How to Fix Slow Buffering Despite a High-Speed Internet


There is no worse buzzkill than an interruption due to buffering while streaming video. Here’s how to prevent headaches and fix slow buffering despite a high-speed internet connection.

Compared to continuous, uninterrupted Tv signals, video buffering is an unwanted side effect of streaming video. You may encounter buffering issues when watching a video, even an introductory YouTube video. The most common reason for this problem is ISP throttling. To avoid this and stop internet service providers from slowing down the connection, use Systweak VPN.

It will hide your traffic from ISP and prevent ISP, to some extent, from throttling you. In addition to this, there are others reasons too. This article will describe all about it, what buffering is, and how to stop facing buffering when streaming a movie or watching a TV show online.

What is Buffering?

Everyone these days is acquainted with the term Buffering. However, for those who don’t know, Buffering is the pre-loading of streaming data or other media files while the user is watching or listening to it.

The buffered data is saved on the device as a temporary cache allowing users to stream the information without interruption. For that, a strong internet connection is required because without that, videos played online will not be streamed ahead of time, and you will face buffering issues.

How to Fix Slow Buffering?

“ I have high-speed internet but slow buffering. How can I improve buffering speed and stop videos from buffering?”

Luckily you are at the right place. Below we explain the best ways to stop buffering when streaming video.

Fix 1 – Close Unwanted Applications and Programs

If your PC is processing commands or running multiple apps simultaneously, it may not be able to stream video smoothly. If your PC is processing commands or running multiple apps simultaneously, it may not be able to stream video smoothly. We suggest closing unnecessary programs. Doing so manually might be difficult for some users.

Advanced System Optimizer is a practical and straightforward approach to disable all startup items and clean junk from the PC. The tools Memory Optimizer module helps free up RAM and suspends all background activities that are not currently running. You can enable the disabled applications at startup when you need to run them. This way, you can use your PC resources for the programs you’re currently using.

 Fix 2 – Pause Streaming For a Few Minutes

If buffering continues to interrupt streaming video, give it a break. Avoid the temptation of resuming the video after each buffering pause. Instead, pause the video streaming for a few minutes allowing the video to collect a larger buffer. This will decrease buffering when you resume playing the video. This will help fix buffering issues.

Fix 3 – Decrease Video Quality

The larger the video file, the longer it takes to transmit a video clip to your computer or mobile device. However, you will not have to wait longer if you reduce the file size. In simple words, watch the movie at a lower resolution.


YouTube, Netflix, and other online video streaming services have settings to change the resolution. Head to the video player’s settings and drop the resolution from 1080p to 720p or lower.

auto quality

Fix 4 – Check Internet Speed

Internet service providers offer variable speeds at different pricing. However, when multiple users stream or surf simultaneously, even over high-speed internet, they face buffering. Before you follow other methods, use Speedtest& see your internet speed. You need to switch to a higher speed if the speed is low. However, if you don’t wish to spend more, you can follow these tips to make your internet connection work faster.

  • Restart your modem and router. Count to ten, and reconnect them.
  • If your router supports the 5GHz band, use it instead of 2.4GHz.
  • Make sure you have not exceeded the monthly traffic limit.
  • Change your DNS server. You can configure your router to use Google ( or Cloud Flare (, which offers high-speed public DNS servers.
  • Scan the system for a virus/malware scan.
  • Run a PC optimization suite to clean junk files and other unwanted data.

Fix 5 – Use A VPN

Even after following the above fixes, if you are still experiencing buffering problems, your ISP is throttling your internet connection. Usually, this approach is applied when a user consumes excessive bandwidth. These slowdowns can be avoided using Systweak VPN, which helps disguise data from your ISP and prevent them from throttling the speed.

To use Systweak VPN, follow these steps:

1. Download and install Systweak VPN.

2. Create an account and Sign in.


3. Now enable Systweak VPN.

svpn connect
4. You will be automatically connected to the best server. To select another server, click the down arrow next to the country flag > and select the country from the list.

svpn country
5. Connecting to a new location will take a second or so.

Systweak VPN_4
6. Now, you browse the web anonymously.

Fix 6 – Remove Other Devices Connected To The Network

You might face buffering issues if too many devices are connected to Wi-Fi. Hence, to fix the problem, we suggest removing other devices. This will free up bandwidth and prevent the wireless router from continuously pinging the connected Wi-Fi devices even when not in use. Now try watching the video; you should not face buffering issues.

Fix 7 – Update Graphics Card Driver

Another way to fix slow buffering is to keep the graphics drivers updated. Companies like Intel, Nvidia, and AMD keep releasing driver updates to optimize and refine graphics performance. Therefore, it is best to always use the most recent drivers for all devices. To learn how to update graphics drivers now.

Fix 8 – Clear Browser Settings

Your internet connection shouldn’t always be blamed. Sometimes, the web browser and the local cache of previously visited websites are responsible. When you revisit a website, the browser checks the cache; if the locally stored data is up to date, the browser loads it from there. However, when the cache is outdated and the temporary memory overburdened, you face slow buffering.

One quick and easy solution for video buffering issues is to clean cookies, cache, and browsing history. Advanced System Optimizer’s Privacy Protector option will help keep your browser clean, allowing it to perform quicker and improve buffering speeds.

Fix 9- Use Wired Ethernet Connection

There’s no denying that WiFi is rampant, but the technology has its own set of problems. Wi-Fi has various drawbacks, ranging from privacy concerns to limited signal strength.

Suppose there are barriers between you and the router; in that case, you may have poor signal strength, significantly impacting your video streaming quality.

Weaker the WiFi signal poorer the streaming experience. Therefore to test things and avoid buffering speed on a desktop, use a wired connection for the best video streaming experience.

Fix 10 – Reset or Upgrade the Wi-Fi device.

People have a habit of setting up a Wi-Fi network and forgetting about it. The router requires routine maintenance. We suggest updating the firmware and performing a hard reset if you have tried all the fixes. To do so, disconnect the router and power it off. Then count to 10 and replug it.


Q1. What is causing slow buffering?

Two common reasons can cause slow buffering:

  1. Slow internet connection
  2. Configuration issues with the router.

Q2. Does clearing the cache helps improve buffering?

If you are a heavy internet user, clearing the cache is a good idea to boost buffering speed and deal with the issues causing lag in video buffering.

Q3. Can a VPN cause buffering?

A VPN can help reduce buffering, but it cannot cause it because VPN hides what you do from your ISP, which causes throttling when you have been streaming a lot or consuming a large amount of bandwidth.

Enjoy Improved Buffering Speed

Using the above fixes, you can improve the buffering speed and avoid facing the internet keep the buffering issue. We hope the solutions helped fix the problem and that you enjoy flawless video streaming. Please let us know which solution worked for you in the comments section.

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