Why Is My Internet Speed Slow & How to Fix It

Why Is My Internet Speed Slow & How to Fix It?

Is slow internet speed bugging you? It’s annoying when you pay for a high-speed connection but don’t get the promised speed. It’s sometimes from your end, and sometimes it is your ISP and other reasons. If you have also wondered why your internet connection is slow, this blog is for you!

There are numerous reasons for an internet connection needing to perform flawlessly. Why Is it fixable? What can you do to boost your internet speed?

Reasons Behind Your Slow Internet

Generally, when the internet is not working as expected and restarting the router does the trick, the issue lies at the user’s end. However, there are other reasons too behind slow internet. They are – 

1. You are using a Congested Network –
The network might become congested when multiple streams open to access a single internet bandwidth. Suppose several devices work on your home connection, or you have initiated many internet-heavy tasks simultaneously. In that case, your home network might become congested, resulting in an overall slow speed. When a single device uses your current bandwidth, it is fast enough. However, when multiple devices are involved, your internet speed might take a hit!

2. High Latency in the Internet Connection –
You might know the latency concept if you use your internet connection for gaming or real-time streaming. It is the time taken to complete a full circle of data you have sent to and fro. When there is high latency, the lag is visible. Thus, you have a slower internet connection. Mostly, it depends on your ISP, and there’s hardly anything you can do about it.

3. Your ISP is Throttling your Internet Speeds-
Sometimes, your internet service provider might throttle the speeds of your internet. It often happens when you are trying to use your connection for something that is not advised or might hamper the network server your ISP uses, for example, torrenting. Your ISP has complete access to what type of speeds you get, and throttling allows them to lower your speeds for specific tasks. If your issue is streaming blocked content or torrenting, it might be the case of ISP throttling.

4. You are using a VPN With Poor Servers-
Using a VPN is not expected to lower or enhance your internet speed. However, the servers you connect to might do it. Most users need to realize how to use a VPN and end up making a mistake. Using free VPNs with a limited number of servers affects your internet speed. Similarly, a reliable VPN that offers enough servers, like Systweak VPN, can help enhance current speed and help escape ISP throttling.

These few reasons may cause your internet connection to slow down. All of these can be rectified. How? Check out the fixes in the next section!

Ways to Fix Slow Internet Speed

Now that you know the reasons behind your slow internet connection, let’s look at ways to fix each issue. Some workable solutions can help significantly enhance internet speed. 

Solution 1- Setup a Guest Network to Reduce Congestion

Set up a guest network if you have guests coming over or friends who often end up connecting to your network. It is the ideal way to resolve this issue. Use your connection interface or application to configure a guest Wi-Fi network with controlled bandwidth access. It keeps added devices on a different network, avoiding congestion and allowing you to decide the bandwidth your guests get. 

Here’s how to set it up – 

  1. Open your ISP interface or application. You can also move to configuration settings by simply using the IP address of your wifi connection.Open ISP interface
  2. If you are using an application, simply look for the guest network option on the application and set it up quickly. 
  3. If you have entered the IP address to configure your network, look for wireless connection and settings. There you can find an option for the guest network.

Keep in mind that setting up a guest network is a feature of the router, and not every router has it. If you have the option, do it. If not, look for the next fix!

Solution 2 – Connect With Your ISP for Throttling

If your ISP is throttling your connection, connect with them to clarify the issue. Suppose your current internet plan does not allow you to use a specific bandwidth or limits your internet usage to a certain cap. In that case, the ideal solution is to reach out to your internet service provider and upgrade your plan. 

However, your current ISP only allows you to access a few things. In that case, it might lower your internet speeds while surfing the internet for those specific tasks, like using torrents to download heavy files or accessing streaming platforms flawlessly. If your current activity often gets flagged, the ideal solution is to use a VPN. 

Using a VPN might help you avoid throttling, which means changing your server and identity might not trigger throttling from your ISP, and your internet speeds stay intact. 

Solution 3 – Use a Robust VPN

If you are going to use a VPN to avoid throttling, or you work in a region where you have to access different servers for work purposes, make sure you do not fall prey to fake free VPN services. These might ruin your internet experiences completely. Free VPNs neither offer a secure connection nor have dedicated infrastructure to provide a variety of servers. There are so many myths about VPNs that often need clarification.  

Using a robust VPN is highly recommended. Systweak VPN is one of the best VPN names that comes to mind. It has ample servers and dedicated support and can handle your internet speeds.

Here’s how the tool works –

  •  Sign up for an account and login into it.               login to systweak vpn
  •  Click on connect or turn the toggle from Off to On, and you are instantly connected.    turn the toggle from Off to On


As soon as you select the server, the VPN will connect automatically. If the server isn’t selected,  open the application and toggle the connection to On. In these steps, you can ensure your internet is not throttled, and you have enough bandwidth to use the internet irrespective of any limitations!

Solution 4 – Schedule Heavy Usage Tasks for Off-Peak Hours

When living in an area with limited ISP and servers, you need to change your usage pattern. For instance, heavy updates and downloads might cause your internet to slow down.  Keep your Windows Updates on auto-update and set a time when most of the bandwidth is available. Always schedule heavy downloads for the night, as it is the best time for speed. 

It’s Time You Fix Your Slow Internet Speed!

Slow internet is the worst thing you can have in the year 2023. However, the issues mentioned often give you a headache. Thankfully, there are ways to counter the problem and maintain a usable internet speed, even with VPN! 

I hope you find the solutions helpful. Let us know which solution works best for you. Systweak VPN has been a game-changer for me! Download the application and experience it yourself!

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