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Curating a resume that strikes the right balance between skills and personality can be tough, especially for someone who is a fresher in the field and is looking for their first opportunity. Resume templates offer the best chances for such individuals to create a balanced resume. However, several users have shared that while hundreds and thousands of templates are available online, most are paid or in PDF format. The question that arises for them is how to edit a PDF resume template.

Well, we have curated many handy tips and tricks to help you access the best resume templates, even if they are in PDF format. Keep reading, as by the end of this post, you will be able to edit PDF resume templates in no time!

Why is it Crucial to Use a Template for Resume Building?

Unlike other documents that can be copied and pasted for further submission, a resume is something you need to build according to your capabilities. To help with it, several resume builders are available online that suggest things you can include in your paper. However, the real struggle begins when you start building a resume without proper access to a template. 

The best solution for users working with even the best resume-building websites is to have software that allows them to access PDF resume templates. In this post, let us discuss how you can edit PDF resume templates and make resume building an easy task for yourself!

Using a template has several advantages – 

  1. It gives you clarity on what fields to keep and what to avoid.
  2. Following a sample template allows you to clear clutter that you may add.
  3. Shows you the language that you should use while creating an official document. 
  4. Simplifies the process of curating content for resumes.
  5. Turns resume making into an easy form-filling task where you can simply add your info.

All in all, templates do play a crucial role. But the real question remains: What do you do when the resume templates are in a PDF document? Check out the next section, where we have curated a bunch of ways to help you edit resume templates like a pro!

Ways to Edit a PDF Resume Template

Everyone who uses a PDF or has ever known it knows how difficult it is to edit. It is practically impossible to edit its content unless you have proper applications to help you do it. This is also why free resume templates are available in PDF format. 

The hassle is real. First, you have to find and download resume templates that suit your line of work. Then, when you have access to the template, you realize that it is a PDF document. 

Now, there are two proper ways you can edit a PDF resume template and mold it at your convenience  –

1. Convert the Downloaded file into a Word Document to Edit

Editing a Word document compared to a PDF document is a piece of cake for a user. All you have to do is – 

  • Download the resume template on the PC.
  • Right-click on the file and navigate to Open with option.Open with option after right clicking file
  • Select MS Word from the available apps to open the file. 
  • You will get a prompt that the PDF will be converted to Word, allowing it to continue.
  • After allowing you to access all the fields in the template, you can simply edit it as a Word document, and you’re good to go. 

You can now remove the dummy content in the file and write about yourself. The only downside of this method is that if the file has graphical elements or images, the entire format may get disoriented after the conversion as page sizing and spacing are different.

2. Use Systweak PDF Editor to Edit the Resume Template

Knowing about the downside of editing the PDF in a Word format, you might not be inclined to use the above method. Hence, we recommend you invest in a PDF editor tool that not only helps you edit a document but gives you many tools that you can use at any time in your professional life. 

To edit resume templates using Systweak PDF Editor, simply – 

  • Download and install the Systweak PDF Editor via the link below 
  • Open the downloaded resume template with Systweak PDF Editor. You can do so by launching the app first and using the open PDF option, or simply use the “Open With” option available in the context menu for the file.

    Systweak PDF Editor 

  • After opening the file, click on the Edit tab and use the Edit content option to modify and add your content.Systweak PDF Editor_Edit PDF 
  • Use all sorts of writing and editing tools in the application to make your resume more interesting.
  • After downloading and editing the file, save it as a unique file so you can make changes again.
    save PDF

Systweak PDF Editor is designed to maintain the integrity of a PDF document while allowing the user to edit its contents. If you are looking for a resume builder and thinking of paying a website to do it for you, think again. With this software, you can turn any template into a proper resume in no time.

Download the app today and start your professional journey with the correct decisions. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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