Boost VPN Speed With These 5 Effective Hacks!


Using a VPN has many perks, and you already know that! The possibilities you unlock after adding a virtual private network to your internet are endless. You can remove geo-restrictions, stay anonymous, and keep yourself away from the prying eyes of government officials and your ISP. 

However, something still makes using a VPN a dicey choice for many. And that is speed. Some VPNs, like the Systweak VPN, perfectly balance the servers and internet speed. But as they say, not all fingers are the same, some VPN clients reduce speed by a huge margin. 

So what to do in such a situation? Well, there is a lot you can do. In this post, you will find ways to boost VPN speed and enhance your overall internet experience. 

Shall we begin then?

Wondering, “Why is My VPN Slow?”-  Here’s the Reason!

The obvious reason your internet speed gets low while using a virtual private network is server congestion. The problem appears more often on free VPNs than the paid ones. That is because free VPNs use limited servers and onboard tons of users on them. The bandwidth is low, and the number of users is high. 

Think of it this way, you are driving and taking a road towards your office. Now there’s only one route that connects the city to the office. In this case, what would happen if all 500 employees decided to take the same route? You will find a jam, so your speed of reaching the office will be slow. 

The same happens when you are using a more crowded server. The term is called congestion, the core reason behind slow VPN speeds.

Quick Tip – The best way to overcome congestion is to use a VPN that offers multiple servers. Systweak VPN, for instance, has 200+ working servers spread across the globe. Using these, you can avoid congestion and enjoy the internet at full speed.

How to Enhance Your VPN Speed?

Now that you know why your VPN is slowing the internet, here are 5 hacks to help you increase its speed again!

Hack #1 – Choose Your Server Wisely

While using a VPN, the first and most crucial thing to do is choose a server. You must first decide on your priority to find a server that fulfills your needs. If you want anonymity and safety, choose the nearest server available. 

The closer you are to the server, the better the VPN speed. It is the latency factor that plays a crucial role in the overall speed of your server. Hence the closer the server is, the lower its latency.

However, if you want to use a server of a different region, try finding one with a low number of users. Identifying the best server may get tricky, but it will definitely boost VPN speed when done correctly. 

systweak vpn country

Many VPNs have a set of criteria for providing you with a server. If you are their premium customer (paid), you get a server with an optimal number of users, and if you are using it for free, you might not be able to change the current server. 

Hence, going for a free VPN can be a big mistake if you are looking for a great experience.

Hack #2 – Change Your User Protocol from TCP to UDP

You can switch between the transmission protocols if you are using Systweak VPN or any other VPN client supported by the best OpenVPN protocol. The Transfer Control Protocol is reliable but comparatively slow against User Datagram Protocol.

Change User Protocol from TCP to UDP

OpenVPN allows you to switch between them to identify if the transmission protocol is helping the speed of your VPN, which it does. If you are facing buffering issues while watching a video stream on a virtual proxy network, this change can help you!

The settings for changing the protocol are usually available under the connection settings tab on your VPN client application. Find it and experience the difference. 

Note : The TCP is reliable and better for delivering and transferring data packages, so it is used as default. UDP, on the other hand, is speed-oriented. So choose your protocol as per your requirement.

Hack #3 – Try Using LAN for Internet Connectivity Instead of Wireless Connections

This may be a shocker, but did you know that a LAN cable offers a better and more stable internet connection than Wi-Fi? It is true because of the same factor we discussed while choosing a server. Latency.

When using a cable for the internet, you eliminate a lot of latency, which means the lost data is retrieved, and the speed is automatically better. Eventually, when your internet connection improves, your speed with the VPN improves further.

This hack can work when using a broadband connection on your desktop. Even if you use your mobile device to power the internet, avoid using the mobile hotspot. Use USB tethering instead for better connectivity and faster internet.

Hack #4 – Restart Your VPN Client

In case the VPN connection speed has taken a spike while using. Meaning the speed was fine a few minutes ago but has suddenly become low, chances are that your VPN client is experiencing trouble with the server connected. 

It can happen when you are using VPN for hours. Even the best VPN clients tend to do so when used rigorously. 

It is fine to disconnect your VPN for a while, close the client completely and re-run the application as it helps you regain the same flow and speed. If the issue persists, you can always experiment by changing the server!

Hack #5 – Choose a Faster Protocol

You are looking for better reliability and security if you use OpenVPN or Ikev2 as your go-to VPN client configuration. Speed has never been the priority of these VPN protocols. On the other hand, Wireguard is the protocol that can offer you the fastest speeds with your VPN. 

OpenVPN Throughput

The decision is all up to you. Whether you want to sacrifice your privacy and security for speed or not. To give you a better understanding, we have curated a comparison between Wireguard and OpenVPN, which might help you clear your doubt about which one to follow. 

But one thing that can be said with conviction is that Wireguard is certainly faster, so if speed is your only concern, you should opt for it. 

Speed Up Your VPN Connection Today!

One thing that you can do to ensure maximum speed is to use Systweak VPN. The tool has an amazing list of servers you can choose from and offers the finest speeds and safety. 

Try out the latest build of Systweak VPN by clicking on the link above. 

With that, we have reached the end of this post. We hope you find it helpful in boosting your VPN speeds.

Thanks for reading! Good luck!

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