Banned from Omegle? Try These Fixes to Regain Access [100% WORKING]


On Omegle, you connect with the website’s server; on that server, thousands of other users are waiting for you to start a conversation. Since there is no dedicated account login and tracking, the guidelines for using the server are quite strict. This means one wrong move, and you are instantly banned from the platform. 

If one of your moves has led you to their ban list, and you cannot continue on the platform, follow these fixes to regain access to Omegle or get Omegle unbanned free. 

However, before we jump into the fixes, let us quickly understand what Omegele is and how it works. 

What is Omegle? Why Do People Get Banned on It?

Omegle is a random online chat and video platform with insane popularity. All thanks to YouTube pranks and Live Streams. You can chat through this platform by visiting their server without creating an account. 

Banned From Omegle Screen Shot

This is great, but what if one wants to keep track of the conversations? Well, that’s the catch you can’t, and that is the beauty of the platform. It is an entirely anonymous website. However, there are strict user guidelines that one has to follow, and sometimes it is Internet Censorship that affects the connection

One mistake and users get banned. 

Reasons for Getting Banned From Omegle

Here are some of the common reasons why you might have got banned are- 

  1. Omegle’s algorithm detects suspicious activity in the chat.
  2. Users are randomly reporting you to be fake.
  3. You are trying multiple mods (chatbots, voice changers, etc.) while connecting to the server. 
  4. You have violated a rule from their Terms of Service.
  5. Other users keep leaving your chat again and again. 

It can be one of these reasons if you have been banned from Omegle. However, if you did nothing wrong but are still banned, there is no way you can connect with someone to get yourself unbanned. 

How Omegle Bans the Users?

The question “How does Omegle ban an individual if they do not know who the user is, is valid?”. Well, the answer to it is simple. Omegle does not directly ban the user. Instead, they ban the IP address of the user. This way, no matter how often a banned user tries to use the platform, it won’t allow it!

How to Regain Access to Your Banned Omegle?

One thing about the platform is that it is addictive. If you start using it regularly, you might find it difficult to stay banned long. There is a duration ban, meaning you can outdo it and return to the platform. But if you want to get yourself unbanned from Omegle, or you are looking for a workaround for the Omegle ban,  here are a few ways you can bypass the Omegle ban!

Ways to Unban Access To Omegle

Fix #1 – Use a Reliable VPN Client

If you are continuously getting banned on the platform, chances are that Omegle has banned your IP address. The easiest fix for this is to use a VPN. But what is a VPN, and why should you use it?  

VPN, an acronym for Virtual Private Network, is commonly used to mask your IP address. This means no one can see or detect your actual IP address. However, this can happen only if your VPN is reliable and has solid servers. Free VPNs might promise to give you a new IP address every time you connect to Omegle, but before you fall for any fake promises, you should learn why using Free VPNs is not suggested

In addition to this, there are a few factors you should consider before using a VPN to get unbanned on Omegle – 

  • The VPN you choose should be free from data logging. Else the purpose of private random chatting online is lost.
  • A VPN client that has multiple servers to offer is always good. This way, even if the platform bans your new IP, you have multiple backups ready.
  • The VPN should offer proper tunneling so that no data is leaked while connecting to the server.
  • VPN encryption is another crucial part of the process. Make sure you opt for a VPN that has top-notch encryption.
  • To avoid getting stuck and redirected multiple times (which usually happens with free VPNs), you should look for a VPN client that offers servers free of network congestion

vpn connected

Consider these things when looking for a VPN to use & unban Omegle access. If you are up for recommendations, Systweak VPN can significantly assist. The VPN offers all the above-listed features and is worth a shot. To get it click the button below:

Fix #2 – Change Your Network/Location

Another thing you can do is connect to a different Wireless Network. Changing the device’s location might also work for you if you are on a laptop.

You can change your network IP and location by following these tips – 

  • Try to use Omegle using a different device and different networks.
  • Take your device to a friend’s house and then try connecting to Omegle. Changing location helps a lot in such situations.
  • Try it out if you can ask for your neighbor’s Wi-Fi access. This way, the device network changes, and the IP changes.
  • You can also use a public Wi-Fi network from a coffee shop or library. However, video chatting in public places is neither preferred nor advised.
  • You can also use your smartphone as a hotspot to change your network. However, it might cost you higher as mobile data is expensive.

Fix #3 – Change Your IP Address Yourself

Another way to handle the ban is by changing the IP address yourself. Yes, you can change the IP address without the VPN too. How? Well, it depends on what type of IP your ISP offers. However, remember if the settings are misconfigured, you may lose connection. 

To check your IP address and change it without a VPN, here’s what you need to do – 

  1. Open Google or any search engine and type What is my IP address? This will show you your IP address.
    What is my IP address
  2. Now disconnect your network modem completely and wait for some time before you reconnect to the network. This will change the dynamic IP address.

Note – Changing your IP address might take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the provider you use.

  1. Re-connect your modem and use the internet again. 
  2. Again, look for your IP address and see if it is still the same.

If you have a dynamic IP, the following process might help you. If it doesn’t help, request your ISP to change the IP address.

Want to Get Unbanned from Omegle? IP Address is the Key!

After discussing all the fixes, you might have understood that the entire unban yourself from the Omegle process works by changing the IP address.

If you do not wish to change your IP or use a VPN, there is no option left other than to wait for the ban to be lifted. If it is your first time being banned, it might last a day, which is manageable. However, if you fall into the category of a repetitive offender, as per Omegle, it might take a lot of time, varying from a week to 120 days of ban.

So now it is completely up to you. If you have just joined the platform and got banned for the first time, we recommend you wait a day or two before trying any fixes. If you have seen these bans before, using a VPN is the best solution.

You can instantly try whether the fix works or not using Systweak VPN. That is all for this post. Hope it helps you out and lets you unban yourself from Omegle. Good luck!

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