5 Ways to Fix Find in Page Not Working in Firefox


Find in page is a feature highly useful for any user looking for something specific in a long webpage. It can be a great tool, considering a lot of websites today have a decent volume of content available on the page. Finding the correct term and information becomes super handy with the Find in Page option. 

The tool can be evoked by pressing the ctrl+F shortcut or finding the option in the browser’s context menu. However, there have been cases where none works, and a user cannot use the Find in Page in Firefox. If you, too, have encountered a similar situation, this is the post for you.

In this one, we have curated five ways to help you fix the error and get it back on Firefox. 

What Causes Find in Page to Stop Working in Firefox

Before we begin with the troubleshooting steps, it is crucial to identify the core reasons behind the error. Several users have complained that the tool stopped working out of nowhere. For some, it worked a moment ago and did not work the next. The core issue here lies in the configuration of the browsers.

After our research, we have concluded that the following are the reasons behind Find in Page not working in Firefox – 

  • Third-party extensions that you may have installed
  • Outdated version of the browser
  • Conflict of shortcut keys (Ctrl+F being remapped to other operations)
  • Corrupt browser data stored on your computer

Either way, maintaining a healthy browser is crucial to ensure that an issue, like Find in Page not working on Firefox, does not appear. Fortunately, all these issues can be resolved. Check out the next section to find 5 ways to help you!

How to Fix Find in Page Not Working in Firefox

Fix 1 – Update Firefox on Your PC

Using an older version of Firefox may lead to losing features over time. That is because the build you may be using is unstable (hence there are updates). It is quite an easy job to update the browser on your own. All you have to do is – 

Step 1- Launch Firefox on your computer.
Step 2 – In Firefox, click on the Settings menu button from the top right corner of your screen.

firefox browser

Step 3 – After opening the context menu, spot the Help option and click on it.
Step 4 – From Help, you can navigate to About Firefox.

Firefox help option

Step 5 – If your browser is up to date, it will show that the Firefox is up to date. If there are pending updates, it will start downloading them automatically.

If the browser starts downloading updates, wait till it downloads, and it will give you a restart button that will help you apply the updates quickly. Try using the Find in page tool in the updated version to identify if the update has resolved your issue. If not, move to the next fix. 

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Fix 2 – Try Disabling All the Extensions

If you are also experiencing problems with other features of Firefox, there is a chance that an extension is bothering the performance of your browser. Analyze exactly when you started having problems with the Find in Page or any other feature. This will help you identify if the issue results from installing an extension.

On the safer side, try using the feature after disabling extensions. Here’s how you do it – 

Step 1 – Go to the Firefox settings menu from the top right of your screen.
Step 2 – From the opened context menu, navigate to Add ons and Themes.

Click on three-bar icon at right corner Firefox browser

Step 3 – Go to the Extensions from the opened page.

Firefox Extensions option

Step 3 – In the list of extensions, you may find the ones you have enabled on your browser. Use the toggle to turn it off.list of extensions - Firefox

Step 4 – If it is useless, you can remove it too. Select the three-dot menu in the extreme right of the listing to find the remove option.remove option - Firefox browser

After removing the extensions, restart the browser to ensure your change has taken effect. You may now use the Find in Page.

Tip : If you want to take the Find in Page tool to the next level, look up an extension that works similarly. This will save you efforts to fix the issue and enable the tool back.

Fix 3 – Clear All Data of Firefox

Clearing data only works when it is done with precision. If your browser shows signs of error, such as the Find in Page not working or any other feature being unavailable, there is a solid chance that the system data has gone corrupt. 

You may be unable to clear the corrupt data using the simple browser commands as they are not effective enough. Hence, we recommend you go for the Advanced System Optimizer, a tool that allows you to remove all the data from your device and the browser. Here’s how it works – 

Step 1 – Download and install the Advanced System Optimizer.

Step 2 – In the Advanced System Optimizer, Spot the Security and Privacy options in the left pane.

security and privacy

Step 3 – Choose the Privacy Protector module from the Security and Privacy options.
Step 4 – In the Privacy Protector, click Start Privacy Scan to initiate the search for data.

start privacy scan

Step 5 – Once the scan is ON, let it finish processing.

Privacy Protector_ASO_scanning
Step 6 – After the scan is over, navigate to the browsers tab, and you may find the traces and data from all the browsers of your device.traces detected
Step 7 – Mark the ones you want to clear from your device and unmark the rest. Click on Clean to remove the traces and data. 

Once you have removed the data, we recommend you restart your PC, as both your browser and data drives must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

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Fix 4 – Reset Your Browser

If removing the data did not cut it, you might have no other option to factory reset your browser. Factory resetting your Firefox browser takes it back to the latest installation state, making it new for your device. 

Here’s how you reset the browser – 

Step 1 – Open Firefox on your computer.
Step 2 – Open the context menu on your browser to find the Help tools.
Step 3 – In Help tools, click on More Troubleshooting Information.

Firefox help option

Step 4 – As the page opens, you may find the Give Firefox a Tune-up option. This is the one that resets the browser to default settings. Click on Refresh Firefox.

Refresh Firefox

Step 5 – The tool asks for confirmation to ensure that you want to refresh the browser. Confirm, and it will work instantly!

After you have reset the browser, it is practically as new as your newly installed browser. Hence, it may help you resolve the Find in Page not working issue quite easily 

Fix 5 – Uninstall and Reinstall the Browser

If even the reset does not work, there is a chance that the issue may have appeared with the installation. The only way you have now is to uninstall the tool and reinstall it on your PC. We recommend you re-download the installer from the official sources, as the current issue might result from improper installation.

Find in Page is Now Working on Firefox!

After you have tried all the fixes, you can use the Ctrl+F shortcut to bring up the Find in Page tool on Firefox. Keep in mind that it may also be a glitch on your PC so a simple restart might get the trick done too. Restart your PC and check if things are fine. Hope these fixes help you resolve the Find in Page not working on Firefox issue on your PC. Thanks for reading, good luck!

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