Ways to Fix YouTube Audio and Video Out Of Sync on Windows Easily!


Watching a YouTube video and experiencing a delay between the audio and video? Well, the out-of-sync issue in YouTube has recently caught up, especially with Windows users. Some believe that the issue lies in the browser that you use, while others have experienced the YouTube audio on the YouTube application for Windows as well. 

So, what is the reason behind the issue? Well, the cause of error is different on all platforms. If we talk specifically about Windows, factors such as the following are responsible for the out-of-sync audio and video on PC. 

  • Outdated YouTube Application
  • Corrupt Browser Data
  • Outdated Display Adapter Driver
  • Slower Internet 

If any of these factors are true for your device, you may experience YouTube audio and video out-of-sync issues on your PC. The good news is that these factors can be resolved. Keep reading to identify working ways to help you fix the issue. 

How Can You Fix YouTube Audio and Video Out of Sync Error

Before practicing the fixes, you must know exactly where you face an issue. There are three classifications where you may have faced the error – 

  1. While Using YouTube on Chrome
  2. While Using YouTube on Firefox
  3. While Using the Official Windows App

We have divided the methods into these three categories to keep it simple. Look at the following methods to resolve your Windows PC’s YouTube audio and video out-of-sync error. 

For Chrome Users 

1. Disable Hardware Acceleration 

Step 1 – Launch Chrome on your PC and click on the three-dotted button on the top right corner of your screen.

click on three dots

Step 2 – In the context menu, you may find Settings. Click on it to open.
Step 3 – After opening the settings window, click on System from the left pane.
Step 4 – In the System Settings Window, you may find Hardware Acceleration.

Turned off Hardware Acceleration option
Step 5 – Toggle off the feature to disable it. 

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2. Clear Cache on Your Chrome Browser

Step 1 – Navigate to the settings on your Chrome.
Step 2 – Click on Privacy & Security from the left pane.

third party cookies option in privacy and security

Step 3 – From there, you may find the Clear browsing data option. Click on it.
Step 4 – Now, you have a pop-up to from where you can set the time range for the data you want to remove.

clear browsing data

Step 5 – Click on clear data to finish the process

For Firefox Users

1. Increase Session Save Internal Value 

Step 1 – Launch Firefox on your PC.
Step 2 – In the URL bar, use the address about:config.

Firefox url bar address typed - about config

Step 3 – This will give you a caution prompt.  Click on Accept the risk and Continue button to open the options.

caution prompt Firefox
Step 4 – In the search box (preference name) you have on your screen, use the command browser.sessionstore.interval to open the current internal values.

current internal values opened - firefox

Step 5 – Change these values and increase them to ensure the sync time increases. After changing the values, save the changes and try using YouTube again. 

2. Try launching the browser in troubleshooting mode

Step 1 – In Firefox, click on the button on the top right button to open the context menu.

firefox browser
Step 2 – Click Help to find more options in the Context menu.

Firefox help option

Step 3 – The Help menu has an option called Troubleshoot Mode. Click on it.
Step 4 – When you click on the Troubleshoot Mode, you get a prompt to restart your browser. Click on Restart to enter the mode.
Step 5 –  After you click on Restart, the current Window is closed, and you get a prompt. Click on Open and try using YouTube, as all your extensions are disabled now.

open firefox in troubleshoot mode prompt

For YouTube Windows App Users

1. Update YouTube App

Step 1 – Open the Microsoft Store via the Start menu.
Step 2 – Click on the Library section in the left pane in the store.Library section in Microsoft store

Step 3 – Here, you can find the pending updates on your PC.

pending updates in library

Step 4 – Scroll down to find the YouTube application and click on Update. 

2. Update the Display Adapter Drivers

Step 1 – Download the Advanced Driver Updater to update all outdated drivers simultaneously. It is a better alternative to manually updating the drivers, considering not everyone is comfortable using the traditional methods.

Step 2 – After installing the Advanced Driver Updater, choose the Start Scan Now button to initiate the scan.

start scan using advanced driver updater

Step 3 – The scan will scout all the outdated drivers on your PC.
Step 4 – In your scan results, you may find the outdated display adapter driver. In some PCs, it may also be named as graphics driver.
Step 5 – Click on Update all to initiate the update process.

After the drivers are updated, reload the YouTube app and play a video to check if the YouTube audio and video are working properly and in sync or not. All these fixes are working and effective to help you fix the issue. If you do not get the desired result, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your PC. 

Hope these fixes help you resolve the error. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section. That’ll be all for this one. Catch you in the next! Good luck!

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