Pacific Drive Not Launching: How To Fix


Rarely will you find a PC game that makes driving as enjoyable, engaging, and adventurous as Pacific Drive does. But just as you are all set to dive into the mysterious section of the Pacific Northwest, you encounter an issue: You are not able to launch Pacific Drive on your PC. You’d rather get swallowed by adventure than bump into a game stuck on the loading screen, wouldn’t you? 

That’s what this post’s for. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best ways to make Pacific Drive work again – 

Pacific Drive Refuses To Launch? Here Are The Fixes

Method No. 1 – Check If Your Computer Meets System Requirements

Unable to launch Pacific Drive on your computer? It could be that your computer doesn’t meet the system requirements to launch the game. In fact, before installing and launching any game, we urge you to ensure that your system meets the requirements. For instance, your computer should have these specs to play Pacific Drive. Apart from the requirements mentioned in the screenshot below, it is also recommended that your GPU be released after 2018.

pacific drive system requirements

How Do I Check My Computer’s Specs?

Step 1 – Press the Windows + R keys to the Run dialog box.
Step 2 – In the dialog box, copy and paste msinfo32 and press Enter.

type Msinfo32 command

Step 3 – From here, you will be able to ascertain your OS version, processor, memory, and all the other aspects.

system information

Method No. 2 – Update Graphics Card Driver

If Pacific Drive is not launching, it could be because of corrupted or outdated graphics drivers. The best bet is to use a driver updater tool to check that. Advanced Driver Updater, for instance, is one of the best driver Updater tools for Windows 11/10 PCs. 

Here is how you can scan and update the graphics driver using Advanced Driver Updater – 

Step 1 – Download Advanced Driver Updater and run the installation file. 

Step 2—From the home screen, click on the Start Scan Now button. Advanced Driver Updater will now scan your computer for outdated drivers. Once the scan process is complete, the driver updater tool will list all the outdated drivers.

start scan using advanced driver updater

Step 3 – First, uncheck all the other drivers from the list. To do that, uncheck all the checkboxes by clicking the checkbox next to Driver Details.

Advanced Driver Updater_update driver

Step 4 – Locate the outdated graphics driver, select the checkbox next to it, click the Update driver button, and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Once you have updated the driver, restart your computer and check if you can launch Pacific Drive on your computer. 

Method No. 3 – Check for Overheating

Overheating can often cause gameplay issues. So, if Pacific Drive is not launching on your PC or if other games or applications are creating issues, you can check for overheating issues, as shown in the post.

Method No. 4 – Repair Game Files

If you cannot launch Pacific Drive or if it is stuck on the loading screen, the game files associated with Pacific Drive have become corrupted. To repair corrupted files, follow the steps mentioned below – 

Step 1 – Launch Steam
Step 2 – Go to the Library

Library option in Steam

Step 3 – Locate Pacific Drive, right-click on it, and select Properties from the drop-down menu.
Step 4—Click on Installed Files and then on Verify integrity of game files from the right-hand side.

find option to Verify integrity of game files

Step 5 – Wait for a few minutes till the file verification and repair is done. 

Once the process is complete, restart your computer and relaunch Pacific Drive on your computer. 

Method No. 5 – Run The SFC Scan

Since we are talking about corrupted game files, it could also be that there are corrupted system files that are hampering not just the launch of Pacific Drive but also other applications. To repair system files, you can use the SFC Scan in your administrative Command Prompt, which identifies and repairs any missing or corrupted system files. To do that – 

Step 1 – In the Windows search bar, type cmd and click on Run as administrator from the right-hand side.


Step 2 – When the Command Prompt window opens, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

SFC scannow

Step 3 – Wait for the process to finish. 

Once the scanning is done, restart the computer and check if you can launch Pacific Drive or your PC. 

Method No. 6 – Disable Steam Overlay

Steam overlay is known to consume system resources that can further lead to games crashing or not launching. In that scenario, you can disable this option using the steps mentioned below – 

Step 1 – Open Steam
Step 2 – Head to the In-Game tab and uncheck the boxes under The Steam Overlay.

Method No. 7 – Reinstall The Game

Can Pacific Drive still work? Try reinstalling the game. It is important to completely uninstall the game from your computer, ensuring no files remain from the previous installation. Once uninstalled, conduct a fresh install. This move will mitigate configuration errors, incomplete installations, corrupted files, or conflicts with other applications. 

Are You Able To Launch Pacific Drive On Your Computer

We hope that with the help of the methods mentioned in this post, you are now not just able to launch Pacific Drive on your PC but are enjoying it to the fullest. If you have solved the issue, let us know which of the above methods helped you fix it so that it could help someone in the same spot. For more such content, keep reading Systweak blogs. 

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