How to Fix Brother DCP-L2540dw Printer Offline Problem


The Brother DCP-L2540dw is a perfect solution for someone looking for industry-standard printing solutions at affordable prices. The printer is competent and can-do wonders in personal and professional use cases. While the printer has some great features to offer at a reasonable price, there are some issues that you might face while using it. One such issue is the offline printer error.

Ideally, when connected to a printer, it should be available to work every time. However, with Brother DCP-L2540, the issue persists every 20-30 minutes of idle time. It is not a feature but an error that causes the printer to appear offline even if the power is on.

If you have figured out the issue, do you know the solution? This blog is a must-read. In this one, you can find out why the errors occur and how you can fix them.

Ways to Fix Brother DCP-L2540dw Printer Offline Problem

The printer offline issue is common and can happen with any type of printer, whether it is a cannon, HP, or Brother DCP-L254dw. What matters is that you should know the reason behind the error and how to rectify it. The issue can be anything from a dynamic IP to driver issues.

If you are not fluent with PCs and are going to replace your device just because of the issue. Wait before you do that; check out the ways given below –

Method 1 – Look for Brother DCP-L254dw Printer Driver Updates

The first and foremost thing you should generally do when any device malfunctions is to check for driver updates. The connection between the drivers and your hardware changes with every Windows update. Therefore, you should check for updates if the device needs to be fixed.

Since the printer keeps showing offline, you should search for updates for the driver. Depending on your expertise and convenience, you can do that in two ways.

The first way is to look for updates manually. To do so, follow the steps below –

  • Open the Device Manager on your PC. You can open Device Manager by typing the same in your start menu. Or you can use Windows + X to use the Quick Access menu and select Device Manager.

install apps

  • In the Device Manager, find your printer. Ideally, it should be under devices or, in some cases, Print queues.

device manager

  • Select > right-click on it and select Properties to learn what version it uses. Click the Driver Details button to get the details.

driver details

  • Click on Driver Details and match the version of the drivers from the official website. If they are different, click on the Update Driver button and follow the update instructions on your screen.

Tip : With so many links on the official website, downloading the driver file can be confusing. Therefore, to simplify the process, right-click the device name to update driver >select Update Driver, and choose Search automatically for drivers from the pop-up window.

search driver automatically

The second way is to use a dedicated driver updater tool. The software does all the work without sharing device or operating system details.

Advanced Driver Updater is the Best Option for You

  • Open the tool to update drivers on your PC and start scanning the PC for outdated drivers. It scans your PC for drivers that are not working well or require updates.

Advanced Driver Updater

  • After the scan, you have your results. All outdated drivers will be listed with their information. Click on Update All to fix them all at once.

updated outdated driver

  • Wait for the process to finish, and you are done!

Now, choosing the difficulty level and complications in updating your drivers is up to you. If you know the Device Manager and how to make things work, go for it. However, downloading the driver updating software and using it makes the most sense if you are a newbie.

Method 2 – Check Whether the Printer IP is Static or Dynamic

When connected with a PC online, a printer has a dedicated IP address that pings the PC, and viz-a-viz makes the connection possible. However, the IP tends to change when you connect the printer to a regular port with the PC. This means the Printer will change its IP address after a while, which may cause your printer to appear offline.

To fix this error, you must ensure that both IP addresses are identical. To do that, here’s what you do –

  • Open network properties by searching for network properties in your start menu.
  • Here you can find all the details related to your network.
  • Check the IPv4 address to know the IP that you are using on your PC.

check system detail

Next, you have to check the IP used by your printer. You can do that by following the given steps –

  • Open the Control Panel to find Devices and Printers.
  • Double-click to find all the devices listed, along with your Brother printer.
  • Right-click on it and look for printer properties.
  • Keep in mind that printer properties are different from regular properties, so choose the option accordingly.
  • In there, you can find a Ports tab. Click on it.
  • There you can find multiple details on the connection that your printer uses. It is usually a standard TCP/IP port.
  • Click on configure port after selecting the port.
  • In the configuration, match the IP address being used. If they do not match, enter the same in your printer settings as you found on your PC.

You are done!

Other than these two solutions, you can also try turning off the Print offline option to resolve the issue. This feature enables offline queuing of documents rather than direct printing, hampering your overall experience.

In most cases, updating the drivers and unchecking the offline print feature does the trick instantly, so make sure you try them on priority. If there is a severe error that these solutions cannot fix, you must connect with a hardware expert, as it can be a hardware issue.

Fix – Printer Offline

With the help of simple yet effective solutions, your Brother DCP-L2540dw printer can be free of offline error. You can make sure that these solutions work by following the solutions step-by-step.

We hope the blog helps fix the Brother DCP-L2540dw printer offline problem. Good luck!


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