How to Fix the “This Installation Is Forbidden by System Policy” Error On Windows


While installing a third-party application on your PC, have you come across the “This Installation Is Forbidden by System Policy” error on your PC? If yes, chances are that your PC either has a few bugs or some system settings are corrupt. With that being said, before proceeding with the application installation, you must first troubleshoot the problems your PC might have.

Ideally, installation is forbidden error suggests there is a violation of system policy during application installation, and you should not proceed with the process. However, if you are sure that the application you are installing is from a reliable source and will not cause any issue to your PC’s functionality, and you like to install it, read the post.

In this blog, we will address all the potential reasons behind the “This Installation Is Forbidden by System Policy” error and will explain how you can fix it.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Deal With “This Installation Is Forbidden by System Policy” Error

Method 1 – Enable & Use the Windows Installer

To interact with all types of executable files and to install them, Windows offers a built-in Windows Installer. However, sometimes when users try to play around with new third-party installers, they unknowingly disable the service. This is why you get the error when you install or uninstall applications from your computer.

To ensure that the installer is working fine, ensure you have it enabled. Here’s how to do that –

  • Press Windows + R to open Run.
  • In run type, services.msc

open services

  • This will take you to the list of all the services running on the PC, whether enabled or disabled.
  • In the list, scroll down to the Windows Installer service and check its status. Its startup type should be manual.

winodws services

  • Double-click on the service, and you will find properties. From there, you will see an option to start the service. Click on Start and apply changes to enable the service.

windows installer properties

This way, your Windows Installer is enabled. Once you have done that, try installing the application that shows, the” This Installation is Forbidden by System Policy” error on Windows. It should now work fine.

Method 2 – Troubleshoot the Error With Microsoft’s Program Troubleshooter

Windows is one of the most user-friendly operating systems. The availability of a dedicated troubleshooter for every error is a clear example of how easy it is to deal with errors on Windows. If you have come across the “This Installation is Forbidden by System Policy” error on your PC, there is a way you can troubleshoot the error.

Microsoft’s program installs and uninstalls troubleshooters can help identify the root cause of the error and finish the installation in just a few easy steps –

  • First, you need to have the troubleshooter installed on your computer. Download the troubleshooter here.
  • Run the setup like any other application, and since it is a certified Microsoft product, installing it will be no issue.
  • Once you have installed it, run the application. It will instantly ask you whether you are having an issue installing or uninstalling the application.

program troubleshooter

  • Address the “This Installation is Forbidden by System Policy” error and click on Installing
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and wait as the troubleshooting process finishes and shows you the error message’s reason.

Note : The installation troubleshooter does not work with Windows 11.

Method 3- Re-Register Windows Installer

The Windows Installer service is crucial in installing and uninstalling any application from your PC. When you face an error that does not allow you to go through any of these processes, chances are that there is a bug with the Windows Installer.

You can re-register the service if you are still looking for the exact bug. What it means in simple terms, it means restarting the installer service after unregistering it. Follow the given steps to go through the process –

  • Go to Windows Search and type cmd. This will fetch results for the command prompt.
  • From the available search results, select the Command Prompt and click on Run as Administrator.

command prompt

  • Use the msiexec/unreg command in the cmd to unregister the current installer. Simply write it in the command prompt and hit enter.

select commands

  • This unregisters the installer. Now to re-register, use the command msiexec/regserver.

windows registry

  • Once you have done the above steps, simply restart your PC and try installing the application you want again, which should work.

Method 4- Check Registry Files For Bugs

If the three ways mentioned above do not work for you, there is a massive chance that the error “This installation is forbidden by System policy” is caused by a bug in the registry files of your PC.

To use the registry editor for this purpose, simply follow steps

  • Search for the registry Editor in the start menu and enter to open the desired registry editor.

registry editor

  • In the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > Installer.

registy file

If your registry files have any errors, you can get rid of the issue. However, there is a downside to using it is that if anything goes wrong, it may corrupt your system.

Hence, take a registry backup before using editing the Windows registry. Not to mention, some users who are not into technology would need help playing around with the registry files.

If you are also one such user, you need a dedicated registry cleaner and optimizer tool that scans all the invalid registry files and helps you optimize the error.

Advanced System Optimizer is one of the most popular choices of users when it comes to registry optimizers. The tool is a complete package that offers a PC optimization solution, & it takes care of everything from registry errors to drive backups and storage issues.

Here’s how to fix your registry files using Advanced System Optimizer –

Advanced System Optimizer

  • In the left panel, click on Registry Optimizers to find more detailed options.

registry optimizer

  • Now, assuming the error “This Installation is Forbidden by System Policy” is caused by registry issues, we will use the registry cleaner. Click on it to initiate the process.

registy cleaner

  • In the Registry cleaner, you will find an option to start scanning. This will search for registry files with bugs and attempt to clean them. Click on “Start Scan Now” and wait for the process to end.

registry cleaner scan

  • The scanner will find all types of errors and suggest the best ways to deal with them. Wait for the scan to finish.

registry cleaner file found

  • Once the scan is over, click on Fix all issues to deal with registry errors. You can get rid of all the errors with just a single click.

cleaning registy file

  • Let the cleaning finish. Once it is done, restart your PC for changes to take place, and then try again with the installation.

registy cleanup done

Using the Advanced System Optimizer can add a lot of value to your system without you having to go through complex processes. You no longer have to be a tech geek to take care of your PC and resolve minor issues.


The error “This Installation is forbidden by system policy is not something that can not be fixed. All you have to do is use the techniques mentioned above, and you will be able to resolve the error easily. Needless to say, if you want to ensure that your system is running correctly or you are running low on time, make sure you use the Advanced System Optimizer first, as it will help you out better.

That’s all for this blog. Hope you find these tips helpful. Good luck!


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