Common Data Recovery Myths BUSTED!


If you are familiar with data recovery services and applications, you might have heard many myths about them. Some are too believable, while others just do not make sense. Either way, things may get confusing for an individual with less exposure to such services and who is looking for the best methods to recover data.

In this post, let’s examine some myths and misconceptions about data recovery and identify their reality. 

What is Data Recovery? Is It Possible to Recover Data?

Data is the currency of tomorrow! Several experts might have stated this as everything today works on feeding data. The market for data-oriented services and applications has risen dramatically. Parallel to that, data recovery services and software are also necessary. 

With data’s importance rising rapidly, you need tools and applications that allow you to keep it safe. And what better way than having a program that enables you to recover data even if you have accidentally deleted it? 

Thanks to technological advances, you can easily recover deleted/lost data. 

There are apps you can use to DIY, and then there are recovery experts who manually examine your drives to find and recover lost/deleted data.

However, several conditions need to be met to carry out the process. If someone tells you that every type of data can be recovered, they are lying; if someone tells you no data can be recovered, they are lying, too!

You need to learn about the sweet spot between these two spectrums, and while doing so, you may encounter several misconceptions. What are these myths? Let’s find out in the next section.

5 Myths About Data Recovery & Their Truth!

Myth#1 – You Must Pay Thousands of Dollars for Efficient Data Recovery

Truth – Data Recovery Apps Allow You to Recover Data for Less than $10

One of the most popular myths about data recovery that must be busted is its pricey nature. Several data recovery services play on the delicate nature of data loss and practically “extort” thousands of dollars from their clients just to recover data. A user needing that data has no option but to pay the price.

You may be wrong if you also feel that data recovery costs a lot of money! Optimized data recovery applications such as Advanced File Recovery can recover lost data for less than $10! 

It is one of the easiest ways to recover data, considering that the application is easy to use and allows file recovery format-wise. All you have to do is – 

Step 1 – Download and install the app on your computer.

Step 2 – Launch the app and select the drive from where you want to recover files.

Advanced File Recovery_Home Screen

Step 3—Select the type of data you want to scan. You can use a format or simply choose the Scan All data option.

select data type which you want to recover- Advanced File Recovery
Step 4 – Click on Start Scan to find the deleted data.

scanning files to recover- Advanced File Recovery
Step 5 – Once the scan is over, you may find a list of data you can recover. 

Finally, when you know the files you want to recover, select an output folder and recover them instantly. All of this can be done with a simple subscription to Advanced File Recovery. Try today!

Myth #2 – You Can Recover Data from a Dead Hard Drive

Truth – You Can Only Recover Data from a Working Hard Drive.

A Dead hard drive can have different meanings. Some call physically damaged hard drives dead, while others consider undetected hard drives dead. Either way, if the drive cannot be accessed, the chances of recovering its data are slim. 

That is because applications that allow data recovery need to access the good and bad sectors of the drive to scan it for available shreds of data. If possible, shreds can be reverted to data, and the application runs its algorithm, which makes it work. 

How do you expect an application to recover data for you when it cannot access these sectors in the first place? 

If you have a physically damaged drive that cannot be detected and an app claims you can recover data from the drive, do not fall for the trap. These are just ways to get you to invest in their products. That’s it!

Myth #3 – Using a Freezer to Recovery Data WORKS!

Truth – It is Advised to Keep the Drive Cool While Performing Recovery, but Not in a Freezer.

You can find several articles claiming that cooling down a drive can allow you to bring it back to life. You must avoid these rumors and myths, as the temperature of a dead drive has nothing to do with data recovery. Sure, you need to keep a drive cool while working with it; however, that goes for every other device.

For instance, you would not want your phone to overheat while using it, nor would you want your PC to heat up. It is advised that your drives must maintain a regular temperature; however, freezing is no way of speeding up the recovery process.

If you are performing data recovery on your PC and the drive starts heating up, you may need to slow down the process, as excessive heat can ruin your chances of recovery. However, that does not mean you must put the drive in freezing mode. 

Myth #4 – Data Recovery Services Work Better Than Applications

Truth – Though it depends on the type of drive you are working with, using an application instead of recovery services makes no difference in a regular setting. 

Some users have the misconception that hiring a data recovery service professional will work better than using a data recovery application. In some cases, it may be true, considering physical damage to the drive must be rectified before data recovery.

However, the difference is not as major as you think when it comes to basic data recovery or simply retrieving lost data.

Some major data recovery services often use data recovery applications as a preliminary step to check if any data can be recovered. You can finish the recovery easily with software like Advanced File Recovery, so you do not need to hire advanced services that charge you extra!

Myth #5 – All Data Recovery Methods Work 100%

Truth – No Data Recovery Method Is 100% Accurate

If you urgently need your data recovered and would pay anything to have it done, just keep in mind that no amount of money can guarantee a 100% recovery. 

One of the most common myths about data recovery is that an application may fail, but a data recovery expert never does. In reality, the chances of failure are almost equal in both cases. When you run a recovery process on your drive, you will find some deleted data on your PC. However, the chances of that file being exactly what you were looking for may be low. 

If you want to recover any data you can find on the drive, you will not be disappointed by an application or service provider. However, you might have to compromise if you are specifically looking for a file!

These myths affect many people’s decisions when choosing a recovery application or service. Good for you; you may now make a calculated decision and manage the best results for yourself. If you are looking for instant data recovery apps, you can try Advanced File Recovery, which is highly recommended! 

That’s all for this post. Let us know in the comments if you know of any myths that we must bust! Good luck. 

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