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Recording videos and clips from Chrome is something every user wants to do. Every once in a while, we come across a piece of content or information that we want to keep. However, saving it directly is not always an option. That is where the ability to record videos on Chrome comes in handy. 

Capturing videos on Chrome is not easy, considering no internal tools are available to do the job. Sometimes, even the external tools do not work on it as there are restrictions of all sorts. 

So how can one record videos from Chrome? That is precisely the question we aim to answer. By the end of this post, you will be able to clip videos in Chrome without any issues. 

How to Record Videos on Chrome

Videos on Chrome can be recorded using different techniques. Below we explain how you do it using the built-in tool, free screen recording software, and a premium tool like Advanced Screen Recorder that allows you to record videos, gameplay, webcam, take screenshots, schedule and auto stop, auto split recording, and much more. 

Method 1 – Use Advanced Screen Recorder Tool

To record anything on your PC, you will need a screen recorder tool capable of doing so. There are hundreds of applications available in the market. However, regarding features and reliability, Advanced Screen Recorder is the first name that comes to mind. 

You can easily record videos on Chrome by using the Advanced Screen Recorder. The tool offers many features that make it super easy to use.  ( Complete Details about the tool

Here’s how it works – 

Step 1 – Download the Advanced Screen Recorder from the following link.

Step 2  – Once the application is installed, as you launch it, you will find a quick tutorial that makes you familiar with the application’s user interface.
Step 3 – Now that you know what works, simply open the steps or videos you want to record in Chrome.

Different capturing modes-Advanced Screen Recorder
Step 4 – To record a tutorial video, click the red Record button on the tool and start performing your steps. In case you plan to capture a meeting or a video directly, you can start the recording and then go ahead with the meeting or play the video.

recording started
Step 5 – Once done recording, bring up the application and end the recording or click the Red square on the mini toolbar to stop recording.

Advanced Screen Recorder
Do not worry about the beginning and the ending of the video recording. Advanced Screen Recorder offers inbuilt edit options to trim the video as you see fit.

Please note – You might want to disable Hardware Acceleration from your Chrome settings to ensure that videos are captured. Several users have complained that when trying to capture a video, they get nothing but a black screen. Disabling the hardware acceleration will resolve that issue completely.

To turn it off, launch Chrome > click the three dots > Settings > System > toggle off the switch next to Use hardware acceleration when available. toggle switch

Advanced Screen Recorder also allows you to record videos in 4K, so you do not have to worry about the quality of the file. Such ease of access with quality is what makes Advanced Screen Recorder the number one tool to record videos.

Method 2 – Use Inbuilt Screen Recorder in Windows 11

Another option that you can use is the Xbox Game Bar which serves as the inbuilt screen record on Windows 10 and 11. It is more of a gaming tool that lets you capture your games better. However, it can help you record videos from Chrome as well. To record videos with the Xbox Game Bar, all you have to do is – 

Step 1 – Go to the tab where you want to start recording your video.
Step 2 – Press Win+G to bring up the Xbox Game Bar. If you have not used it ever on your PC, you might want to search for it in the start button and open the application once to enable the shortcut for the next time.

open Xbox Game Bar
Step 3 – In the opened bar, you can find a camera icon, click on it to find capture options.

camera icon in Xbox game bar
Step 4 – You can use the camera button to click a screenshot or you can use the dot button as a recorder.

Since the Xbox Game Bar is used to record and capture gameplay, the user tools are limited to gaming. Hence using it for Chrome purposes might not be as useful as the Advanced Screen Recorder however, it can do the job for you. 

Method 3 – Record Videos on Chrome with OBS

Another popular tool for broadcasting and live streaming, OBS is also a screen-capturing application. It surely finds its place among the top screen broadcasting tools as almost every popular live streamer uses it to host their streams, curate highlights, and create reaction videos. 

To record videos on Chrome with OBS, all you have to do is – 

Step 1 – Install the OBS application from the official source. It can be found with a quick search.
Step 2 – You can find a dedicated browser option in the tool that can help you record and stick to the screen. Simply open the tool and look for the + icon to find the option.
Step 3 – Using the + icon, you can add the browser to your recording list. You are required to copy the URL of the tab you want to record. As soon as you do that, you can find the Chrome window appearing on your screen.
Step 4 – Before you record, you get an option to choose the recording screen size. Set as per requirement and start recording.
Step 5 – End the recording using the options available at the bottom of your screen. 

Since the tool is complicated to use, it reaches not even close to the accessibility that Advanced Screen Recorder provides. However, it surely is an excellent tool for someone looking to create a live broadcast and cut highlights from the same. If you aim to do that with Chrome videos, you can definitely opt for OBS.

Things to Remember While Recording Videos on Chrome

Now that you know how to record videos on Chrome, there are a few things that you must understand. 

  1. Recording videos that have a copyright and using them for professional purposes is strictly prohibited. It is against the law as the copyright holder can sue you for infringement. So make sure you keep things that you record to yourself.
  2. Recording meetings or private calls without the consent of all the parties is again a big NO! Doing so can be registered as a violation of others’ privacy that may land you in trouble.
  3. While recording your Chrome window, make sure you take care of your privacy as Chrome usually has all the pieces of information related to your saved passwords, your email inbox, social ids, etc.

Now with everything out of the way, we have reached the end of this post. Download the Advanced Screen Recorder now to record videos on Chrome easily. 

Hope you find this blog helpful. Good luck!

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