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Unable to install Google Chrome on your PC? Do not worry, as you are not alone. Several users on different forums have posted similar issues, and some say after uninstalling Chrome from their PC, they could not re-install it. When Chrome, one of the most preferred browsers for Windows users, stops working, using the internet doesn’t seem easy. If you, too, cannot install Google Chrome on the computer and want a permanent solution, check out the fixes listed below.

Reasons you can’t install Google Chrome in Windows

There are multiple reasons why your PC may not be able to install Google Chrome. Some of the core factors include – 

  • Pre-existing Chrome files
  • Corrupt user data
  • No internet connection
  • Firewall access denied
  • Pending Windows updates 

In case any of the above issues appear on your PC, do not worry, as we have a working list of fixes ready for you. Check them out below- 

Best Ways to fix Google Chrome installation failed in Windows

Fix 1 – Clear Temporary Files

If you have had any version of Chrome on your PC, try clearing the temp files from the system. This way, you can delete any pre-existing files that could create the problem. 

Step 1 – Press Win+R to bring up the Run search.
Step 2 – In the Run search box, use the command %temp% and hit enter.

type temp command in run search bar

Step 3 – The above command will open a folder that holds all the temporary files on your PC
Step 4 – Select all using the Ctrl+a shortcut and delete all of the files in the folder
Step 5 – If you get a system prompt while deleting the documents, skip the files as they may be crucial. Get rid of those that can be easily deleted. 

After removing these files, refresh your PC and try installing Chrome again. If this does not work, do not panic, as we have other ways to help you out. 

Fix 2 – Remove Corrupt User Data

Shreds of older data can be a crucial factor that causes cannot install Chrome issue on your PC. The ideal way to handle this problem is by clearing the older data and starting fresh. However, since the application (Chrome) is unavailable, removing its data seems a typical task.

Ideally, if you had Chrome on your PC, you would have gone to Settings→ Privacy Settings→ Chrome Data.

However, since it is not an option, you may not be able to find the exact folders lying in your C drive to remove the data. 

The ideal way to handle this situation is to use Advanced System Optimizer’s Privacy Protector Module. 

Here’s how it works –

Step 1 – Download the Advanced System Optimizer from the link below. 

Step 2 – From the left panel, go to the Security & Privacy option.

security and privacy

Step 3 – Click on Privacy Protector to find the data scanner.

privacy protector

Step 4 – Click on Start, and the tool will start looking for shreds of data related to the browser. It will fetch even the shreds of private user data that may be causing the issue.
Step 5 – Click on Clean and get rid of the data instantly. 

Once you have cleared the data, simply restart your PC and install Chrome on your PC. It should work fine, and you can easily start using it again on your PC. Furthermore, we suggest using the Registry Cleaner module, as it will fix any invalid registry entries that might be causing the issue. 

Fix 3 – Disable Network Firewall

While firewalls protect your PC from unwanted programs, sometimes they may cause trouble in installing known products like Chrome. To ensure that this is not the case, try disabling them when you try to download the browser. 

Please note that disabling protection on your computer can be risky. Do it at your own risk. 

Step 1 – Press Win+S and search for Windows Security.
Step 2 – In Windows Security, navigate to Firewall & Network Protection.

Firewall and network protection option

Step 3 – Click on Each network domain and find the Microsoft Defender Firewall Toggle.

Network Domain - Microsoft Defender Firewall

Step 4 – Turn it Off for all three

Step 5 – Navigate to your browser to initiate the download. Complete Chrome Download, and you are done. 

Other than these fixes, you can also try the following methods – 

  • Update your PC. Check for pending updates and ensure you are using the latest build. 
  • Check your internet connection. The installer for Chrome is an online application. Hence, having stable internet is a must.
  • If you are using an older device or OS, ensure you meet the system requirements of Chrome, or else it will not work on your PC. 

Try all these fixes, and the error Cannot Install Google Chrome on Computer should be fixed. If you are worried about any of these steps or do not know how to make them work, feel free to reach out. 

Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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