How to Choose the Right Antivirus Software


It doesn’t matter which device or operating system you are using. Irrespective of the operating system you use, cybercriminals have devised sophisticated ways to target the devices. This makes choosing the right antivirus software designed for your operating system important.

Remember not all antivirus software are equal. Some might have real-time protection, while others might have exploit protection, scheduling, different scanning modes, and more.

So, it is up to you to decide which is the best antivirus software for your PC and what you want an antivirus to provide.

If you think by typing the best antivirus protection you will be able to get a single answer, you are wrong. Google or whichever search engine you use will give you tens and thousands of options to select from. But do you have that much time or patience?

Certainly not! I understand you have other important things to take care of. Selecting antivirus software from the list might be the last thing on your list. But if you know what to look for in the best antivirus software 2021 won’t things be easy?

So, here’s a guide that will help choose the best antivirus software for Windows.

Short on Time?

Don’t have time to check the pointers? Don’t worry as the best antivirus for Windows our recommendation is Systweak Antivirus. Why?

Let me tell you in short.

SAV Scan Features – Systweak Antivirus

  • Real time protection
  • Malware protection
  • Exploit protection
  • Schedules scans
  • Startup Manager to detect infected startup apps
  • Different scan types of thorough and customized scanning
  • Automatic Updates
  • Light on system resources

Importantly, it does not interfere with the working of other software.

You can download it by clicking on the button below:

What does the Antivirus Software do?

The process of picking the best antivirus software starts with what protection it offers.

Antivirus – protection against viruses but it should protect from other threats also.

At a minimum the antivirus you pick should be able to shield you from malware, spyware, keyloggers, scams and more.

Often these threats overlap but this doesn’t mean you settle for any antivirus tool. To guard your data it’s important that the best antivirus software for Windows should protect from repeated threats.

Malware – Unwanted programs that slow down the system, collect data, spy on your activities. It includes spyware, keyloggers, adware, and ransomware.

Scams – Tricks used by scammers to deceive users into sharing sensitive information. Usually it takes place via emails, websites, phishing, pharming and more.

Does the antivirus offer Real-Time protection?

To detect and remove threats, the best antivirus protection is always on constant lookout for cybersecurity risks.

Though all antivirus software say they offer real time protection but not all do that. What they do is, they handle the issue once the system is infected. Therefore, always go with the antivirus that is proactive and offers all round protection.

Threat prevention features antivirus should include:

  • Comprehensive system scans – scans every nook and cranny of the system including sub folder, hidden files and more to keep system safe. This type of scanning mode ensures no threat lurking around goes undetected.
  • Web protection – a feature that scans the URL links and informs the user if the site can be dangerous.

systweak antivirus

  • Reactive file scanning – scans all files before you open them, gets downloaded or are moved into the system. It compares the file against an antivirus database to decide if the file is safe or dangerous.

Furthermore, the best antivirus should let users review scan results and allow them quarantine threats.

If you keep these points in mind you will never miss out on picking the best antivirus for your PC. In case you want more tips do let us know in the comments section we will come with part 2 of this post.

Now that we know what the best antivirus should have, let us learn how to use Systweak Antivirus.

How to use Systweak Antivirus?

To use Systweak Antivirus and protect your PC from threats like malware, virus, spyware, keyloggers, and others follow the steps below:

1. Download and install Systweak Antivirus.

2. Run Systweak Antivirus the best antivirus software 2021 for Windows.
3. Click the Scan Types option from the left pane to select the scanning mode.

sav deep scan

The tool offers three scanning modes –

  • Quick Scan – scans critical system areas for infections
  • Deep Scan – scans folders, subfolders, and all the parts for threats. It is time-consuming.
  • Custom Scan – gives users an option to select areas to scan that takes a much longer time than Quick Scan.

Pick any to scan the system for threats.

Note: Deep Scan is in-depth, and it scans every corner of the system. Therefore, use it when the system is in idle state and use it at least once a month.

sav scan type

4. Wait for the scanning process to complete.

sav deep scan process
5. Once the scanning is done, Systweak Antivirus shows a list of all infected files.

deep scan setup
6. Review the scan results and once you are sure and satisfied with the results click Protect Now. Doing so will Quarantine detected threats.

sav result
7. Thereafter, you will see a threat result summary of the action performed. If you want you can export this data by clicking the Export Data option.

sav pc is safe
8. Restart the system to apply changes and that it.

To schedule automatic scanning using Systweak Antivirus follow these steps:

1. Launch Systweak Antivirus.
2. Click Scan Types from the left pane.
3. At the bottom right corner of the product, you will see the Schedule option, click it.

scan schedule
4. This will open the Scheduler window.

scan command
5. From here, select the scan type, frequency when you want to run the scan, weekdays, and time.

scan date
6. Click Apply to save changes. Systweak Antivirus will now run the selected scan at the scheduled time.

Note – For Systweak Antivirus to scan your system at the scheduled time, your PC should be turned on and awake.

Wrap Up-

That’s it by keeping these pointers in mind you can easily pick the best antivirus software for Windows. Just make sure you don’t fall for false promises, big discounts when choosing antivirus for your system.

For me, Systweak Antivirus is the best antivirus software 2021 as it offers real-time protection, web protection, malware protection, exploit protection. Also, it runs in the background without interfering with any process and scans startup items for threats. Unlike other security tools, the database definitions are updated regularly, and the tool can be used by anyone. Its threat detection rate is impressive and so for Windows users it is a must-try.

We hope you will give it a try. Do share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section. If you have any product related question, feel free to send an email at

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