How VPN Encryption Works & Why Does it Matter


The idea of using a VPN to attain online anonymity & keeping data secure is great. But how does VPN help achieve it? 

Being a VPN user, it is important to understand how a VPN works and whether or not it encrypts data. Most users, without noticing this use a VPN & fall prey to cyberattacks. Therefore, before you use a VPN to bypass geo and government restrictions imposed on browsing, check whether the VPN encrypts data. If it doesn’t, then hackers can intercept the transmitted data. Therefore, every VPN you use, whether free or paid encryption, must be the first thing to check for.

However, if you are clueless about VPN encryption and why it should matter to a VPN user, read this post till the end. 

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What is VPN Encryption?

As you already know, the entire concept of creating anonymity with a VPN is based on encryption. 

Encryption is the process of hiding the real meaning of any data into codes so that only the desired person can decode it and see it. While using a VPN, your computer sends a spoof location; behind that, there is your original location and data that needs to be encrypted so that no one sees it. Your VPN encryption ensures that the data & your IP address are invisible to anyone. vpn encryption processIf you are familiar with a VPN tunnel, it is only possible because of the encryption. The VPN tunnel is the encrypted connection between your computer and the server. Before connecting to the VPN, you are using your original IP address & once you connect it is a different one. To ensure that the client does not leak the original IP, there is a dedicated encrypted tunnel, and the process is called VPN tunneling. 

All in all, VPN encryption is the basic necessity that keeps your online data and information safe. 

Types of VPN Encryption & How they Work

Multiple types of encryptions are used while creating a secure VPN client. More than types, these are encryption methods. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. To list them all, here are the types of VPN encryptions – 

1. Symmetric Key Encryption

The symmetric key algorithm works on a similar deciphering method. The key you use to encrypt the data should be shared with the desired receiver to decrypt or decipher data. The symmetric key requires both parties to have a similar algorithm in place. Only the individual with the key can decrypt the message. Else, the encryption can not be broken. The only flaw with symmetric encryption is that both users need the same key, and sharing the key is vulnerable as it can be easily intercepted. 

2. AES Encryption

encryption toolSymmetric key encryption offers decent security; however, it is dated. Therefore, another popular encryption method, Advanced Encryption System, is commonly used. Developed by the US army, this encryption method ensures that communications stay safe and are not intercepted. This is the same encryption technology being used in modern-day VPNs.

The technique involves scrambling the text data using grids and then shuffling those grids before sending.  The key to this scrambling can range from 128, 192, or 256 bits long, 128 being the minimum and 256 being the maximum security measure.

3. Public Key Encryption

Public key encryption addresses the issue with the symmetric encryption method. It allows the receiver to have a separate key to decrypt the message a user sends. The public key encryption works with a dedicated private key already known to your PC. As soon as the public key is used, the desired receiver can easily access the data. This ensures that even if someone tries to intercept the data, they will not have access to the private key that your PC holds. 

These are the most commonly used encryption methods in a VPN. The security of your data depends entirely on the quality of encryption. Check out the next section to understand how it matters to you as a user. 

Why Encryption is Important for You as a User?

Being a user, the priority while using a third-party VPN is to ensure it is safe. When you are on a VPN, almost your entire PC data, location, and other information are prone to interception. This means you might lose all your data, or worse, you might become a victim of a cyber attack.Understand Encryption importance for users using flow diagram Encryption ensures that bothering elements such as hackers and middleman or snooping ISP does not get their hands on your user data. An encrypted VPN helps you save the following while you are connected to the internet – 

  • Personal data.
  • Official information & data.
  • Your internet surfing data
  • Crucial files from your computer
  • Geolocation and other information
  • Banking and credit card details.

Now think about it. What if all of this information falls into the wrong hands? The disaster it may cause is unthinkable, so you must use a proper VPN with the best encryption tool.

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Which VPN to Choose for Best Encryption?

As promised, here’s the perfectly balanced VPN client for you. What does balance mean? It means – 

  • The servers are working, 
  • The speed is not affected and;
  •  The encryption is top-notch. 

The product that checks all three boxes is none other than Systweak VPN. The tool uses hundreds of genuine servers from across the globe and offers the best AES 256-bit encryption. The best part is all of it is done in the backend, as using the tool is a cakewalk!

Here’s how you can get your hands on the tool – 

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It is that easy! Download the tool today and feel secure every time you use a VPN!

Say Goodbye to Your Encryption Worries With Systweak VPN!

With that, we have reached the end of this post. We hope you have substantial insights into VPN encryption and its importance for you as a user. Systweak VPN offers you great value regarding all the angles of using a VPN. 

Having said that, make sure you download and use it yourself. If you have any other concerns, the comment section is always open! Thanks for reading the blog. Catch you at the next one!

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