5 FAQs On Cybersecurity: How to Stay Away From CyberAttack

5 FAQs On Cybersecurity: How to Stay Away From CyberAttack

Cybercrime and Hacking, the two cool party tricks in Hollywood movies, have slowly become an alarming threat to society. While technology has all the measures to avoid online evil, the lack of awareness remains. And that is the reason why there are almost 2220 attacks reported every day (checked on cobalt.io).

2200+ cases of hacking a day! The number is significantly high, and the core reason behind it is a lack of knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity. This lack of awareness is understandable because people often need help getting their answers. 

Some questions about cybersecurity are “too basic to ask,” while others always go unanswered! Well, that is not going to happen today. In this post, we will take 5 of the most popular (basic or advanced, you decide) questions users usually have. 

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Now that you have the slightest idea of what can help you in times of distress let’s begin with the frequently asked questions!

FAQs On Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

Cyber Security has been on the top priority list for many users over the past few years. Because of scams and intrusion, people are finally getting aware of the menace of cybercrime. They have multiple questions. 

Let’s answer them one by one!

FAQ #1- What Is Cybercrime?

Privacy is a fundamental right an individual holds. The same policies are applicable online as well. Anything that appears to cross the lines of privacy from the user’s perspective is considered an online crime, termed cybercrime. 

Today people put their data on a computer, laptop, or any other server, including mail or cloud storage space. Cybercrime is cybercrime when a group of attackers interested in that data break in through the security measures, without you realizing it, to gain access to your data and use it to leverage you or to make money.
Cyber crime DefinitionAll this is illegal and is deemed cybercrime. In simpler terms, cybercrime is a modern way of intruding on someone’s information through their computers and other devices. Hacking and phishing are two forms of cybercrime known to people.

FAQ #2- Can Cybercrime Be Prevented?

Yes! With the help of cyber security measures, protecting yourself from the consequences of cyberattacks is possible.

Taking proper precautions and placing safety measures in place can easily avoid nuisances. The concept of cyber security was introduced to help prevent cybercrime. There are specific steps you can implement to strengthen your cyber security. 

  1. Learn more about cybercrime and stay aware of various ways intruders may attack. 
  2. Use services like multi-factor authentication to protect your credentials. 
  3. Always use strong passwords and never use the same password for all your platforms.  Keep PC secure with antivirus program
  4. Keep your PC secure with an antivirus program that offers online and offline security.
  5. Learn about vulnerabilities on your system and try to secure them with exploit protection
  6. Use secure networks and only visit a website with an HTTPS security protocol (unless you have previously used the website). 
  7. Always keep a backup of your sensitive data for emergency purposes. 

These security measures can help prevent cybercrime. For the majority of the users who are beginners, keeping up with all of them is not possible, and hence for them, installing a security shield software can do the job.

FAQ #3 How to Protect Against Computer Crime?

Users use their computers and PCs to save their files, photos, credentials, and whatnot. Computers are used for everything, from consuming content to creating and downloading files to uploading them. The internet connectivity in computers opens a portal for hackers and attackers to take advantage of. 

Think about it! What if someone got access to your computer today? While you might feel that the data that you have stored is invaluable to others and holds significance to you only, it can be sold on the dark web for great prices. That is the reason why attackers aim at your computers. 

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Protect Against Computer Crime

Common computer crimes recorded to date are phishing and hacking. 

Phishing is when attackers send you fake emails that seem legit just to get hold of your personal information. 

On the other hand, hacking is more of a rogue crime. Attackers try to break into your PC through password cracking, network intrusion, and different ways. 

To protect against computer crime, you need to focus on two things – 

1. Improve Your Online Behavior

To protect your computer from crime keep a check on what you do online. Avoid opening links from unknown sources & share your email address only when necessary. Stay safe and double-check the authenticity of any form you fill out online. 

check for malware protection

2. Improve Your PC Security

PC security is a crucial factor that can protect you against computer crime. If your PC still needs an online security antivirus, install it immediately! In case of confusion, you can always go for the T9 Antivirus. When it comes to PC security, you can always go right with it. 

FAQ #4 How to Protect Your Network from Cyber-Attacks?

Another question that often pops up is whether the network you use can be protected or not. First, let’s address the origins of the question. 

The network is one of the easiest ways to attack a PC. The attacker can easily intercept it. The concern usually arises in a professional environment. Most companies today use online portals and platforms for centralizing their data. These portals are available to access on a certain private network. The idea of attacking a network is to intrude and gain access to an organization’s confidential information and data. 

Protect Your Network from Cyber-Attacks

Protecting your network is important if you want to keep your business intact. Here are some quick ways to help you out – 

  1. Use real-time network firewalls that detect any unusual activity on your network. 
  2. Keep your network private. Use a VPN to access confidential information. 
  3. Use an antivirus program that provides a layer of protection to your connection. 
  4. Employ a dedicated network administrator to look over your subnets and network traffic.
  5. Create a security access control protocol for your network and educate your employees/users.

FAQ #5 How Do I Protect Myself from Cybercrime?

Combining all the measures shared in the above answers, you can protect yourself from cybercrime. People often make silly mistakes thinking they are safe, and that is exactly where they go wrong. Putting your guard down is the biggest mistake you can make. 

To protect yourself from cybercrime, there are certain practices that you must implement – 

  • Practice 1 – Educate yourself and keep up with the latest updates.
  • Practice 2 – Invest in security-boosting software that serves as both an antivirus and a network firewall.
  • Practice 3 – Never open files and folders from unknown sources; these are the easiest ways intruders try to hack your system.
  • Practice 4 – Never fall for pop-up ads that offer free goodies. These often carry Sinewedretore.casa malware that affects your security. 
  • Practice 5 – Do not hesitate to report suspicious activities to your network administrator or ISP. 

These practices can help you boost your security online. 

That’s Not All…

That said, we have addressed the most frequently asked questions about cybersecurity and cybercrime. If you have any other questions in mind, feel free to drop them in the comments section. We would love to carry this blog as a series and answer your questions in the next part!

Stay safe and use T9 Antivirus to maximize your security. Good luck!

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