3 Working Ways to Recover Files From Crashed Computer


Oops! Did your PC just crash on you? The sudden shutdown of your PC and the inability to turn it ON can be highly depressing, especially for those who have experienced the situation with their work PCs. That is because sometimes, the only ideal way to recover a PC is to format it.

The first thing that hits your mind when a system crash occurs is that you have lost all your data. Unfortunately, once a system has crashed, nothing else can be done. A user seems to have no choice but to lose data as they do not know if there are any ways to recover files from a crashed computer.

If you are also bothered by a similar problem, don’t burden yourself with worries anymore. In this post, we will be discussing 3 ways that can help bring back files you may have lost due to a crash. 

Recovering Data from a Crashed PC – Is It Possible?

So far, the biggest question on recovering data after a PC crash is whether it is possible. Data recovery is a technique that has existed for quite some time. However, it has recently become accessible to common use thanks to applications like Advanced File Recovery.

This is why recovering deleted or lost files on a Windows PC is possible. Sure, it highly depends on what type of crash your system has gone through.

If the whole incident was based on a hard drive failure, the chances of recovering any data seem too rich to be true. However, if the error occurred due to an operating system failure, or any other hardware issue similar to power failure, the chances of data recovery are high.

That is because the whole concept of recovering data revolves around the health of your hard drive. The data that has been removed always stay available in the memory blocks of a fully functioning hard drive. Hence, if the hard drive is accessible, data can be retrieved quickly.

So now you need to realize what caused your PC to crash. Multiple issues, such as BSOD errors, registry issues in an OS, power supply errors, and laptop battery issues, may have caused your computer to suffer. In all cases, the data lost can be recovered. 

How? Find out in the next section!

How to Recover Files Lost in System Crash? 3 Ways

Now that you know what type of crash your data can survive and whether data recovery from a crashed PC is possible or not, let’s jump into the ways you can recover lost files. 

Method #1 – Try a System Restore on Your PC

If your PC suddenly goes out of power and crashes, Windows allows you to restore your PC to a pristine state. You may have heard of restore points being created on the PC. These points come in handy in such situations.

This is a preliminary method that may help you bring back the data you have lost. It is best effective when an error arises due to the operating system. 

To use the system restore, here’s what you need to do –

Step 1 – Press Windows + R to open the run search
Step 2 – Use the command ‘control’ to open the control panel. type Control command

Step 3 – In the Control Panel, look for recovery and click on it.

look for recovery

Step 4 – In Recovery options, choose System Restore to open the available options for recovery.

System Restore Option

Step 5 – Once the System Restore window appears, click on next to find created restore points.

restore system files and settings
Step 6 – Click and select the restore point available and then click next.

confirm restore point

Step 7- Click on Finish to initiate the recovery process. 

Please note that this process can be of great use only and only when your PC has experienced an operating system crash, and you have lost your Windows settings and desired configuration of the system. In the process, it can help recover minor lost files. Hence this is a preliminary process.

Check out the next two methods for advanced solutions. 

Method #2 – Use a Data Recovery Software (Advanced Method)

As mentioned above, retrieving data after such mishaps has become easy thanks to applications like Advanced File Recovery. Users from across walks of life can use the application and get their data back. This is because the application is easy to use and runs an effective algorithm to help you get back the deleted file. 

To recover files after a crash, simply follow these steps – 

Step 1 – Download the Advanced File Recovery application and install it on your computer.

Step 2 – After installation, run the application, and you will find an easy-to-use interface asking you to select a drive from which you want to recover your data.

Step 3 – Select the folders you want to scan or add a hard drive/partition to scan.
Step 4 – Next, the tool asks you the type of file you want to recover. You can choose a dedicated file format or go with all files.
Step 5 – Click on Start Scan to start identifying deleted files in your drive’s storage blocks.

file recovery in progress
Step 6 – Once the scan is over, you have the option to preview file names and types that have been found.
Step 7 – Select the files you want to recover specifically and click Recover Now. In case you want to recover all, mark them all!

It is that simple! As soon as you click recover now, the process begins. You can let the process run in the background and make the most out of the tool.

Remember that your hard drive only has a short period to recover memory. In case you overuse any portion of the affected hard drive, data recovery may not be possible. 

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Method #3 – Go to Professional Data Recovery Services

If you have lost data completely and do not want to take any action alone, you can connect with professional data recovery service providers. These are highly expensive data recovery solutions but can help you get all your data recovered to its last shred. 

These services require you to detach your hard drive from the system and hand it over to them. The process may take days to finish hence it is inconvenient. However, when there’s nothing that you can do, it is better to leave the job to professionals. 

Advanced File Recovery: Your DIY Solution!

A dedicated data recovery application like Advanced File Recovery can assist you. It is cheap and more effective as compared to other available options. Hence we recommend you opt for the same. 

Download the tool today and forget the anxiety of losing your data again.

With that being said, we have reached the end of this post. Leave your queries in the comments below, and let us know how you recovered data on your PC. 

That’ll be all for this one. Check out more of our posts for such awesome information. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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