Signs That You Have Landed on a Fake Website – And How to Stay Away From Them


Online scams have increased rapidly, with the internet becoming the go-to space for all your concerns and queries. That is because users online tend to believe in websites that come up during a search. However, every website that you see is not necessarily genuine. Yes, planted services and domains are there to deceive you. 

You may have heard of online scams where websites are cloned, and a user is fooled into clicking links to fake websites. Eventually, it all circles back to your internet security and awareness. While opting for expensive security measures may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no harm in staying vigilant and aware. 

In this post, let us look at some signs that will help you identify a fake website when you see one. We will also try to understand how to avoid such issues and what security measures you should have.

Without any further delay, let’s begin!

Signs That You Are on a Fake Website

No matter how creatively hackers clone a website, there are always telltale signs that users can identify and save themselves. For instance, you can identify the authenticity of a website by examining its link. Many hackers tend to deceive a user by using a similar domain name. For instance, you may get a link to, but either it is .co, or one of the o’s in the spelling is replaced by a 0. While it may appear to be a minute thing to authenticate, it still makes all the difference. 

Similarly, there are several signs that you should pay attention to. These include – 

1. Missing security protocol HTTPS

Before any website URL, you might have seen the HTTPS extension. The S here signifies the security protocol in use. Remember that any website with a missing S in the HTTP is unsafe to interact with. So check this as soon as you have a URL to open.

2. Missing TLS/SSL certificates and site information

The TLS/SSL certificates on any website can be of great help in identifying the authenticity of a website. All you have to do is –

Step 1 – Open the website
Step 2 – Use the padlock icon on the URL bar to find site information
Step 3 – Click on it to find certificate information. 

Note : It may differ depending on the browser you are using.

3. Source of the link

It is crucial to understand that the link’s source plays a crucial role. If you have received the link with spam mail or from an unknown source, it may be a fake website. Also, if someone sends you a link to a popular domain and insists that you open the website from that particular link only, it is a red flag. If someone you know sends you the link, you may fall into the trap, but other signs might help you.

4. Irrelevant Content on the Website

Scammers are only after your money or data. They do not care about the quality of the website or the content on it. This is actually where most scammers make a mistake. If you have received a website that looks fishy, try clicking on other pages to find out if there are loopholes in the content. You may find a few sections that make no sense and are just there to give you an illusion of the original website. 

Other than these signs, you can always check the link using a website authenticator if it does not seem good. These are the easiest signs that you may come across. 

How Can You Keep Yourself Safe From Such Websites

Now that you know what you should look for, avoiding websites intended to deceive you should be easy. While they help analyze, you might not be able to check everything every time you open a link. That is because it is not in the habit of analyzing a link when you receive it. The internet has made everyone so impatient that as soon as something is accessible, a user tends to click it. 

So, how do you keep yourself in such a situation? Well, protecting your internet and making it secure are the first steps that may help you out. The cheapest and easiest way to do so is using Systweak VPN. How?

Well, Systweak VPN is a virtual private network client that has hundreds of servers from across the globe. When you connect to one, your IP address is replaced by a spoof IP. This means your data is always intact, even if you click on one such website.

systweak vpn

Not to mention, the VPN changes your location as well. This means if someone has sent you a website created for a specific area, it will not open or give you an error due to location issues. The VPN has military-grade encryption, which makes it more secure to use. 

Other than using a VPN client, you can invest in an antivirus that protects you from real-time online issues. One may have to spend thousands of dollars to attain proper protection, considering cyber security options are available. However, if you’re looking for something instant and worthy, Systweak VPN is the best option. 

Keep the signs in mind and know what to check. Download Systweak VPN today to secure your PC! Hope this helps you with your concerns about spotting a fake website and ways you can avoid them. Thanks for reading. Good luck, stay safe!

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