Unblock YouTube Videos – 6 Ways to Bypass Regional Restrictions


Are you unable to watch a specific YouTube video in your country?

This can be due to geo restrictions and network filters.  However, there is nothing to worry about, as in this step-by-step guide, we will explain 6 different ways to unblock YouTube videos in your country.

Each one of us wants to access YouTube videos without any restrictions. However, not all the media uploaded on YouTube can be accessed by all due to geo-restrictions imposed by YouTube or video owners. But this doesn’t mean you need to be stressed over how to watch YouTube videos by unblocking them. You can access blocked content using a proxy, VPN, and other tools. However, before you use either of the ways, check whether using these tools is legal in your country.

Why Are YouTube Videos Blocked?

YouTube Video Blocked

YouTube videos can be blocked for various reasons. Usually, to comply with local laws, YouTube blocks specific videos. In addition, video owners (due to licensing rights) block videos, age restriction, location restriction, or network restriction set up by the organization or school prevents viewers from watching YouTube videos.

6 Best Ways To Watch Restricted YouTube Videos

YouTube videos can be unblocked in several ways. You can unblock YouTube via proxy, or VPN, install the TOR browser, and others. Here are the 6 best ways to unblock video content on YouTube.

1. Unblocking YouTube Content Using VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is the most secure and safe way to unblock YouTube. It masks your IP address and encrypts data preventing YouTube from detecting your real location.

There are different VPNs available in the market that help stay anonymous. However, for unblocking websites and YouTube videos, you need a specialized VPN like Systweak VPN which offers excellent security features and allows unblocking YouTube videos without disclosing your digital identity.

Features – Systweak VPN

systweak vpn

  • VPN Providers – SystweakVPN
  • Compatible Platform – Windows
  • Streaming sites unblocked – Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, etc.
  • Number of servers – 4500+
  • Server Locations – 200+
  • Countries – 53+
  • Maximum Devices Supported – Unlimited
  • Money-Back Guarantee – 30 days
  • Technical Support – Yes
  • Time-Limited Deal – $71.40 15 Months
  • Website URL

Benefits of Using Systweak VPN

  • 100% Online Anonymity & Data Privacy
  • Unrestricted Global Content
  • Unlimited & Anonymous Web Browsing
  • IKev2
  • IP Address Masking
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Kill Switch
  • Public Wi-Fi Security
  • Open VPN

Note: Systweak VPN is unavailable in some countries as the governments are asking to keep customer logs and share them, which is against the policy of Systweak VPN

How to Unblock YouTube Videos Using Systweak VPN?

Systweak VPN provides fast servers in multiple countries, and you can switch between them using its user-friendly interface. This helps access YouTube videos regardless of the reason why they are blocked.

The VPN is fast, safe, and works on a no-log policy. To use the VPN, you need to download it > create an account and then follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the Systweak VPN account.
Systweak VPN
Step 2: You will be automatically connected to the best server. Click the down arrow next to the country flag to switch to another country.
Systweak VPN_
Step 3: Wait for the status to change to Connected.
Step 4: After that, try accessing restricted YouTube and unblock videos.

This is the quickest way to get past country restrictions. However, if you want, you can try other methods too.

2. Smart DNS

smart DNS

Smart DNS is a service that replaces the DNS provided by your ISP with a different server. You can change DNS on Windows in 3 ways. Doing so will help restrict access content because the restricted website considers the request coming from a different location.

3. Download YouTube Videos

Another quick way to watch restricted content is to download YouTube videos. This way, you can enjoy it even when it is blocked in your country. Alternatively, you can use third-party sites and apps designed to save YouTube clips.

4. Use Google Translate

google translate

You can even use Google Translate to unblock YouTube videos. If your network admin does not allow downloading a VPN or proxy, this method comes to your rescue.

Note : This method only works when you visit the Google Translate web page.

Here’s how to use Google Translate to unblock YouTube videos.

  1. Open the Google Translate webpage.
  2. Paste the URL of the blocked video in the address bar.
  3. Choose any language as from and English as To.
  4. Click the link that you see on the right side. This will open the YouTube video if unblocked.

Google Translate Unlock YouTube video

This method comes in handy when bypassing restrictions imposed by organizations or schools.

5. Try TOR


Tor browser, by redirecting the web traffic through its own server, allows you to remain anonymous while surfing the web. Although it slows down your internet connection, yet is the primary way to access the dark web as it makes your IP address untraceable. However, there’s a limitation you cannot choose the country from which you want to be connected.

6. Proxy


Like VPNs, you can use proxy servers to unblock YouTube videos. However, it is as secure as VPN, as it slows down the connection speed and doesn’t encrypt data. But if you are okay with taking the risk, you can use a proxy to watch restricted music and videos on YouTube. You can use a free proxy extension, use a proxy browser, or web proxies to unblock streaming content.

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YouTube Sites Unblocked

Using these methods, you can easily unblock YouTube videos. However, if things get complicated, use a mobile hotspot to unblock YouTube. This method will temporarily make your phone a wireless access point that will let you access all the sites without restriction.

Note : This option will drain the phone's battery and data. So, use it wisely.

In addition to this, you can use free YouTube unblockers but remember they leave your data vulnerable and are not safe to use. If you use a free VPN or a free YouTube unblocker your privacy and data will always be at risk. As a solution to this problem, you can use Systweak VPN to unblock YouTube videos without compromising privacy and data. So, what are you waiting for? Apply the explained fixes and watch YouTube videos without any restrictions in your country.

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