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Have you ever come across the waiting-for-cache error while trying to load a webpage on Google Chrome? Observing the issues feels irritating as it freezes your browser, and the webpage does not load easily, making you eager and restless. The issue is a common occurrence with Windows 10 users and their PC’s overall performance. 

When you are using Google Chrome, and this error appears, it impacts the PC’s overall performance; the webpage becomes unresponsive, and Chrome does not work properly. This leads to hindrances in the experience of a user.

If you have already experienced the same, you know what we are talking about. The only good thing here is that this issue is fixable. By the end of this post, we will discover a few working ways that will resolve the Google Chrome waiting for cache error completely. 

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

What is the Error About

On a web browser, the cache is a memory that keeps the data of recently visited pages. The idea is to help webpages load faster. However, when you come across Google Chrome waiting for a cache error, your browser has gone into a pause. 

The browser, instead of loading the page directly searches the cache. This means it will search your browser data and cache to find the page and then look on the internet for the requested page. 

For most users, waiting patiently for the webpage to load fixes the error. Reloading the page is also a good move to resolve the issue. However, if your PC keeps getting stuck at the same point and the error keeps appearing, you may need to try the following fixes. 

How to Fix the Error – Google Chrome is Waiting for Cache

Fix 1 – Try Using the Incognito Tab

Close the Chrome window that is stuck and try to relaunch it. This might help you end the memory struggles of Chrome while fetching the cache memory. If that does not work, you can launch an Incognito window using the shortcut ctrl+shift+N. The incognito makes your browser forget about any data it has and loads the websites without using the cache. 

This way, you will be able to download the webpage. However, if it is a website that requires your data or credentials that you have saved in Chrome, it may not be the ideal solution. If it is just for browsing, the Incognito tab might help.

Fix 2 – Clear All the Data from Chrome

You do have the option to remove Cache and cookies from the settings of Chrome. This way, there is nothing to look up, and everything starts from zero. Even if you had visited the webpage earlier, it will reset, and you can try to browse the webpage again. 

The only issue here is that simply removing the cookies does not work. You see, the data of browsers is often written on SSDs, HDDs, and even on RAM when it is in use. This means no matter how you clear the cache, there will be a few traces left to clear. 

That is why, instead of cleaning the cookies via Chrome and then hunting for temporary files and other browser data, we recommend you use the Privacy Protector module offered by Advanced System Optimizer. 

The way it works is straightforward –
Step 1 – Download the Advanced System Optimizer on your PC.

Step 2 – Use the left pane on the homepage to find the Security and Privacy section.

security and privacy

Step 3 – In this section, you may observe the Privacy Protector module. Click on it to open. 

Step 4 – After you have reached the module, click on start scan, and it will fetch all the current data from the browser and the disks.

privacy protector

Step 5 – After the scan, click on Clean, and all the data is removed instantly.

Once you have performed the process, relaunch Chrome to reopen the webpage. Only this time, the application will not give you an error. Instead, it will load the page faster. 

Fix 3 – Remove Recently Added Extensions

If the issue has appeared recently after you have started using an extension, the same may be the cause. Extensions that come inbuilt can be trusted; however, if you have embedded an extension you found on a third-party website, it may cause such errors. 

This is why we recommend that you remove the extensions that you have added recently and are not from trusted websites.

Step 1 – Go to Chrome options from the top right corner of your Window.
Step 2 – In the options menu, find extensions.

Quick Access Menu on Chrome

Step 3 – From the Extensions drop-down menu, click on Manage Extensions. This will take you to the extensions page on your PC. manage extension

Step 4 – Spot the extensions you want to remove and click the Remove button.

list of browser extensions

After this, restart the Chrome application and load the webpage again to check if the error persists. 

Fix 4 – Factory Reset Chrome

If none of the above methods helped you consider performing a factory reset on Chrome. 

Step 1 – Go to the Chrome Options menu and click on settings to open the settings menu.
Step 2 – From the left panel, select the reset settings.

reset setting tab selected

Step 3 – Click on “reset settings to their original defaults.”

settings reset page

Allow the changes to appear. This will practically make your Google Chrome newly installed. Try it out, and you will surely get the Chrome is waiting for the cache issue to be fixed. 

Other than this, you always have the option to uninstall the browser completely and reinstall it again to give it a new beginning. You can also switch browsers to check if the issue lies in the webpage or the browser. 

Hope these methods help you eliminate the Google Chrome waiting for cache error. After all, who likes to wait for a web page to load? 

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