How to Download & Update MPOW Bluetooth Driver in Windows 11,10


Are you using an MPOW device but it keeps glitching out? Probably you are not using the latest version of the drivers required to run an MPOW device.

You see, a driver is needed to connect hardware to software or run attached devices flawlessly. The same is the case with the MPOW Bluetooth adapter. You can simply rely on its plug-and-play properties however, it may not work as it is supposed to unless proper drivers are available.

With that being said, if you are facing problems with the MPOW Bluetooth driver on Windows 11,10, we have some quick fixes to update the MPOW bh456a driver on your PC.

Why Download MPOW Bluetooth Drivers in Windows 11,10

Since Microsoft fails to provide prompt support for every single type of hardware. Due to this often, we have to download, install, and fix MPOW driver issues ourselves.

Before getting into details, make sure you have an active internet connection, as it is required to download the latest driver update. Also, there are two ways to update a driver manual and automatic.

If you have encountered your MPOW adapter slipping up while functioning or not performing as it is supposed to, you may be facing an issue with the drivers. Sometimes the drivers aren’t available on the PC and sometimes they are just outdated. In all cases, You must know how to download and update these Bluetooth drivers to use the MPOW device to its full potential.

Installing MPOW Bluetooth Driver Manually

The first thing you may try is to download the drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website and get hold of the necessary driver installer. You may find your way to these drivers by heading to the Support website of MPOW.

MPOW-Support-Center-Screen Shot

Simply visit the webpage and click on the User Guides and Drivers option to download your driver installer. You can find the drivers using your product name i.e. MPOW BH456A. Download and run the file. Once these steps are done, restart your computer and try using the MPOW Bluetooth receiver.

Note : Keep in mind that the above step must be done properly as If you download the wrong file, it may hamper your PC too.

Quick Ways For MPOW Driver Updates

Knowing the necessity and pressing nature of these drivers, you may be wondering how to update existing MPOW Bluetooth drivers on your PC. Well, there are multiple ways to do so. Check them out below!

Method 1: Installing MPOW Bluetooth Driver – Windows 11,10 (Manually)

To get the latest MPOW driver download, follow these steps:

1. In the Windows search bar, type Device Manager and hit Enter.

device manager

2. Locate Bluetooth drive. Expand it. Right-click the Bluetooth adapter >  Update driver.

device manager update driver

3. In the consecutive window, select Search automatically for drivers and wait for Windows to detect the Bluetooth adapter. If the latest update is available in the Windows database, it will be installed.


Tip: Often, Windows fails to look for the latest driver update for niche products. In such cases, you will either have to move to the manufacturer’s website or can use the top driver updater like Advanced Driver Updater to download the latest driver update automatically.

4. After that, restart the PC to apply changes.

Note : If Windows says all drivers are up to date, we suggest visiting the manufacturer's site to confirm. If any update is available for MPOW Bluetooth drivers, you will have to install it manually or use a driver updater.

Method 2: Update the Latest MPOW Bluetooth Driver Automatically – (Recommended)

If you don’t have the skills to download drivers manually or don’t have the time or patience, nothing to worry about. Instead of doing it manually, we can do it automatically via Advanced Driver Updater.

This driver updater for Windows intelligently scans the system for outdated drivers and looks for their updates. You may quickly update the right MPOW bh456a driver and resolve any issues by using it. It can also update other missing, corrupt, or obsolete drivers.

To use Advanced Driver Updater, follow these steps:

Before using the tool Must read the expert review

1. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater.

2. Launch the professional driver updater for Windows.

Advanced Driver Updater

3. Click Start Scan Now to scan the system for outdated and problematic drivers.

4. Wait for the scan to finish. Once done using the registered version, click Update All to update all outdated drivers at once. However, if you use the trial version, there’s no problem; you can still update the driver. To update them click the Update Driver option next to the Bluetooth Driver.

updated outdated driver

5. After the MPOW driver is downloaded, installed, and updated, reboot the PC to apply changes.

Now try to connect and run Bluetooth devices; you should not face any problems.

The registered version of Advanced Driver Updater comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and offers complete technical support. If you need any assistance, you can contact the support team at The trained staff will answer all your queries promptly. Nonetheless, this driver updater also helps update software, takes backup of drivers before updating them, and allows scheduling driver updates.

MPOW Bluetooth Drivers are Now INSTALLED!

By identifying these methods, you have easily paved the way for yourself to update and install MPOW Bluetooth drivers on your own. In case you are worried about skipping a step or messing up the process, we highly recommend you use the Advanced Driver Updater as it can be of great help for you to finish the steps in a matter of minutes.

Try it out and let us know if you have any questions. That will be all for this post. The MPOW Bluetooth Adapter is a handy device that can enhance the functionality of your old PC. Use it with proper drivers and can prove to be miraculously helpful! Good luck.

FAQ's- MPOW Bluetooth Driver

How do I connect my MPOW Bluetooth to my computer?

To connect MPOW Bluetooth to the PC in the Windows search box, type Bluetooth. Select Bluetooth & other devices from search results. Click Add Bluetooth or other devices> select the device from the list, and that's it.

How do you fix an MPOW Bluetooth?

Before updating the driver, try rebooting the headphone > fully charge it > try to connect. If this doesn't work, update the driver by following the above steps. We hope that by following the steps explained in this post, you could get the MPOW Bluetooth device working. If you tried using some other method, and it worked, please share the same with us. We’d love to hear from you. If you like the post, do upvote it and share the article with friends and family who face problems with the MPOW Bluetooth driver on Windows 10. Share your thoughts in the comments.


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