How to Recover Deleted Videos From SD Card

how to recover deleted videos

Did you mistakenly delete videos from your SD card and now looking for an easy way to recover deleted videos from your SD card?

Such a situation is not uncommon, yet people get worried when videos or photos get deleted or lost. Luckily, there is an easy and quick way to retrieve deleted videos from an SD card; try Systweak Photos Recovery, a tool that helps restore deleted videos and photos from an HDD.

Whether you’re a vlogger, videographer, or someone who likes to capture special moments in a video, there are chances to save them; you use an SD card. However, things go bad if the SD card you use gets corrupt or you accidentally delete photos from it. But there’s nothing to worry about, as we have your back. In this post, we will explain how to find a way to restore those videos.

Reasons you lose videos from SD card:

Sometimes when we lose videos or photos, we assume it is because we accidentally deleted them, but there are several other reasons.

  • Undetected SD card.
  • You get error messages when transferring data from or to an SD card.
  • Have to reinsert the SD card multiple times before it finally mounts and gets connected.
  • Windows format error.
  • The data transfer takes longer than usual.
  • Improperly ejecting or removing SD card during file transfer
  • Virus or malware attack.

Whatever the reason, the important question is – can we recover deleted videos? If yes, then how? Don’t worry. We have the answer for you; read the tutorial till the end to get the answer for how to recover videos from an SD card.

Probably like everyone else, you must be thinking recovering the deleted videos from an SD card isn’t possible, right?

I’d love to clear the air and tell you that recovering deleted videos from an SD card is possible. Here is the best way to perform SD card video recovery for Free.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From SD Card?

If you have a backup, all is set, and there’s nothing to panic about. However, if that is not the case using a professional video recovery tool that detects SD cards, you can recover deleted videos from an SD card.

Benefits of Using Photos Recovery

  • User friendly
  • Get a preview of scan results before restoring pictures and videos
  • Two scanning modes for deleted videos and photograph recovery.
  • Retrieve videos from damaged SD cards.
  • Customizable settings.

Prerequisite to use Systweak Photos Recovery.

  • A PC running Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7, XP.
  • Detectable and readable SD card.
  • USB card reader to connect SD card.
  • An extra drive to save recovered images

How to Recover Videos from an SD card

Though the tool’s name says Photos Recovery, let me tell you, it helps restore deleted images and videos. With the help of this excellent and advanced tool, you can easily retrieve deleted videos and photos from your SD card. To use it, follow the steps below:

Before you follow the steps explained below, make sure the SD card is readable and connected.

1. Download and install Photos Recovery

2. Run Photos Recovery > click the Removable drive tab to scan the SD card and recover deleted videos.

If the drive is not connected or unreadable, you will see that the Removable Drive tab is greyed out. Reconnect the drive and then scan the SD card.

Click start scan

3. Select the SD card & perform the scan.

We suggest performing a Deep Scan to recover the videos you don’t think can be recovered.

5. Click START SCAN.

deleted photos found

6. Let the scan finish.

scan finish

7. Preview scan results

Preview scan results

8. Select the deleted videos and click the Recover button.

9. Select the folder to save the recovered video. It shouldn’t be in the same location that you are scanning. Otherwise, the data will be overwritten.

10. Click Recover and wait for the files to be restored.

photos recovery in progress

That’s all; using these simple steps, you can easily recover videos from the SD card.

Wrap Up

Technical glitches or errors are not in our hands, but human errors are, and these are the common reasons for losing videos and other file types. However, with the help of Photos Recovery, you can get back lost videos. You can restore deleted media files from a USB, hard drive, or SD card.

Hopefully, you can recover deleted videos using the information we have provided. For any product-related queries, send an email to


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