5 New Creative Things You Can Do With Your Old PC

5 New Creative Things You Can Do With Your Old PC

Do you have an old PC lying around but don’t know what to do with it? Well, you have reached the right place! 

Isn’t it sad how you outgrow the older devices you wanted so badly? There were times when having a dual-core CPU with 4GB RAM was a dream for many users. But today, you can not run any application smoothly with this configuration, right? Well, that is the boon and bane of technology moving so fast. 

Today you have the fastest processors available, but have you ever wondered what can be done with the older PC? Most users trade their previous-generation laptops and CPUs for cheaper, newer ones. In contrast, some hold on to their devices due to emotional attachment, and some struggle to sell theirs due to cheaper options. 

In all scenarios, people must make the most of the available resources! Your old PC with a lower configuration can be a beneficial resource. How? Well, there are so many things you can do with it!

This post will discuss the top 5 ways to make something creative and valuable out of your old PC.

Let’s jump straight into it!

5 Effective Ways You Can Put Your Old PC to Use

1. Make it a Game Center for Young Ones

The first thing that you can do is turn your PC into a game center for young ones. It might have stuck in your mind too. However, there are certain issues that you might face while doing it. For instance, its configuration, console attaching, optimizing it for gaming, and much more. 

Well, all of these can be overcome in simply a few steps – 

  • Find older components through eBay. They are cheap, useful, and easy to find.

  • If you have an older Playstation or Xbox Console, you can easily use it to combine powers. You can create a PC console that offers computer games only or can also replace your older monitor for a better experience.

  • Lastly, use PC optimization software, like Advanced System Optimizer, and quickly tweak the PC to achieve its best performance. Since you are already not using it, losing data is no issue. Hence you can allow the optimizer to be aggressive and remove files as it sees fit.  pc setup in a room

Once you are done with these three steps, you can set it up in a nice little room where children can come and enjoy it in their leisure time. It might not serve well for the latest games, but it can surely keep the children entertained. 

Remember, if you are a fan of retro PC games, this build can surely be a treat for you!

2. Convert it into a Home Setup for Basic Tasks

Have you ever faced an issue where you wanted a document so badly but couldn’t access it? Probably because it was lying in your older PC at your home. Well, that happens when your old PC is no longer in use. Or you have not shared it with your friends and family. 

Once you have upgraded, remove all your files from the PC and create a common system setup so everyone can access it. It might seem more straightforward, but it can be really effective. 

Create a home PC that does smaller but collective tasks for the family. If there’s a family video call, connect a camera to it. If someone needs a printout of it, connect the printer to it. Create one centralized library of all the family pictures and documents.

You can also create multiple users and segregate their authority on the PC. This gives you parental control. Also, you can create a guest profile for when anyone visits your place and wants to access a PC to send urgent mail or anything at all. 

Do you see what you just did? You created a helpful PC while enhancing your privacy, as you no longer have to share your system with anyone else!

Think about it. Having a central place where all your shareable documents and pictures are available. When you are stuck and need that document, you can simply call at home and ask anyone to mail it from your home PC! 

3. Let the Children of Your House Learn from It

Computers and technology will always be in fashion. Children around you will grow and will require a PC. What do you think you’ll do? Buy them a new PC? You don’t have to if you have an older one lying around.convert your older PC into an education hub for childrenYou can convert your older PC into an education hub for children. Where they can learn ways to use a PC, interact with it, learn about the internet, and so on… Mostly, a child will use a PC to watch a tutorial, complete digital homework assigned to them, or sometimes take online classes (thanks to the pandemic, huh!). Now all of these things do not require any heavy configuration. 

Sure, it might lag, but you can use Advanced System Optimizer to prevent these lags. The hardware is rusty when you have an older PC, and you can expect it to get slow. However, when you optimize the potential of available resources, you know what application you can run smoothly. 

If you have a PC that can handle a browser well, you can convert it into a learning hub.  

4. Try New Mods That You Seem are Risky To Use on Your Main Device

Does new technology and mods excite you? How about installing the latest water cooling mechanism on your PC? What about the RGB cabinet? Can you use a Mac OS on your Windows PC? Or can you mod your PC to use a portion of your hard drive as extended RAM? mods to enhance your PC’s performanceAll these mods seem enticing but not enough to put your $1000 latest PC on the line. 

Looking at the YouTube video by your favorite tech creators, you might have got an idea to try a few mods to enhance your PC’s performance. But the chance of it failing constantly stops you. It is understandable, as you can not compromise your primary device just for your excitement. Correct?

Well, that is where your old PC can prove to be helpful. Use it as your DIY project and start exploring all the possibilities. You can attach the latest mods to introduce better performance, cooling, heat management, RGB lights, and whatnot. You can join multiple components to it and make a supercomputer!!

The possibilities are endless. And the best part is you have already upgraded, which means in case you mess things up, the repercussions are next to zero. 

5. Convert it Into a Piece of Art By Framing it Or Creating a Desk PC

If you have an old PC and you know that none of the above things can be done, there is still time. Your old PC can be used to create an art masterpiece. Convert your pc Into a Piece of Art By Framing it Or Creating a Desk PCYou can find tutorials online to create a PC desk with a glass top just to show off the legacy you hold in the older components. If you have an older PC, you can also get it framed. It can serve as a great piece of art to decorate your workplace or home as you see fit. 

Many users are emotionally attached to their PCs because it was their first PC, someone gifted it to them, or the PC made their idea possible. Either way, they want to keep their unusable PC; thus, making artwork out of it can be a great way to use it. 

It’s Time to Put Your Old PCs to USE!

With that, we have reached the end of this post. The sentiment is something that technology will never be able to overtake. Thus, if you have an older PC that you still keep, even if it is of no use, try putting it to use, and you might give it a second life! 

Also, if you have an older device that is in perfectly usable condition but has slowed down over the years, try using the Advanced System Optimizer. It can give the required optimization and boost its performance instantly!

Download the Advanced System Optimizer today. To read more about it, check out the review here!

Catch you at the next one! Good Luck!

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