Ways to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error in Windows

Ways to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error in Windows

The video scheduler internal error on Windows PC is a common issue many users face. While the error is easily resolvable, it may lead to a severe BSoD issue if not treated correctly.

Problems with the graphic card and video card have often come across as the ultimate video_scheduler_internal_error cause.  The problem arises when your graphics card or video card drivers start malfunctioning. 

In this blog, let us look at ways you can avoid this error or face the Blue Screen of Death. We will also shed light on the signs you should look for or what errors the video scheduler internal error on boot causes on your computer.

This is What Happens When Video Scheduler Internal Error Occurs –  Beware!

When a video_scheduler_internal_error strikes, there are a lot of hints that you get. Some of the signs are 

  1. Your PC slows down, starts slowing down your games, and often starts flickering screen.
  2. The PC freezes when you launch a graphics-oriented game. 
  3. The PC takes time to restart or come back from sleep mode.
  4. Error often occurs while using Google Chrome.
  5. The Blue Screen of Death occurs, and your PC crashes!

These signs indicate that your video card or graphics card is facing the video scheduler’s internal error. The best way to handle this is to acknowledge that there is a severe issue on your PC and that you need to fix it. As far as the solutions are concerned, find them in the next section!

Easy Ways to Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows

An outdated graphics card driver is the primary cause behind the video scheduler’s internal error on any Windows. However, other things like a malware attack or corrupted files are also a reason behind this error.

Here are the three most straightforward fixes you may require to handle all these issues – 

Fix 1 – Scan Your PC for Malware & Viruses

The first thing to do is run a deep scan on your PC for malware attacks. It is prevalent these days for thousands of users to lose their data to such attacks. However, when things get severe, this malware can easily cause the video scheduler to have an internal error on your PC. 

The easiest way to look for such anomalies is to run a full system scan using your Windows Defender. All you have to do is – 

  1. Press Windows + I on your keyboard to open system settings.  open system settings
  2. In settings, navigate to privacy and security in the left panel.    navigate privacy and security
  3. In that panel, click on Windows Security to find the internal antivirus and scanner. Click on open Windows Security to see all the options for a system scan.  Click to open Windows Security
  4. Once you have opened Windows Security, move to viruses and threat protection.  select viruses and threat protection
  5. In the opened options, click on a quick scan. This will take you to the scanning window. Choose the Microsoft defender window and click on Scan Now to initiate the scan.  click on Scan Now

Once the scan is initiated, let it run, as it will take time. After it finishes, restart your PC. If there were malware causing the error, you would instantly notice enhanced startup speeds on your PC and a better responsive experience. 

Fix 2 – Update Drivers for Graphics Card & Video Card

The entire video scheduler internal error is based on your video card and graphics card. The drivers play a crucial role in creating the interface between the machine and the user; thus, if the drivers are outdated, your PC might need to be fixed. 

To find these driver updates, you have two options – 

1. Look for Driver Updates Manually

Finding driver updates manually has a lot of things to take care of. First, look for the official website of the component you are using. For instance, if you are using an NVIDIA graphics card, log on to their website, search for your graphics card and find the latest driver files.update drivers manually
After filling in all the information, search for the product.  search for the product to download
The search will give you the best-matched option. Download it and install it on your PC.

Once you are done downloading the driver updates for the graphics card, repeat the process for the video card as well.

Downloading drivers manually requires you to install them and then restart the PC on your own Not to mention, if by chance, the file you downloaded is from an unreliable source, it can hamper your PC more instead of fixing the error.

2. Use the Driver Updater Tool to Finish Updates.

The second option is more accessible and more practical in such situations. Installing a driver updater tool is the easiest way to keep track of all the driver updates. Advanced Driver Updater is the best tool that I recommend in such cases. It is simple and effective with features like scheduled scans and multiple driver updates.   

 – After downloading the tool from the link above, all you have to do is –  start scan with advanced driver updater– Run a scan for outdated drivers using the Start Scan Now Button.  driver scanning results– Once the scan is over, all the outdated drivers are listed.    find list of outdated drivers– Click on update all to finish driver updates.

The tool automatically finds, fetches, and installs updates for you. It is the best way to handle your driver updates. You do not have to look for driver files manually. Also, you need not update multiple drivers simultaneously. Once your graphics and video cards are updated, the video scheduler’s internal error is quickly resolved!

Fix 3 – Scan Your PC for Corrupt Files

Corrupt files on your system are another reason that ignites the spark called video_scheduler_internal_error on your PC. These corrupt files can be system or driver files related to your display adapters and drivers.

To scan for these corrupt files, use the SFC command on your PC. Here’s how you do it.

  • Open the start menu and search for Command Prompt.
  • Once you find it, run it as administrator. 
  • In the command prompt, type sfc/scannow
  • This will initiate the system file checker scan.
  • Let the scan finish. It will look for corrupt files and try to fix or eradicate them.
  • Once the scan is over, restart your PC, and you are good to go!

The SFC scan is a great way to filter out all the anomalies on your PC related to duplicate files, and it must approach techniques to deal with fatal errors on Windows. Every issue related to BSoD can be tried to resolve by SFC scanning. 

Fixing Video Scheduler Internal Error is Easy!

You must ensure that your drivers are updated, corrupt files are removed, and there are no viruses or malware on your PC. If you can provide these three things, you are good to go! With the help of this blog, you can achieve these three objectives, which means you can quickly get over the video scheduler’s internal error and the havoc it may cause on your PC. 

We have reached the end of this blog. I hope you find it helpful with your PC error. You can ask anything in the comments below. Catch you at the next one.

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