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Last month on April 28th, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), the country’s cyber watchdog, issued new guidelines for the VPN service providers in the country. The directive asked companies offering virtual private networks (VPN) to record and store the details of their users. Since then, it has been criticized by various companies and sections of society. As anonymity is an essential factor of VPN, the new guidelines will altogether remove anonymity, permitting CERT-In to ask these service providers to furnish user data such as name, address, phone number, email, etc.

In this regard, Systweak expressed its reservation against the new bill, saying it abides by the no-log policy and is committed to protecting customer privacy. If there is no option left, the company is willing to withdraw its services from the country as it is committed to abiding by the rules.

Systweak VPN leaves the Country.

“We value our users’ privacy and data security and are committed to protecting it. We are also committed to abiding by the law of the country and respect the decision of the Government of India in the wake of rising security concerns. Therefore, we are pulling off the Systweak VPN from the market and the servers from India,” an official from Systweak said. The company has a global network and servers worldwide, which cater to both Indian and international users.

Since the new guidelines infringe user privacy, they don’t want to be a part of online privacy violations and oppose any efforts to undermine such technologies.

Alongside Systweak VPN, other companies have also expressed their objection and are ready to withdraw the services. But Systweak is the first to take this step as the move aimed at preventing cybersecurity breaches is hurting user privacy and is a roadblock to staying anonymous. The company respects the country’s laws and is committed to abiding by the nation’s rules.

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