Top Features to Look for in a VPN

Top Features to Look for in a VPN

Using a VPN is no longer a choice for people but a need of the hour. With censorship, surveillance, and restrictions, the internet is everywhere, even where no one wants it to be. Unless you use a VPN, your identity is not safe online. While everyone talks about how a solid VPN client can help in handling privacy issues online, no one talks about the disadvantages of paid and free VPNs and the things one should look for while opting for them. 

At the end of the day, users consider a VPN client just another product they should invest in. However, that is not the case because if you end up using a VPN that saves user logs or shares your data, the purpose of using a VPN is trashed. Therefore, it is your right and responsibility to invest in a VPN that offers the best available features. But what are the best features of a VPN? What to look for in a VPN? Well, in this post, you will get all your answers!

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What to Look for in a VPN?

Usually, people use a VPN to unlock access to restricted content. It could be anything from a government-restricted website to a streaming platform not available in their location. As long as a VPN client fulfills their purpose, they are happy with the service, which is a disastrous tendency to have. 

Though a VPN is set to keep your personal information anonymous online, if the VPN client is not designed properly and does not have all the features, it will not be able to do so. There are set standards that define the top features of a VPN along with its usability and functionality. top features of VPNIf you want a perfect VPN that finishes the job for you without getting you on the radar, there are certain things that you should consider. These include – 

  1. Your VPN client should be able to mask your IP address.
  2. It should not leak any information even while connecting to a server.
  3. Your Internet speed should not be hampered due to poor server strength.
  4. It should help you avoid Network congestion so you have a better experience.
  5. There should be the best-grade encryption to secure your PC data and other information vital to you. 
  6. A VPN client should be easy to use.
  7. If your objective of using a VPN is to stream restricted content in your region, the server you use should be able to handle it seamlessly. 

The checklist can go on and on depending on how you want to use your VPN client. However, these are a few things that you should look for and expect from an ideal VPN. By looking at the list, you might know that you cannot get all of it in a free-to-use client, so make sure you cross them out from your list. 

What are the Features of a VPN that Keeps You Safe?

The points mentioned above explain what you should look for when opting for a VPN. But these are not the exact features you may find on a website of a VPN client. You need to have a bit of technical knowledge about the features that you require. 

Here’s a list of features that you need in a VPN to keep your data safe in 2023 – 

1. Top-Grade VPN Encryption

The first and foremost thing to look for is the security and encryption of any VPN client. The configuration of a VPN depends on the type of encryption it uses. There are multiple types of encryption you may find on different clients.

The top and most preferred is AES 256-bit encryption, introduced by the US military to keep their communication secure and noninterceptable. When visiting a VPN client’s website, look for the encryption details. Encryption is a process that allows you to communicate directly with the destination without your messages being intercepted by anyone else.

vpn encryption In terms of a VPN, when you use a website, the website gains access to basic information such as your type of connection, IP address, location, etc. When this data is sent to a website from your PC, there are chances that it can be stolen or intercepted in the process. 

With the help of encryption, the connection remains non-interceptable, and your data is safe.

2. IP Address Masking

After establishing an internet connection, your PC has an identity through which it is known online. It is called the IP address. Your IP holds all the vital information about your connection and location. Hence, to stay anonymous, you must ensure your original IP address is invisible to everyone.
IP Address MaskingWith the help of a proper VPN, you can mask your original IP address with the one offered by the server you have connected to. This way, even when a website reads your connection data, it finds a spoof IP address that leads it to the location of your server and not your exact location.

3. Leak Proof Tunneling

You might be wondering what VPN tunneling is. To use a VPN, you must connect with its server using your original IP address. While establishing this connection, the VPN client should ensure it does not leak any of your original data online. Now, what does that mean?

Suppose you have just started your PC. Now, to connect to a VPN server, you will open your client and click on connect. Before clicking on connect, you are on your basic internet plan, which is not secure.
VPN tunnelingEstablishing a connection between your PC and the VPN server is done without any security from your end. So, a VPN client must ensure that a leak-proof VPN tunnel is created to connect your system to the server.

In technical terms, it is also known as key exchange. The best tunneling can be done on Internet key exchange version 2 (IKev2). If tunneling is not explained to a client, look for what key exchange protocol they use, or better, simply look for the IKev2 badge.

4. Multiple Quality Servers

Streaming platforms and restricted websites often blacklist a few spoof IP addresses when using a VPN. This means if you only have a poor VPN client that offers limited low-quality servers, your purpose of using a VPN might not be completed. What you need in a VPN is a list of strong servers that are authentic and whose IPs are not blacklisted by the websites.
Multiple Quality ServersIt often happens when you want to stream content from other parts of the world. Hence, if streaming is your prime objective, opt for a VPN that offers you the best range of servers. These servers should be from across the globe, as you might want to explore content from other parts of the world too.

Read the reviews or check the list of servers available on the client’s website you want to opt for before paying for the subscription. Make sure you have the best servers available.

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5. Device Compatibility

Other than the technical aspects, device compatibility is another crucial feature to look for in a VPN. Many types of VPN services offer multi-channel support. Which means they can be used on multiple devices such as a PC, mobile phone, tablet PC, etc.
Device CompatibilityIf you are looking for the best VPN for computers, go for the one that offers a dedicated VPN client for PCs. This way, you get better support from the client while dealing with PC-specific errors. If you need a client that works on all your devices, you should look for that too. 

If a VPN client offers all of these technical features, it can fulfill your expectations. Hence, go for a VPN that offers the best features. 

Get the Best VPN Features & Benefits With Systweak VPN

As the introduction mentions, using a VPN is not only about accessing restricted content or websites. It is more to keep your connection secure and your personal information anonymous. Staying under the radar online keeps you from all sorts of cyber scams and attacks.

If you are looking for a VPN client that offers all the features mentioned above, you can opt for Systweak VPN. It has some of the best servers and offers top-notch security features. You also get a one-click to connect/disconnect switch that allows you easy access to your VPN when it is needed. 

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Download the tool today and start your journey towards a safer and more independent internet today!

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