uploaded on Discord has a permanent URL like:{channel ID}/{file ID}/{file name}

Spreading malware via Discord becomes a child’s job

In addition to this, another study shows how Discord’s bot system is being exploited. All this makes Discord chat vulnerable and an easy target for being attacked. Therefore, if you are a gamer and use Discord, it is important to stay safe against malicious activity performed on Discord chats.

How to Stay Safe From Malicious Activity?

Although the scenarios mentioned above apply to those who use Discord chats for txt communication, voice messages, streaming, etc., the risk is for all. Hence, to stay safe, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Avoid clicking suspicious links
2. Do not download potentially suspicious files.
3. If an offer sounds too good to be true, never believe it refrain from falling for it.
4. Restrict yourself from sharing personal and financial information.
5. Use a strong password; you can use a password manager to generate random and strong passwords. If you are looking for our recommendation, we suggest using the TweakPass password manager. In addition to this, you can also use Advanced Identity Protector, a tool that scans your PC for all privacy exposing traces and allows deleting them or moving them to a Secure Vault.
6. Enable two-factor authentication in Discord. No matter how strong the password is, hackers know techniques to break it. With a 2FA enabled on your account, you add a layer of security, stopping hackers from accessing your account.

password and authentication
7. Never use Free Discord Nitro Codes; malicious actors know you are looking for free codes. Hence to trick you, they will send messages claiming to give access to Niro codes. 99% of the time, these promises are fake and a way to spread malware.
8. Mark important chats as private this will ensure that only members with permissions send and receive messages.
9. Use an antivirus tool to detect malicious activities and malware on the PC. You can try using Advanced System Protector for this purpose. To use the tool, follow these steps:

1. Get Advanced System Protector by clicking the button given below:

2. Launch antivirus tool to scan the PC for infections.

scan the PC for infections
3. Next, select the three scanning modes – Quick, Deep, and Custom offered by Advanced System Protector to scan the system. To pick from the three modes, click Custom Scan > select the scan type and hit Start Scan

Select Start Scan
4. Wait for the scanning to finish.
5. Detected threats will now be displayed. To remove them click Clean Infections.

Click Clean Infections
6. Wait for Advanced System Protector, to create a restore point.

clearing items
7. After this Advanced System Protector will quarantine threats and you’ll get the successful message.

Select infection scan
8. Restart the PC apply changes.

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Use Discord Safely With These Tips

Always remember public Discord servers are potentially risky. Hackers cybercriminals can use them efficiently to spread malware and trick users. Therefore, use them carefully! If you get any direct message except the welcome message, ignore it as soon you join the server. In addition to this, always run a security tool on your PC; it will help stay protected against different threats. You can try Advanced System Protector, one of the best antivirus for Windows PC that offers other protection shields and helps stay safe from malicious activity. We hope you like the security tips we have shared; share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section.

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