How to Recover Deleted and lost Music Files on PC


Despite the popularity of streaming networks, many individuals still choose to download and keep their music locally on PC. This puts your files at risk of being lost or deleted accidentally.

Luckily, you can get back deleted music and other file types using data recovery software. This post talks about these solutions and how to use Advanced Disk Recovery, the best music recovery software & retrieve lost music files.

Can Music Files Be Recovered?

In general, music files, even when lost or deleted, can be retrieved. Deleting a music file or any other file is the same as throwing a piece of paper in the trash.

When you let go of the sheet of paper, it does not vanish into thin air. Instead, it remains in the garbage can until emptied. This means at any time till then; that. If the Recycle Bin is not cleared out, you can still recover lost audio files from it.

To learn how to do that, read below.

Best Ways to Restore Deleted Music Files From Windows PC

Method 1 – Restore Music Files From Recycle Bin

1. Open Recycle Bin by double-clicking its icon present on the Desktop.

recycle bin

2. Look for the deleted music file you need to restore.
3. Right-click > Restore.

deleted files

This will restore the file to its original location.

Tip: If the File History option is activated on the system before deleting a file, you can recover deleted files from Windows 10 from an emptied Recycle Bin. File History is a new file backup feature available in the latest versions of Windows operating systems. To use it, follow these steps:

1. Type File History in the Search bar and select Restore your files with the File History option.

restore files
2. Click on the History button and view the recently deleted files.
3. Select the file you want to recover and hit the Restore button.
4. This will put back the selected files to their original location.

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Method 2. Use Advanced Disk Recovery the Data Recovery Software for Windows

Contrary to popular belief, files deleted from Windows do not always wind up in the Recycle Bin. For example, when you hit Shift + Delete, the files are moved to a different location on the hard drive, making them hidden—though not permanently wiped.

The only way to recover such deleted files is to use data recovery software for Windows. These tools are designed with a data recovery algorithm that makes accessing data from hidden locations possible. This means the music files you think are permanently gone will still be restored using Advanced Disk Recovery software.

Advanced Disk Recovery conceals the complicated data recovery process behind a single button. It identifies recoverable data. It doesn’t matter what type of storage device the audio files are deleted; it scans internal hard drives, USB flash drives, & SD cards.

Besides recovering Mp3 files, Advanced Disk Recovery can recover hundreds of other file formats, including

To use Advanced Disk Recovery and restore permanently deleted music files, here are the instructions:

Note : To make recovering lost audio files from laptops and PC possible, Advanced Disk Recovery provides two options to scan - Quick Scan and Deep Scan In contrast to Deep Scan, Quick Scan is faster. While Deep Scan is time-consuming. These scanning types make it a reliable music recovery software. Also, the powerful data recovery algorithm helps recover all types of data, including audio files, from any storage device.

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How To Use Advanced Disk Recovery?

1. Download, install and launch Advanced Disk Recovery.

2. Select the areas and drive you to wish to scan for deleted music files.

Advanced Disk Recovery
3. You can select from two options. Pick the one that suits your needs.

Advanced Disk Recovery scan type

We recommend that you run Deep Scan.

4. Once scanning mode is selected, click Scan now and let the scan finish.

adr scan done
5. Review scan results, select the music files to recover > hit the ‘Recover’ button.

adr file found
6. Select a location to save the recovered audio files. It should be different from the drive you are recovering from.

adr file save

After recovering the files, Advanced Disk Recovery will show a confirmation message.

recover deleted file

These are the steps to restore deleted music files using Advanced Disk Recovery. In addition to this, with the help of this powerful data recovery software, you can restore hundreds of different file formats from nearly any storage device. In other words, Advanced Disk Recovery is an excellent solution for all types of data recovery operations, not simply MP3 recovery.

Bonus Tip: How to Prevent Accidental Deleting Audio Files

Now that you know how to recover lost audio files using music recovery software, we want to share some quick tips on how to avoid facing such situations:

1. Always keep a backup of your audio files.
2. Use a good antivirus
3. Please don’t delete any file carelessly
4. Keep a copy of essential files on cloud storage


The above post explains the 2 best ways to restore your deleted music files. Advanced Disk Recovery is the best and easiest option for recovering your lost files. Advanced Disk Recovery from Systweak can help recover any lost file types, including video, music, images, Excel files, PDFs, and Word documents.

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