How to Fix Genshin Impact, Audio Cutting Out Issues On PC


Genshin Impact is a popular game that interests thousands of gamers worldwide. Several users have shared that they cannot hear the characters speaking or background music while playing the game. It is unusual with any game as audio plays a crucial role in creating an immersive experience, especially in action role-playing games like Genshin Impact. 

If you are facing similar issues with Genshing Impact or the audio keeps cutting out while playing the game, this post is correct! In this one, we will discuss why it happens and how you can eliminate this issue. Without further ado, let’s begin!

What Causes the Issues on PC

The Genshin Impact audio cutting-out issues only have two core bases: either caused by hardware failure or incompatibility and misconfigured settings. However, these are umbrella terms for the issues that may have caused the error on your computer. 

Some of the other core reasons that you should be worried about include – 

  • Outdated audio drivers acting up
  • Improper in-game audio settings 
  • Issues with the chosen audio device
  • Other apps occupying the audio source
  • Outdated game definitions

Fortunately, all of these can be eliminated by following the fixes below. 

Ways to Fix Genshin Impact Audio Cutting Out Issues on PC

Before we jump into the core fixes directed toward a dedicated issue, you should quickly try the basic fixes. These will help you get rid of the issue and establish whether it is just a glitch or one of the issues mentioned above. 

For starters, restart your game when you encounter the issue on your PC. If that does not work, try restarting your PC to ensure all the background services are closed and restarted.  This way, if there is a glitch in the audio settings of your PC, they will be instantly reset, and you can enjoy the Genshing Impact Audio again.

If restarting your game and your PC does not work, do not worry; it is now time to jump to the technical fixes. Take a look.

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Fix 1 – Check the In-Game Audio Settings

The first thing to check is your in-game audio settings. While the default ones are usually fine, there are chances that you might have changed them to support hardware and get rid of the few effects. 

It is best to restore them to default, as even the slightest changes can cause audio-cutting issues in Genshin Impact. Simply follow these steps – 

Step 1 – Launch the game on your computer and look for the Paimon’s menu.

Paimon’s menu
Step 2 – Spot the gear icon on your screen and click on it to find more options.
Step 3 – From the left panel of the settings menu, click on Audio to explore the settings.

settings menu in Genshin Impact
Step 4 – Configure the audio volumes accordingly and ensure you do not leave any volume too low or mute.

Once you have made the changes or reverted the changes you had made, simply save them and exit the settings. You should now be able to hear the audio tracks and effects properly. 

Fix 2 – Ensure No Other App is Using the Audio Source

Sometimes, the conflict between resources used by different apps can cause the Genshin Impact audio cutting-out error. You see, if there is another application using your PC’s audio source, there are chances that the game audio will suffer. Hence, the best way to handle this situation is to close all the applications in the background. 

Sometimes, the app may also bother your experience while running in the background, so simply clicking on the cross icon may not be enough to close these apps. Here are the steps that may help you out – 

Step 1 – Check your Taskbar to spot all the running apps and close them individually.
Step 2 – After that, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.

task manager current task

Step 3 – Check for the applications using your audio sources.

click on end task

Step 4 – Select the app and click on End Task to stop its background processing.

After shutting down the process, refresh the PC and launch the game immediately. As soon as you launch it, you will realize the sound is working correctly if it does not, do not worry, as we do have other fixes as well.

Fix 3 – Update Audio Driver on Your Device

The audio driver is responsible for properly functioning sounds on your PC. Without these drivers, no connected hardware would work properly. Not to mention, you cannot resolve the issue by resetting the hardware or software settings if the audio driver is not functioning properly. 

Wondering how to update audio drivers on Windows? Well, it is a complex process for an average user. However, we might have a more efficient way! Advanced Driver Updater is one of the most preferred driver updater tools that works in just 3 steps – 

Step 1 – Download and Install the app on your PC.

Step 2- Run a scan to find out about the current outdated drivers on your PC. This scan will detect the Audio driver, too, if it is outdated.

start scan using advanced driver updater

Step 3 – After you have scanned and got the results, simply click on Update All. 

This way, you can initiate the driver update process easily. Once your audio driver is updated and sorted, you can easily get rid of the Genshin Impact audio not working error on your PC. This will also help you resolve other issues on your PC, so that’s that!

Eventually, after trying all the basic and advanced fixes, you can handle the Genshin Impact audio cutting-out issues on your PC. If you need any more assistance with these fixes, please drop us a line. That will be all for this post. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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