What is Botnet Malware? You Might Be Infected Right Now!

What is Botnet Malware You Might Be Infected Right Now!

You might have heard of cybercriminals taking control of a PC to access data. However, things don’t end here because crooks not only use your data to harm you, but they are using malpractices to take control of your device and scam others.

Botnet is a perfect example of this. For those without a clue, the botnet is a network of controlled devices that a hacker or a cybercriminal uses to run scams on a larger scale. This means while a single hacker would have harmed a single device, with the help of his botnet, he can apply the same at a larger level. 

Another thing that makes it more lethal is that sometimes, even the user is unaware that their device is being controlled. 

So What is the definition of a Botnet? How does a Botnet work? How can you stay safe from it? Well, there is a lot to learn, and you will find it all in this blog. Let’s begin by explaining more about how a botnet can be defined.

What is a Botnet?

Botnet is a term coined by combining two words, “Robot” & “Network.” It infers a network of robots that can be controlled to automate any process anonymously. A botnet is a group of computers connected that can help a hacker to automate mass cyberattacks without having to work more. 

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To understand it in a better way, take the following example – 

Suppose you have to build a wall and only have a single laborer to work on it. The work will take a longer time. What if you could have multiple people working on the same wall? Not only will it finish faster, but it will also make the work efficient. botnet networkThis is the same principle that hackers imply while creating a botnet. Instead of using their own devices to penetrate your security systems, they simply employ a group of devices and iterate the same step multiple times more efficiently. A botnet is a network of hacked devices that serve as controllable robots for a cyber attacker who aims to target many people.

How Does a Botnet Work?

A Botnet is easy to understand. It has a dedicated malware called botnet malware. Whenever a device is infected with it, the device becomes vulnerable and can be easily attacked.

Before we jump into understanding how a botnet is created and how it works, there are a few terms that you should be aware of – 

  1. Bot Herder – It is the initiator of the botnet, the one who collects devices and forms a network to create an automated group of computers that works as a botnet. The bot herder approaches the devices and infects them with malware.How Does Botnet Work
  2. Zombie Computers – These are the devices that the bot herder has already captured. Since the device is no longer in its original state and works as a controlled zombie on the instructions of a bot herder, these devices are termed zombie computers.
  3. Command & Control – This is the centralized source of all the commands sent to the zombie computers. The command and control is the main server used by the bot herder to send commands and get things done. It is their channel of communication. 

Now that you are familiar with these terms, here’s how a botnet usually works – 

Stages of Botnet Working

There are three steps a bot herder uses to attack your PC and make it a part of its botnet. 

  1. Expose – The first step involves exposing your PC’s vulnerabilities to the Botnet Malware. The malware targets the weaker points of your device’s security and affects to the core.

  2. Infect – Once the vulnerabilities are targeted, it becomes easier for the bot herder to infect your device. If you do not have security measures, the PC will get infected with the Botnet malware, and you will not even realize it.
  3. Activate – Now that the bot herder has entered your device, it will access all your general data. Remember that the botnet malware can allow the bot herder to perform administrative tasks on your PC. It slowly starts activating its authority and makes your device a zombie computer. 

This is the simplest way you can understand the working of a botnet. 

How to Keep Your PC Safe from Botnet Malware?

After understanding what a botnet is and how it works, the first question that comes to mind is how you can stay away from it. Well, one can do a few things to ensure that their PC does not become a zombie computer for someone’s botnet. 

These are not just ways but practices that can help avoid a botnet malware attack and other cyber threats. Check them out below!

Practice #1 – Never Click on Links You Receive in Unauthorized Emails or Ad Pop-ups

This is the easiest way both herders try to get into your PC. Spam emails and Sinewedretore.casa ad pop-up links are the most common ways attackers induce malware on your PC. If you ever receive a spam email with a tempting link to open, avoid it. 

You can put in measures to avoid these links from targeting you. Here’s what you can do – 

  1. Use a pop-up blocker on your browser so that the Sinewedretore.casa pop-ups do not appear.  Use a pop-up blocker on your browser
  2. Start marking emails from unknown users as spam. The spam section of your email address is still accessible, so even if there is useful mail, you can retrieve it from there. 
  3. Use online malware detection software. Usually, it is included in an antivirus program, and it can save you a lot. 

T9 Antivirus, for instance, offers an ad pop-up blocker and an online security shield. 

Practice #2 – Enable Vulnerability Monitoring

While using a PC, you have a lot of vulnerabilities exposed to the internet. These vulnerabilities vary from your exposed data stream online to startup applications that may induce malware. 

When you are worried about online threats like phishing, botnet attacks, or any other remote cyber attacks, your PC’s vulnerabilities should be at the top of your “to save” list. enable exploit protectionThe easiest way to monitor and keep all your vulnerabilities intact is to put Exploit Protection in place. You can find the exploit protection shields in an antivirus program. Not to mention, specific exploit protection shields are also available for you to install. If you are looking for a one-stop solution, T9 antivirus can be a choice as it also offers to exploit protection. 

Practice #3 – Always Keep Your PC’s Guards On

By keeping your PC’s guards on, you should always have strong antivirus protection. No matter if the botnet enters your device or not. It will only start infecting when there’s nothing to stop it.

Before converting a device into a zombie, the botnet malware tries to gain access to your PC’s data. If you have a dedicated antivirus or antimalware program that provides a 360 solution to secure your PC, the chances of botnet malware taking over your PC go relatively low. Keep Your PC’s Guards OnEventually, it all boils down to having a solid security system. You can be as careful as you can, but if the malware enters your PC, it is your PC that should be able to handle the malware. T9 Antivirus can help you out with all three practices.

All you have to do is download the application and allow it permission to secure your device. Download the application using the link below!

Other than these 3 practices, being self-conscious is always a plus. Guard your passwords well, do not leave any of the security settings unchanged, and last but not least, always pay attention to your internet security. 

Botnet Malware is Not a Fear Anymore! Thanks to T9 Antivirus

As you might have understood, with the help of a single PC security program, you can easily defeat botnet malware. All you have to do is download the T9 antivirus, and you are good to go. 

The Botnet is the modern way to turn your PC into a culprit of a crime that you never committed. Keeping your PC safe is your responsibility, and now that you are aware of what practices to do, it is completely on you to maintain your security. 

That’s all for this post. If you have questions about a botnet or malware, leave them in the comments below. Good luck!

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