How To Scan Windows For Malware


Do you think your Windows 10 is infected? Here’s how to scan Windows for malware.

Are you experiencing poor PC performance, application crashes, frequent pop-ups, or is it acting up? Yes, there is a possibility that your Windows system is infected.

Worry not; malware can be cleaned in different ways. This guide will help you learn the signs of malware and how to scan your PC for malware running Windows 10.

What is Malware? 

Malware is an umbrella term under which different types of nasty threats like – viruses, adware, Trojan horses, spyware, ransomware, worms, and more exist.

In short, it is malicious software designed to harm a PC, network, or server. When a system is infected with malware, that data becomes vulnerable and is prone to attack. Due to this, nasty actors benefit from malware to take control of sensitive information like usernames, passwords, financial information, and other details. In addition, some viruses are created to lock the user out of their computer until a ransom is paid, which is called ransomware.

Signs Your Windows 10 is Infected By Malware

Different signs are looking at which one can tell if Windows 10 is infected with malware. Some of these signs are as follows:

  • Slow PC performance.
  • Applications take time to start.
  • Windows PC keeps crashing.
  • Spam messages received on social media.
  • New extensions get installed without the user’s knowledge.
  • Slow internet connection than usual.
  • When the PC is idle, the computer fan keeps running.
  • Several pop-up ads.
  • Unknown applications get installed without users’ consent.

Note : The above signs can also arise due to a technical glitch. However, there’s no harm in taking preventive measures. We recommend you regularly scan your PC for malware to stay protected from malicious threats that might harm your system and data.

A recommended way to protect the system is to run T9 Antivirus, an advanced antivirus tool that offers real-time scanning, exploit protection, startup item scanning, web protection, and other security features.

How to scan Windows 10 for Malware?

1. Download and install T9 Antivirus.

2. Run one of Windows’s best virus protection and security tools.

Note : To download the latest database definitions, you need to be online.

3. Click SCAN Now to check Windows for malware and other nasty threats.

T9_Home Screen

4. Wait for the scan to finish.

T9 Antivirus_performing Quick Scan

5. The tool will quarantine detected threats.

Note : T9 offers three scanning modes:

Quick Scan – checks common areas of the PC for threats.

Deep Scan – thoroughly scanning Windows PCs for viruses, malware, and other malicious threats.

Custom Scan – allows the user to select which directory to scan for virus.

T9 Antivirus_Quick Scan

You can use any of them to scan the Windows PC for malware and clean the infections.

Alongside scanning the system for malware using T9 Antivirus, you can scan Startup items for infections, optimize PC, shred fiels and install the offered StopAllAds browser extension to block unwanted ads.

T9 Antivirus_Add-ons

This way, you can scan and clean malware from Windows 10 PC.

But this raises the question of why third-party software should be used when Windows offers a security tool, right?

Why use a third-party Malware and Virus Remover?

The short answer is Windows Defender does not offer advanced features like the ones provided by third-party security tools. Moreover, these removal tools are robust and offer all-around protection. The database definitions are updated regularly, and their scan engine is advanced.

In this case, T9 Antivirus, the best security tool for Windows, offers the following features:

  • Malware Protection
  • Exploit Protection
  • Scheduler
  • Domain Exclusion List
  • Firewall Protection
  • Browser Extension to stop intrusive ads
  • Whitelisting and more

This means you can fine-tune this security tool to meet specific needs and perform the type of scan you want. Moreover, the database definitions are updated regularly at a time interval and are light on system resources. This gives the user peace of mind.

This professional security tool allows Windows users to scan their PCs for malware and quarantine them. Not only this, but users can even check the scan logs, and if an important file is deleted, it can be restored via the quarantine list.

To access these advanced features, click the three stacked lines in the top left corner and select the options according to the need.

This helps run the security tool as you want and stay protected from malware. This way, you can scan for malware and secure data from infection.

If you still think Windows Defender is enough, try T9 Antivirus and see how it performs. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. We will be happy to help.

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