What is Emotet Malware & How to Protect Yourself From It

What is Emotet Malware & How to protect yourself

Have you felt that lately, you have been receiving many spam emails? Usually, people do not pay attention to the spam section as they consider these emails useless. This is a good thing, but the auto-marking and segregation of emails make a user careless and victim to malware attacks. 

Since the users believe the algorithm used to filter out emails is safe, they tend to trust every email they see in their inbox & open it. This is where hackers take advantage of this belief and attack them. Emotet malware is an example of one such trick. This malware takes benefit of this faith & makes its way into your PC. Once on your computer, the nasty malware captures the information required to access banking sites. 

Designed as a trojan to hide among usual files, this malware creates havoc on the system and infiltrates the computer network. 

Sounds scary, right? Well, there’s nothing to worry about, as in this post, we will discuss everything about Emotet Malware: What is it, how does it attack, and most importantly, how to protect yourself?

The quickest way to stay protected against such threats is to use a security program like T9 antivirus that keeps its database updated, offers real-time protection, and different shields like Exploit Protection, Web Protection, Malware Protection, Firewall Protection, and more. 

Let’s Begin!

What is Emotet Malware? Understanding How it Works

Introduced around 2014, Emotet Malware is a trojan embedded in spam emails and messages. The malware came to light when German & Austrian bank customers realized their money is gone missing. The malware accessed their banking login credentials, encrypted the data, and gave attackers the edge to extort money or ask favors in exchange for keeping the data private. 

Banks upgraded their security systems to deal with the situation, but the malware already caused big-time financial and reputation losses. 

Emotet malware is generally spread through emails that look authentic, confusing the user.  As soon as the malicious link attached to the email is accessed, it downloads the malware on your computer. The rest happens in a chain effect.

When the PC comes in contact with the Emotet malware, it starts experiencing lags. However, you might not realize it, as external malware is involved, and it is good at deceiving basic antivirus programs, unlike T9 antivirus. 

3 Ways to protect yourself from Emotet Malware

1. Avoid Opening Links & Files from Unknown Sources

The very first thing you need to do is stay away from spam links and attachments. Nowadays, every platform requires you to log in. And when using Chrome or a similar browser, you hardly have to log in as it automatically does for you. This leaks out your email address to the website you have logged into, which makes it easier for them to attack you. virus alertUsually, there are newsletters, offer details, etc., emails that people come across. However, the attackers try to replicate these emails completely and embed the Emotet Malware to attack you. A file attached to the email can be intriguing to download but avoid it.

If the file you have received is of use, make sure you scan it before opening it. Otherwise, avoid opening links and files from unknown sources. 

2. Use Strong Passwords With 2-Factor Authentication.

With the advancement in malware and virus manipulation, there have been consistent improvements in the security parameters of emails. No matter what platform you log in to, two-factor authentication is available. The 2 FA system allows you to track when and where your credentials are being used. You can use an OTP or tap-based authentication to ensure proper security. It also helps you keep your data safe online.

As soon as you set up your account, you can find the option of adding two-factor authentication every time you log in on a new device. 

use strong password

Another thing that people ignore is the type of password they use. For most users, the password is their date of birth, first cellphone number, or a combination of both. Which is wrong, considering it can be easily guessed and manipulated. 

The best thing you can do is use a strong password generator and save the password on your browser. That way, your password stays secure, and your purpose is solved. Keeping these 2 practices in line can help you eliminate the risk of getting hacked or falling prey to the Emotet malware attack.

3. Install Advanced Security Software Like T9 Antivirus

Last but not least, your PC needs an upgrade in security. After the latest Windows Update, most users believe they do not need an antivirus as the Windows Defender can handle the security. Well, the Windows Defender has gotten some advanced updates over the past few years, but it there is no harm in using a dedicated antivirus program. The real-time protection offered by T9 antivirus shields your PC and helps handle online attacks such as Emotet malware. 

But how to use T9 Antivirus? 

To use it all you have to do is follow the instructions below – 

  1. Download the T9 Antivirus installer from the link below.
  2. Install the application and run it on your computer.  download t9 antivirus to remove emotet malware
  3. Turn on all the shields and allow the required permissions.
  4. Just to be safe, run a Quick scan.
    quick scanning is in progress
  5. Once the scan is over, you will understand the current status of your PC protection.

And you are done! It hardly takes 10 minutes to set up the tool. The best part is that it offers a 360 protection plan, ranging from essential virus protection to advanced exploit protection with active real-time online shields. 

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Get Rid of Emotet Malware & Keep Your PC Safe!

The malware protection offered by T9 Antivirus helps overcome any malicious issues your PC might face. Use the three ways mentioned above and have a bulletproof protection plan. Keep your credentials safe and ensure you do not download or open files attached to spam emails. 

That is all for this post! We hope you have a strong idea about what Emotet Malware is and how to keep yourself safe. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments section. Thanks for reading. Good Luck!

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