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Using Canon printers is one of the easiest things to do on a PC. All you have to do is plug it in and you are ready to go. However, sometimes even the simplest of things become complicated. That is exactly what happens when the Canon MX922 printer is missing the latest driver updates.

If you use a Canon printer and have been facing multiple issues, there are chances that your device requires driver updates. In this post, we are going to let you know exactly how to update your Canon MX922 drivers and install them easily. 

But before we tell you that, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it is important to keep your printer drivers updated.

Why Should You Regularly Update Your Canon MX922 Printer Drivers?

Keeping all your device drivers updated has its own advantages. If we talk specifically about printer drivers, it can help have a smooth execution of all your prints. Using a printer appears to be so easy as all you have to do is press Ctrl + P and the print utility is there to assist you.

Well, that is not always the case as the printer itself is unable to communicate properly with the PC. They need updated drivers to perform even the basic tasks. 

Updating your Canon MX922 drivers is important because an outdated driver can cause it to malfunction anytime. Some of the issues that you might face are – 

  1. Print command not responding 
  2. You keep clicking on Print but the printer does not work.
  3. Connectivity issues between the printer and your PC
  4. Laggy interface 
  5. No support for your print requests 

The errors are endless. You might have observed how your printer starts acting weird often when you really want it. That happens usually because the drivers are outdated. So how do you update Canon MX922 drivers? Let’s find out in the next section!

Ways to Update & Install Canon MX922 Printer Drivers

Way #1 – Update Canon MX922 Printer Drivers Using Device Manager.

Step 1- Press Windows + R to bring up the run search.
Step 2 – In Run Search, use the command devmgmt.msc and press enter to open Device Manager.

type devmgmt command
Step 3 – In the Device Manager, find Print queues > expand it to find your printer. Right-click on it.
Step 4 – You will find the option that says, Update driver.update printer driver
Step 5 – Click on Update Driver and select “Search automatically for updated driver software” when asked for the source of drivers. search automatically for drivers
Step 6- Follow on-screen instructions to update the driver. 

This way, you will be able to use the inbuilt utility of Windows to find the latest driver updates for your Canon MX922 printer.

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Way #2 – Download Canon MX922 Printer Driver Updates Using Advanced Driver Updater

Step 1 – Download Advanced Driver Updater on your PC using the button below

Step 2 – Install the tool on your PC and run it.

start scan using advanced driver updater

Step 3 – Find the Start Scan Now button & click on it to initiate the scanning process.

scanning is in progress

Step 4 – Let the scan run and compare existing drivers to the latest on the tool’s server.
Step 5 – After the scan, you will have a list of outdated drivers.

outdated drivers found
Step 6 – Click on Update All to update these drivers.

This will help you update the correct drivers. When you use Advanced Driver Updater, you can even update other drivers. Convenient enough, right? So, what are you waiting for? Get the best driver updater today and start updating outdated drivers on your PC. 

Way #3 – Find Drivers From the Canon’s Offical Website

If you are OK with the manual downloading of drivers, you can go to the official website of Canon and find download the driver update for your Canon MX922 drivers. The process is simple enough. However not as direct and convenient as Advanced Driver Updater so give it a thought!

Refresh Your Canon MX922 Printer Drivers to Revive Its Performance!

Updating your printer drivers is easy as long as you know what approach to follow. The above section offers three approaches to assist you with your job. Choose any one of these and you will be fine. 

The Canon MX922 printer is quite capable when it comes to printing. Don’t let a simple driver error compromise its potential on your PC. Download the drivers today and make the most out of it!

That brings us to the end of this post. If you found this interesting, stay tuned as we keep bringing such blogs for our readers! Thanks for reading, Good luck!

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