How to Stop Frame Drops in OBS

How to Stop Frame Drops in OBS

Streaming online is not a pass time anymore. Many streamers take it seriously, and the same goes for the audience. A seamless experience is a must when it comes to watching a stream. However, while using the most popular streaming setup, the OBS, many users have shared the issue of OBS dropping frames with good internet. It means even when the internet is working fine, there is lagging while streaming. Usually, such errors are linked with internet connectivity, but according to the people who experience frame drops in OBS, the internet is not the issue. 

So what is the problem, then? What causes frame drops in OBS? More importantly, is there a way to stop OBS from dropping frames while streaming? These are some burning questions that we aim to answer through this post. Ensure you read it until the end, as you will find an ultimate solution to fixing frame drops in OBS.

How to stop OBS dropping frames while recording?

The common reason behind the frame drops is the poor internet connection while streaming. However, other reasons can also cause OBS to stutter while recording. Some of them include the following – 

  • Misconfiguration of stream settings 
  • Outdated drivers on streamers’ devices
  • Server Issues in network configuration 

These issues can arise in any PC and have no warnings whatsoever. If you are receiving complaints about frame drops in your streams, despite using a high-bandwidth internet connection, the issue must be either three of them. 

Do not worry; there are ways to stop OBS frames from being missed due to rendering lag. Check out how you can stop frame drops in OBS.

Method #1 – Check the Streaming Server

Dedicated settings can help configure your stream according to the available resources on your OBS system. Try changing those settings to maintain the quality of streams. One of the core changes you can make is to look for a better server, as, after the internet speed, the server plays a crucial role. 

Dedicated servers are available based on the platform you want to stream on. All you have to do is – 

  1. Open OBS and Navigate to File→ Settings.  Open OBS and Navigate to Settings
  2. In Settings, Click on Stream in the Left Panel. Click on Stream in the Left Panel
  3. Firstly choose the service you want to stream on. For example, YouTube, Twitch, etc.
  4. Secondly, choose the server for the same.
  5. If you have been using the automatic selection and facing the issue, choose the regional server from the dropdown menu.

This will instantly move you to a dedicated server where you can have better bandwidth, and eventually, the frame drops should be gone. 

Method #2 – Lower the Streaming Bitrate

The bitrate for any video file defines its pace. Using a higher bitrate might enhance the quality of the video, but issues like frame drops can be observed. What is the point of uploading 4K content if the video is not reaching the user properly?

To maintain the balance, opt for a comparatively lower bitrate.  Here’s how to configure your OBS for the same. 

  1. Open OBS and Navigate to File→ Settings.  Open OBS and Navigate file setting to lower the streaming bitrate
  2. In Settings, Click on Output in the Left Panel. Click on Output in the Left Panel
  3. In the opened settings, you can find the bitrate option.
  4. Lower it as required. You do not need to destroy the video quality completely, simply shed a few bits here and there, and it should be fine. 

You can also set the bitrate to change dynamically with the network. Click on the Advanced tab and tick the “dynamically change bitrate to manage congestion” option.

Method #3 – Try Updating Your Network Drivers

If you get better speeds on your browser, only some applications must receive the same speed. These issues are common when the network drivers used on your PC are not current.

Usually, people need to think specifically about updating their network drivers. Because it is a manual process & updating drivers comes to light when there is an error. Because of this, only a few people use a driver updater tool on their PC. The rest of the users still rely on Windows updates for essential driver upgrades. 

If you are facing frame drop issues on your OBS network driver can be the issue. To update it automatically and keep it updated every time, use Advanced Driver Updater. 

It is a tool that allows you to schedule scans of drivers to check for updates regularly. Here’s how it works – 

  1. Download the application installer from the link below.
  2. Install the software on your PC and run it. 
  3. Click on Start Scan Now to find outdated drivers on your PC.advanced driver updater to stop Frame Drops in OBS
  4. Once the scan is over, all the drivers that require updates are listed. Click on Update all to update outdated driver
  5. Click on update all and wait for all the drivers to finish updating. 

Once the process ends, you can return to your OBS and try a test stream. You will realize that the frame drop issues no longer exist. That is how easily you can overcome the issue. 

Frame Drops in OBS –  FIXED!

Besides the fixes mentioned above, you can always try to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of OBS. Since it is an open-source product, only forums and blogs are your support options. You can also opt for a different application to live stream your screen and record screens on your computer. Talking about that, we have a list of top screen recorders that offer live streaming too. Check them out here!

And with that, we have reached the end of this post. The entire idea behind streaming online is to keep your audience indulged. Frame drops might deviate your audience from the objective. If you face issues, try these fixes, as frame drops might impact your stream poorly.  

Good luck to all the creators and streamers. I hope this helps.

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